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  1. BKG_MPE_SIM_6_85x22_09 CVW_SupplyTracker Watercolor-Layer-Effects-For-Adobe-Photoshop-Sophico-Art cwx_Among_the_flowers_addon_flower4 cwx_Among_the_flowers_addon_pp2 cwx_Among_the_flowers_leaf1 cwx_Among_the_flowers_pp8 font Carmina MdBT Text: This was a slow month for taking any outings or going on hikes. In the Spring we walked some at the Cove. Flax and Queen Anne's Lace were blooming nicely. Saw some crows but not much else in the way of wildlife. Mike is still having problems with his leg. He had a consultation with a specialist and the Dr. thinks he knows what the problem is. Will h
  2. Count me in again, tho my mojo had been woefully missing these past months. But I'll sign up just in case....
  3. Here's for strips And Torn Companion page to weekend challenge Tattered.
  4. Companion page to weekend challenge ABR_YStory_PM_Alligator ABR_YStory_PaperM_Grunge5 CVW_SupplyTracker Digital Scrapper Timeless Titles, Lesson 1 Font Agnes SNU_Brush_WatercolorMasks-6Dark SNU_SSEmb_AmazingMasks-Beautiful_Mask SNU_SSEmb_AmazingMasks-Bttrfly_Mask ABR_YStory_Emb_Tape4
  5. I'm a bit late signing up, but please put me in the list. #1 LO Tattered
  6. Lesson 1 of a class I'm just starting at Scrapper Digitals, Timeless Titles. I'm woefully behind in my scrapping. ABR_YStory_Emb_Leaf1 ABR_YStory_Emb_Ribbon4 ABR_YStory_Emb_Screw ABR_YStory_PM_Alligator ABR_YStory_PaperM_Grunge5 CVW_SupplyTracker Digital Scrapper.com Timeless Titles, Lesson 1 Font Agnes TTT1-01-mask2
  7. Text below credits BKG_MPE_SIM_6_85x22_08 CVW_SupplyTracker Font Carmina med cwx_Among_the_flowers_bl_pp3 style style Watercolor layer effects styles Sophico Art Text: I continued working on the new bed for the crepe myrtle and the lupines. This had to be put on hold after we spent the evening of the 4th in the ER. I was cleaning a mandolin when I cut the index finger of my right hand. Really bad cut. I was afraid I had cut into the joint or cut a tendon. Fortunately that wasn't the case. It only cut nerves and is now numb for probably two years. It was deep and wide and took 4 stitc
  8. Really like this. Not the usual sympathy card. But much nicer and really says something.
  9. Great blending. Like the scatters of the bead and hearts. Like the stripes, although I never to think to use them. Looks great.
  10. This is adorable! Love that paper, of course peachy orange is my favorite colors! The cluster is great.
  11. Finally! Got something done for this month. Birthday for Angela
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