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  1. Love the brushwork behind the photos. And the frames. Waiting is SO hard. Your're going to be a Grandma!
  2. Here's mine Dairy Free Chicken Pot Pie Soup
  3. ABL_FarmsteadCollection_Emb2_Chicken ABL_HomeCanning_EmbBiggie_Beans ABL_HomeCanning_EmbBiggie_Garlic AWI_Murano_Paper_Special Background CVW_SupplyTracker GWH_SoupsOn_onion SWIEJKO_greenery_1_13 SWIEJKO_greenery_1_4 font Myriad Pro xuxper_wegotogether_el (21) xuxper_wegotogether_el (25)
  4. Love the page LO, so simple but very pretty. Great photos. Like really like winding path photo, this is a neat one. The cranes? are neat. The background brushes are just right. I'm jealous!
  5. Agree with all of the above. I would like to receive a card like this! Will have to scraplift for my cards next year.
  6. BMU_SSPaper_BGBlenders4_5 CVW_SupplyTracker Patterns by Creator Couture font: Barbara Bold Script
  7. Thank you for the nice comments. Unfortunately I can't take credit for the blending or the word circle, it is a mask from Florju. Some how the credit for that mask was left out. Have now added it to the credit list.
  8. CVW_SupplyTracker SilviaRomeo_OpenoorsToHope_Mask02 Silviaromeo_OpenDoorsToHope_Paper01 Silviaromeo_OpenDoorsToHope_PaperSolid01 font Ganache font title Bleeding Cowboys
  9. Here's my page for #2 the color challenge Pine Cones
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