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  1. Great page. Like the weathered wood background and blending. Lovely rosebush and really enjoy seeing a little boy smelling the flowers. He's being raised right!
  2. Here's #6 for the Chase Weekend May 9 Flowering Onion
  3. Here's my flower LO Flowering Onion
  4. I was following this butterfly around and missed the butterfly in this shot, but got this wonderful closeup of the allium.
  5. My entry Quick and Easy Peach Cobbler
  6. The internet and Google are wonderful. Books are helpful too, but more time consuming.
  7. Here is the first half of May Project Life Text and credits in gallery.
  8. Text: The virus continues and so does our stay at home and isolation. Go grocery shopping about every 2 weeks and then quarantine for another 2 weeks. Things are starting to reopen. Am quite concerned about that. We do not plan to go out and about anymore than we do now. The weather has been gorgeous for the past ten days or so, through Mother's Day and my birthday. Janine came for 'porch' dinner and we celebrated 10 feet apart. And then the rain came. We desperately need it. I have already been having to water the lawn and keeping a close eye on my pots. Have been taking lots of flower pictures, hummingbirds of course, and anything else that moves. Got some interesting butterfly pictures. We now have a squirrel hanging out in the front yard locust tree. Said tree also has a birdhouse that is occupied by a pair of house sparrows and they DO NOT like the squirrel. They go after it and sometimes hit it on it's back. Still making pages and keeping up with the SG Motivators. Have also been making new recipes. Using my new air fryer more. Really like it, it is bigger. Had a porch visit with Dianne's puppies. I do miss them. Mike is keeping busy with the memorial web page for our friend Peter. He has been doing some genealogy, but I have fallen behind. He has also been working on the El Camino.
  9. Here is the last of the May Monthly challenges for me, Square prompt Gray Hairstreak Butterfly
  10. Here is my Chase #5 Monthly Square LO Gray Hairstreak Butterfly
  11. Gray Hairstreak Butterfly captured in my yard.
  12. What an interesting an pretty plant! I had never heard of it. Love the book.
  13. scrapgarden


    Love this style. Great blending, so effective at displaying your subject. Just beautiful.
  14. #4 for Chase May Monthly Pocket Page My Birthday
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