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  1. You might try Michael's or Craft Warehouse. They have some albums. I don't know about Hobby Lobby, but they might have something also. I believe they all have online ordering so you could look before going to an actual store.
  2. Just wondering -- how large is the template before you started using to it. Just looked up the file I had trouble with, it is 323 MB.
  3. I got an error like that many years ago. Problem was that my computer didn't have enough ram. Don't know if that could be your issue. Have you tried saving in tiff? That isn't as large as a PSD.
  4. Does anyone know how many is too many when it comes to having styles, (or brushes, patterns etc) installed into PSE15? I have hundreds of styles and want to have more of them available on the fly. I know they can really slow the program down, but I don't know how many that is. Also, are things accumulative, ie lots of patterns, brushes, gradients, textures, etc., also installed slowing down the program. Have been organizing my tools and have found lots of neat things to use!
  5. I use a free PC cleaner called CCleaner, have for some years. Just recently learned that it has a duplicate finder. I used it for a VERY large file by one designer. It found all the dupes, mostly pngs. I then went to the files them selves to see what to keep or delete. It worked well, if simply. I don't know what all the file extensions that it finds. Haven't used it enough. One word of caution!!!! The new version has some issues, but you can download the last version on their web site, which is what I am using. If you use ACDSee it also has a duplicate finder.
  6. A Good place to put some them is peeking out from behind your photos. Especially if you are being forced to use them
  7. Am behind as usual. Doing Linda Sattgast design class and have been busy with that. But I did get my card finished! Have a photo in mind for the next project. Off to get busy with on it. All the cards are awesome! Need to take some time to peruse and leave some love, hopefully tomorrow. Valentine Card
  8. ASO_AntiqAzure_Paper_Edges CVA_SSTools_Scripts_SupplyTracker MRE_EndPoss_Emb_HeartPersimmon SRO_ColorMyHeart_WA_Freebie STI_Hearth_Paper_Tan
  9. I did it! I finished on time. Had a great deal of trouble with my first set of pictures. Had the pictures, the template and nothing would behave. The pictures seem to have a mind of their own. So I just started over with better behaved photos. I used one element and 2 papers. Saint Ann's Chapel
  10. Fonts: AdelonAntique Medium -- text & AdineKirnberg-Script Regular -- title CVA_SSTools_Scripts_SupplyTracker DEB_AltArtEss_Red_Paper_2 This has been severely modified! Gold Communion Cross by Elisha Barnett jmadd-favoritebest-story6-temp5
  11. Got my new siggie added. Don't understand, I didn't have any problem. I have a terrible cold, maybe good karma came my way and took pity on me. Now off to find some photos and a template for sure. Brain not working too good.
  12. EBA_DogwoodDays_Emb_Bird SNU_SSEmb_FleaMarket_Clusters-Mask -- tweaked ABR_PSILoveUSS_ClusterNS Font Brush Script Std Medium
  13. Didn't do too well this month. Only two LOs and this one is not quite right. Title is out of bounds. Hope to do better next month. A Lone Rose
  14. ACA_StoryLife_Paper_Yellow CVA_SSTools_Scripts_SupplyTracker Calibri Font LCO_ReallyDifferent2_Yellow MRE_Splatter_BrushSet_600 splatter brush 3 BA_SSAction_ShdwLayer_6501 VRA_DifColor_Emb_BorderStripes
  15. I googled Christy VanderWall aka CVA and found her Blog, called SpeedScraps. All her scripts-actions are there. Free download, with instructions and what they do as separate files. Also explains what Scripts are.