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  1. NEVERMIND. I can just use a clipping mask and copy the gold foil color form the palette. Sorry! I couldn't figure out how to delete this post. I am designing my logo for my business, and I want to use the attached color scheme. However, I do not know how to make the feather that gold foil color. Do we have a style or paper or something in the store that would work? ALSO: Any advice on color scheme for my logo. Maybe I need something different than what I am trying to achieve with gold foil. I have been really struggling with the color scheme for my logo. I have just been recolorzing elements and playing around. Since I haven't liked any color combination thus far, I searched for lilac/lavender color schemes since that is my favorite color, and I found this. But I am not sure if I will like it for my logo.
  2. Super cool. Thanks you ladies have been SOO helpful! It was cool to blend it into the chalkboard, but my hubby thought it looked weird since she was standing, and then when the background was gone, her hands were just suspended there. So I with not blending it, but cropping it in. I also scooted everything over, so that there wasn't so much empty white space between the invitation info and the framed picture of her. I just exposed more of the purple paper and made the chalkboard part not as wide. Was this the right move? I thought there was too much trapped white space, but now maybe it is too squished? I am still new to the world of design, so I would like your expert opinions even if you get back to me after I already print the invitation off; it will just be good info for future. So did the previous design have too much trapped white space, so my change was good? Or is now this design too squished and the trapped white sapce wasn't a problem? For fun, I have attached the version with the photo blended into background, but we aren't using that one since hubby thought it looked weird with her arms just hanging there. It would have looked good if she had her arms down at her side. So thanks for the tip!
  3. Thanks! While in the shower this morning, I thought maybe to tie in the chalkboard with the picture, I would put in 2 pictures on the chalkboard background, and write captions. Or maybe to tie in the chalkboard, I would use a chalk frame around the picture. Do any of these designs work? With the chalk frame one, I used the skinny border because that matched the picture I took yesterday. But I could use a wider chalk border and different picture, so there wouldn't be so much white space.
  4. So I was going to take a picture of her playing in the grass for scenery purposes. But, since I was trying the chalk idea, I took a picture of her standing up against our couch. I tried the chalk look....I used a blending mode and the filter>sketch>charcoal. Not sure it looks right...I tried to mess with settings. Threshold made things super dark and you couldn't see her at all. I posted a version without the chalk...obviously that picture doesn't look right....maybe if I could extract her from the background, and then just have her standing up, but then there would just be all this empty white space all around and then just this extraction of her standing. Maybe in that case get rid of the white border and just have the picture and chalkboard on the purple paper? If I don't apply a chalk filter, I have no idea how to make a picture look good near the chalk. She can't stand up on her own yet. So the only way to get a picture of her standing is her holding on to things, so the background of photo would be a room in my house. Or I could get a cute one of her sitting in the grass. Then background would be green grass, and i dint know if that would match either. I just don't know what kind of picture would work with this chalk invitation. I want to pass out invitations this Sunday, so I have to decide and take the correct picture either today or tomorrow. Any ideas? I really don't know what to do for the picture.
  5. This has been bothering me for sometime, but I have just hoped that my eye has been helping me to keep photos mostly proportional :/ I hold down the shift key when I resize images, but it isn't working anymore to keep them proportional. Even while holding the shift key, I can make a photo fatter if I wanted. I am trying hard to keep them proportional as I resize them down, but sometimes it is hard for me to tell if it became too skinny or too tall in the resize. I am using photoshop elements 14. Is there another trick besides holding down the shift key?
  6. Thanks, ladies. I am new to all of this, so I appreciate the help!
  7. I will play around with placement of string border or delete it. I just thought I needed something non-chalky but maybe not...
  8. I am using Photoshop Elements 14. I will try the chalk/charcoal filter.
  9. LIndarobin, That would look way cool, but that is way above my abilities. I would have no idea how to make my daughter look like drawn in white chalk. If I could do that, that would look awesome! I was worried it was too much chalk stuff, which is why I was trying to bring in one embellishment that wasn't chalk---the string thing! JenniferZ, I wasn't sure I liked the metallic corners. I just thought there was maybe too much chalk stuff, so I was trying to branch out. I was going to delete the pink cupcake, heart, and flowers because I thought it might be too much chalk and use the metallic corners instead. But, I wasn't sure I liked them. I was just trying to decide. Those have been deleted, and I am going with the pink chalk pictures....I just hope it isn't too much chalk. Now, I found a string border on google images and then just recolored it, but it doesn't have the right curvature. I am thinking I need it to curve like the black pencil line I drew, but that would probably mean making the string embellishment myself since I can't find one to curve the way I need....I have no idea how to do that. haha. And then to tie it in, I thought I might put a smaller string thing in the corner of my daughter's picture. THANKS so much, ladies. I am not a very good designer, but I wanted to try this. Any ideas on the sting border? Take it off entirely? Follow the black pencil curvature? Use the smaller one in corner of picture with daughter or delete that one and just keep the main one?
  10. Thanks. I was confused at first when you said pick a light weight font and vary the font sizes because I had done that, but then I realized bold was turned on, so it didn't look like a light weight font anymore. I turned it on just for the is turning ONE! part....I thought that part should be bolded. But, I didn't mean to bold any of the rest. SO anyway, I took the bold off (even for the part I meant to bold) and I changed the brush frame. When you said do away with the corner embellishments which ones were you referring to? I am trying to decide between the corner brackets or the pink chalk designs in the corner. I am not going to use both. Were you meaning get rid of the corner brackets and keep the pink chalk designs OR did you mean get rid of all of them? Here is what it looks like now with a new border and the text not bolded. SHould I have the bottom text in green like the others or keep it in purple?
  11. I haven;t taken the picture I am going to use yet. I'm thinking of taking one of her sitting in the grass outside at a park for pretty scenery, but I don't know...
  12. So I am designing my daughter's one year birthday party invitation. I liked the chalkboard idea, but now I am a bit stuck on design (embellishments that go along with it). Embelishment Options Option 1: The brackets I have put in the corner of the chalkboard Option 2: The pink chalk flowers and hearts and cupcakes (but then is that too much chalk stuff) Option 3: Some sort of string border embellishment---an image/shape connected by string( I am looking through my collections to try and find one.....I am thinking those upside down triangle shapes connected by a string....not sure if I have an embellishment like that) where I put the black pencil line Option 4: A string embellishment where I put the red pencil line Any other embellishment ideas? Or a combination of my options. The other side will have a picture of my daughter. General Questions Is there too much purple on the bottom with the purple frame around the date info and then purple text below it?
  13. So I know a ton of places where I can print my pages, but I am not sure where to buy the books. My daughter is 2 weeks away from turning 1, and I want to give her her scrapbook (although she obviously won't appreciate it yet) on her birthday. I just have no idea where to buy a cute book that I can insert the pages into. I don't want to get just a binder; I want it to be a cute book cover. My mom put mine in this book that had a fabric frilly cover...super cute. But, I have never seen those in stores. I designed the scrapbook in 12 x12, but I am under the impression that 8 x 8 will be better, so it can fit on a standard size bookshelf. If I do print in 8 x 8, if I look at my pages at 50% that will show me what the text will look like, right? I am just nervous about the text when I scale down. Other than text, everything scales down well, right? Like pictures won't look weird if they were on 12 x 12 and now 8 x 8, right?