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  1. I have 2 favorites. One of my daughter made in 2016 for a Linda Sattgast Design class and one of my brother made in 2012. This was the last time I saw my brother and the last picture taken of him before he was killed in a car crash in 1964. I don't have any info for the elements used for my brother. My daughter used: ADBDesigns_Blue Ridge Mountain Song_AO_Flower1 ADBDesigns_Badlands_QtrP1 ADBDesigns_Morning Song_P5 AFT_DreamyCanvas_Paper_Blue2 CVA_SSTools_Scripts_SupplyTracker SNU_SSEmb_FramedPhotoMasks-2 Font Aphrodite Slim Pro Regular
  2. scrapgarden

    My Guy

    Great page. Really like the scraps behind the picture. Like the alpha too. I really need to use them more.
  3. A great page. Love that butterfly, both versions. Super neat.
  4. Here's my #2 for the Chase Feeding Time
  5. CVW_SupplyTracker GWH_LazyDaysOfSummer_Paper-Leaf-Green GWH_SSEmb_FabFall_6 GWH_SummerGarden_Ppr-Damask-Green Font Teramo
  6. I'm trying to use my old Bamboo Fun tablet. Have it up and working on Win10 and using with PS 2020. What settings do you use. I would like to have the commit on one of the tablet buttons, but I don't know what the command is. Any ideas appreciated.
  7. My Grandma's recipe for Christmas and Thanksgiving Grandma's Jello Salad
  8. BKG_MPE_GourKit_RecipeCard15 CVW_SupplyTracker EBA_Afresh_Paper_Green copy EBA_Afresh_Paper_Mixed1 Font Amanda Font Tahoma MPEGourmetKitchen_Paper_7
  9. scrapgarden


    Gorgeous! Love that title and the red accents to match it's eyes. Lovely.
  10. scrapgarden


    So neat. Great job on scanning and getting a usable pic! Like your font. really goes well with the writing on the photo back.
  11. This is the second half of the month for my Project Life 2020 July right
  12. Text: July has ended and I'm working on the second half of my Project Life book. Still haven't seen anymore mouses, but have had skunk, opossum, and racoon. One, or all, have been digging in the yard. Mike thinks skunk. I divided some iris and they kept digging up the replaning. Good think iris are hardy. They tried to dig out a yellow jacket nest and made a royal mess of my plants. We tried to kill them, but after many attempts and Mike getting stung we called a bug guy. He came out, squirted the hole and within 2 days nary a buzz around the hole. Have replanted the area. I love having my favorite sitting area back. Still helping Dianne with her yard. I'm so thankful we are in good health and able to get around fairly well. Makes it nice we can help a friend. Still keeping pretty isolated. Made blackberry bbq pork ribs in air fryer. Delicious! Still doing bird and flower pictures. Got a picture of a rufous-sided towhee. The are such shy birds it is difficult to get a picture. Got a good picture of a flock of bushtits in the birdbath. They are such cute little things. Late clematis are really blooming now. The purple clematis 'Purpurea Plena Elegans' is especially loaded this year. Cannas and phlox are doing great. Have some new neighbors, they seem pretty nice. Covid makes it hard to be very welcoming. We have been working on a bucket list to get yard projects done that have been waiting for years. Will make some separate pages for them. Have been watching tuts for PS 2020. So much to learn and I don’t remember as well as I used to. But I’m loving it. Also tagging in Bridge. I do like being able to find some things.
  13. a great photo, they are both so intent on their task. Great page.
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