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  1. Here's my blended page Mirror Lake Well worth the hike.
  2. BMU_SSCal_BGB_2016_9_Sep_b_BlenderMask BMU_SSCal_BGB_2016_9_Sep_c_BlenderMask CVW_SupplyTracker EBA_CaptivatingCoral_Paper_Floral EBA_SilentNight_Paper_Special Font: Bonita Text: We chose our day carefully to hike up to Mirror Lake. It was forecast to be cold, but bright and sunny, which was needed if you want to get a reflection of Mt. Hood in the lake. On the drive up to the mountain we could see Hood and while there were a few clouds around it was visible. We got to the trailhead and started up to the lake. It is a 2 mile hike to the lake with another 1/2 mile around the lake. When we got
  3. Interesting page. What a nasty bruise. You obviously cleaned too hard!
  4. scrapgarden

    PL 2020 Week 18

    Liked reading about your days. Also like you mix of pictures and the little circles with the strip in the middle. Perked things up.
  5. Really like your page. The tag with the bow and flowers is great. Lovely birds.
  6. Here's my first part of October left side
  7. CVW_SupplyTracker CWX_BeautifulMind_Cluster1 CWX_BeautifulMind_Cluster2 CWX_BeautifulMind_pp2 AFT_SSStyles_WatercolorKraft_6401 Font Times New Roman Regular MPE_SIM4_85x22_SSTemplate Text: October started with us waiting in line to get our flu shots. We got there an hour early and there was already a line, about 40 cars. As workers started arriving they opened up and started moving us through. When we left the lines, by this time there were several, were really long, I think over 300 cars. Don't think they anticipated the crush because there wasn't any traffic control when we got there. Whe
  8. CVW_SupplyTracker Fonts: Beautiful Minds & Stencil Std SNU_SSEmb_AmazingMasks-Beautiful_Mask SNU Brush set Splatter me Creators Couture brushes
  9. The background was made with Creators Couture Palm Beach Garden party Brushes CVW_SupplyTracker AFT In This Moment Frames font ArtBrush font Balloon Bd BT
  10. These are the last 2 pages of Sept Page 5 Sept Left and Page 6 Sept right
  11. This is page 6 of Sept. A lot went on this past month! CWX_BeautifulMind_pp10 AFT_SSStyles_WatercolorKraft_6401 CVW_SupplyTracker Font Times New Roman Regular MPE_SIM4_85x22_SSTemplate
  12. CWX_BeautifulMind_pp10 AFT_SSStyles_WatercolorKraft_6401 This is page 5 of Sept. A bit late in getting it done. CVW_SupplyTracker Font Times New Roman Regular MPE_SIM4_85x22_SSTemplate
  13. scrapgarden


    Janine and her father Mike CVW_SupplyTracker florju_HelloFall font Architect
  14. scrapgarden

    Prompt 5

    Great photo. I love pictures of people walking from behind. This one is great. Great page.
  15. scrapgarden

    Prompt 23

    A wonderful page. Love your watercolors.
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