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  1. AFT_Chantilly_Emb_Strings-3 ASO_SeaGlass_12x12_Swirl CVW_SupplyTracker Font Arizonia Font Titles Authentic Calisttera MPE_SSWA_ArtfulSeasons_Families SekadaDesigns_happymemories_WA(1) SilviaRomeo_FramesMultiple_06 copy torn edges/KP TornandFramedLT07
  2. ASO_SeaGlass_12x12_Swirl ASO_SeaGlass_12x12_Watercolor CVW_SupplyTracker Font Arizonia Font Legendaria Swash 1 GWH_FairyGarden_Emb_Fairy GWH_FairyGarden_Emb_Fairy2 GWH_FairyGarden_Emb_Ribbon-White
  3. Credits: CVW_SupplyTracker Font Arizonia STI_RedPoppy_PaintSplatter STI_RedPoppy_Paper_PoppyPainted STI_RedPoppy_Paper_Red STI_RedPoppy_Stitching_red Butterfly brushes by Diane Rooney
  4. Has anyone else not received their GF for the August Challenge Chase? I went to make an order this morning and couldn't find my GF. Checked all e-mails and trash, no GF. Checked to see if I had used it and didn't remember, nope, no orders this month.
  5. Thank you for the compliments. And congrats for your 53 years. That is a wonderful number! Many more coming.
  6. My #1, monthly pallet, 63rd Anniversary
  7. Here's my page for the pallet, #4, 63rd Anniversary
  8. Text: The Virus is raging so we weren't able to go anywhere again this year. We celebrated our 63 years together with dinner at the outdoor dining area at the Rivershore. Lovely view and a great dinner. BKG_MPE_Modern_PhotoBook5 modified with heart CVW_SupplyTracker Fonst Fontin text Arizonoa title tmd_amessofhappiness_gs3 tmd_amessofhappiness_pm6 tmd_amessofhappiness_wa1 tmd_amessofhappiness_wa4
  9. I'm in. Week 1 1st September - Leaves - Create a layout with leaves somewhere on it. 2nd September- Colour challenge 3rd September - Photography challenge - Create a layout using a photo of your garden. 4th September - Embellishment challenge - String/raffia Week 2 6th September - Wings 7th September - Inspired by ... - Create a layout using this image as inspiration. 8th September - Earth Challenge - Create a layout about earth/dirt/mud. 9th September - Button it - Use two or more buttons
  10. BKG_MPE_SSDLAT_SIM3_85x22_9 CVW_SupplyTracker CWX_FullofHope_paper10 CWX_TheSoftBlue_brush6 Font Fontine Sans Style by SD Watercolor Styles 2 Text: We finally got awnings installed on the South and West second story windows of the house. Just in time for the next heat event. They really helped. Mike went to the Woodburn Oldies Drags with Jim for the first time in over a year. We've gotten 2 rats this month. Cousin Dan and Robin stopped by on their way to house sit in WA. We had a nice visit and went to brunch at the Rivershore. They have an outdoor balcony for dining. Was really nice
  11. Here's mine Blanched Almonds
  12. These are really good, but does anyone still have a deep fryer? Almond photos from iStpckphoto.com CVW_SupplyTracker Font Adobe Garamond Pro GWH_AutumnBlessings_PprBig-12
  13. Celesine, Thanks. It's amazing what a new set of eyes will do.
  14. Here's mine, a 2 pager. Daddy and Grandpa
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