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  1. I grabbed the caboose, but couldn't hang on. Will try to catch again. I did find a Calm path for awhile.
  2. scrapgarden


    ABL_Birdsong_Emb_Wren CVW_SupplyTracker CWX_ChillOut_cluster2 CWX_ChillOut_element1 CWX_ChillOut_flower16 CWX_ChillOut_leaf3 CWX_DistantTime_paint4b Font Life Memoriam Pro Font Stroll Darkline KPertiet_WateryWindowFrameLayers01 SDE_BlueReflections_WordArt
  3. Here is my November Only one more month to go! Can't hardly believe it.
  4. BKG_MPE_SSDLAT_85x22_SIM3_13 CVW_SupplyTracker CWX_MyParadise_accent7 CWX_MyParadise_cluster3 CWX_MyParadise_paper4 CWX_MyParadise_paper5 Font Fontin Sans Text: Mike has been having trouble with his left leg and is doing excerses to strengthen it. It is starting to get better. The Sabra was taken to a friend to be painted. Finally!! Has been in the works for at least 10 years and now it is getting done. Just in time for us to try and sell it. The weather has turned and we have been getting lot of rain. We got almost 4 inches in one storm. Managed to get a few Cove walks in, but not v
  5. So clever! I love the double framing with your word. Your family pics are great.
  6. Oh dear. I'm not making any headway. I keep missing the train! Once I saw it disappearing into the distance. Will keep trudging on. Still have hopes of catching up. Hope you haven't splashed all the water out of that pool. I will need to sit in it and relax my tired muscles. I have found a family who invited me in for a Thanksgiving dinner. Hope you all have a good dinner where ever you you are.
  7. Here's my pumpkin pie recipe. Since I can't have milk products I found myself a dairy-free one. It is really good. The first time I made it no one knew it was dairy-free until I told them, after they ate it of course. My picture look dark because I put more spices than called for in it.
  8. ABL_CountryFlowers_Emb_Sunflowers ABL_FarmersBounty_Emb1_Pumpkins ABL_FarmersBounty_Paper_Orange ABL_FarmersBounty_Paper_Straw ABL_FarmersBounty_WordArt1_Pumpkin Patch ASO_AllurAutumn_Paper_Graph2 BKG_MPE_GourKit_RecipeCard16 CVW_SupplyTracker Font Fontin Sans
  9. I got off the trail and didn't get down the mountain before the train left without me! It's going to take me some days to find my way back to where I can jump on the train again. I figure I should be on board again on Friday. Now don't anybody else lose the train, me and Hilary are quite enough. Try and behave while I find my way back, ya hear!!!
  10. Oh my, Love love this. The rounded corners are giving the photos, which are beautiful, a little something extra. Like the font too.
  11. scrapgarden


    Like that mask, and rickrack! Haven't seen that in a number of years. Looks really nice. Lilies are such gorgeous flowers and this one is especially pretty. Just noticed the bug on the flower petal!
  12. Marilyn , love waffles, I'll be there soon, save me a place. That looks like a gorgeous place to hike. Hope it will be a long one. If we're lucky maybe we will see a snow leopard. Wouldn't that be something! Will bring an assortment of antihistamines and asthma inhalers on the tour. And lots of Kleenex!!!
  13. Here's my sand page Learned a new skill and tried it out for this page.
  14. ABR_Serendipity_CSM_EMB_FRame ABR_Serendipity_CSM_EMB_Fastner copy ACA_SSWordArt_Beauty_Explore CVW_SupplyTracker CWX_SeaWorld_element17 CWX_SeaWorld_element18 CWX_SeaWorld_element19 CWX_SeaWorld_plant5 LLO_BrushSet_Spiro9 SRO_Catalina_Cardstock_Paper_08 cwx_catching_rays_mask4 font Abscissa Style Frosted & Frozen by Creators Couture CWX_EnjoyTheMoment_Stamps
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