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  1. scrapgarden

    PL 2020 Week 4

    Fun page! Like the ribbon strips. Will have to keep that in mind. Loved reading about all your activities.
  2. Quik Learn has a FREE mini class, Scrapping with Filters -- Stamp & Paint. Have only watched lesson one, looks interesting. One more thing to keep our minds active and not bored.



    1. A-M


      Thankyou for sharing this information but I was unable to find the Class on filters. I did find a great free one on using patterns.

  3. scrapgarden

    contact a designer Marlene Peacock

    Thank you so much. I really like them. And there aren't many designers who do 8.5x11. Much appreciated that you do. Will be on the look out for them to hit your store.
  4. scrapgarden

    contact a designer Marlene Peacock

    Thanks for looking, unfortunately the one in the shop now is 12x22, not 8.5x11, which is what I need. With the curves I'm not sure I can convert like I do with other 12x12 templates.
  5. scrapgarden


    Glad you enjoyed my journaling. Since I do it for myself and family not sure anyone else enjoys reading it.
  6. How can I contact a designer? Specifically Marlene Peacock. I need to ask her a question and can't find her in members. I want to know when she will be releasing the newest ScrapSimple Digital Layout Album Templates: Scrap It Monthly 6, Series 2 for 8.5x11. I am using it too scrap my 2020 Project Life. #1 only goes to April.
  7. scrapgarden

    Project Life 2020 Prompts

    Here is my page 1 of March. Have page 2 just about done and will post in a few days. Project Life 2020 March Left
  8. scrapgarden


    text: February roared out like a lion and we had a spectaular hail storm. I had already finished my February month and since the hail was still here March 1st I'm documenting it here. We have had hail before but not two inches of it! We have at least four female Anna's humingbirds and one male coming to the feeder. Am having to fill it once a week now. We are tying to walk most days, but I am a fair weather walker and we haven't had much of that. Took some pictures of some cool looking weeds, sorta thistle like and all dried out. Also saw another bald eagle. Mike left for So Cal on the 5th to meet up with brother Kenny and go to the vintage drags in Bakersfield. Was back on the 10th. Diana, who was suppose to come over to work on some genealogy, called in sick. On the 12th the grandkids, Nik & Leslie and family, came to visit for a long weekend from Camano Island, WA. Leslie had a seminar to attend in Portland, it was canceled after they arrived. Planned to spend at least one day at OMSI. OMSI also closed. The weather that weekend was awful, cold, snowy and rainy. It snowed a few days after they arrived, about an inch. Trying to keep a very active 6 year old entertained inside without his 'stuff’' was a loosing battle. He did not have a good time! Have had 2 pairs of Stellar Jays around and I finally got a picture of one of them. They are such pretty birds. The forget-me-nots have also started blooming. Also have a pair of mourning doves staying around. Have had collared doves for a while, but never the mourning doves.
  9. scrapgarden

    Champagne is the Answer

    You got that right, especially right now. Unfortunately I'm out, dang😕. Love that swirl of text.
  10. scrapgarden


    I Love Rosie peeking out thru the paper over the dog bone, almost missed it! Love the dog print paper.
  11. scrapgarden

    Newsletter Challenge 03-24-2020

    My white space LO, American Bald Eagle
  12. scrapgarden

    March 2020 Challenge Chase

    Here's my #6 for the March Chase. Cedar Waxwings #2
  13. scrapgarden

    March 2020 Monthly Challenges

    Here's my page for the March Monthly #2 - 3 photos, also a companion page, after all can't have an oddball page hanging around! Cedar Waxwings #2 and Cedar Waxwings #1
  14. My page for the March Monthly challenge #2