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  1. scrapgarden

    Help needed please with uploading multiple elements

    If you bought or registered your CS5 with Adobe you should be able to download it from their site. You will have to hunt around to find your registered products with the serial numbers. There is also a place to download older products. I had to do a lot of messing around to find my orders and registered products, but it is there. Good luck. If I'm reading your complaint right I don't think you can load multiple images onto a LO. You can load multiple images into the program by dragging, but not onto a LO. In Elements I've never been able to drag an image from outside the program directly onto a LO. Never tried it in CS6. Something new to try.
  2. scrapgarden

    Denim Styles Help please

    Here is a 10x10 using the 3 layer styles. It is in a png so you can drag into Photoshop and actually see the differences. The style is editable. The drop shadow and the stroke can be adjusted. The black has the stroke make bigger, no shadow. the light blue denim is original, no adjustments. The bottom one is with the shadow and a slight enlargement of the stroke. I'm using PSE 15.Hope this helps.
  3. A few years ago I got a new perspective on why some don't do cards anymore. I was talking to a friend who stopped sending cards some years before. Said I was thinking about not sending any more either. She said please don't stop. I so look forward to your card every year. I said well you stopped. A few seconds later she said to tell the truth I can't afford the stamps or the cards anymore. No one writes letters anymore and cards are the only personal mail I get anymore. Needless to say she stayed on my list until her passing. I am now more careful about who I take off my list, even if I haven't gotten a card from them in recent years. I know people do e-mail greetings, texting or sending an e-card, I enjoy those also, but you can't put those things on your mantle!!!
  4. Thanks for all the compliments on my card. The have made my day.
  5. I think it's fine. Last year I used a picture of an old grist mill. Used some Christmas embellishments and really liked it. Received several compliment from recipients. Another year I used a picture of an old church sitting out in the middle of the desert. Used a snow flake overlay to make it appear winter time. Almost any picture will work if you use appropriate embellishments. I need to start thinking about my cards also Before I know it Christmas mailings will be here!
  6. scrapgarden

    Need suggestions for a title

    I did a story about my second cousin also. I titled it "The Cousin I Never Knew (who gave his life for me.)"
  7. scrapgarden

    Scrapping Style?

    I like most styles. But don't care for most art journaling styles. I don't use a lot of photos per page, but do lots of blending of photos for the background. I always make 2 page LOs for printing books. The second page may have more photos on it. My style is mostly traditional or heritage. I make pages as the whim hits me. I like challenges and will do them, but find that the prompts don't always agree with what works for me and will stop. I may start a page and keep going until I find I have made 10! May not make another page for months. Really haphazard scrapping.
  8. scrapgarden

    Layer problem

    Thanks for the info, but I still can't get it to drop where I want. Oh well, things is what they is.
  9. scrapgarden

    Layer problem

    I drag elements or pics up to my layout from the photo bin. Sometimes they land above the layer I have high-lighted, but mostly not. I have tried holding down the shift key or the control key while dragging, but nothing seem to change the randomness of placement. Have just learned t live with it.
  10. scrapgarden

    Layer problem

    This is also a problem in PSE 15. Just installed 18, but haven't used it much yet. Was surely hoping that they had fixed this issue. l Apparently no such luck.
  11. scrapgarden

    PSE15 & PSE2018 organizer

    Do you have a backup of your PSE organizer 15 catalog? If so you should be able to import it back to the 15 organizer. You can also make a backup catalog from PSE 18 organizer and possibly be able to access it from 15. Be sure and put these catalogs in their own folders. I have a folder for such things in my documents called PSE backups. I just got 18, but haven't installed it yet. Glad to know there may be a problem with older organizers catalogs being wiped out. How rude! Hope this may help.
  12. scrapgarden

    PNG files

    I download the png file and then go through them and pull out the images I would like to use separately, such as masks, some clusters. individual flowers I may especially like etc. I them put them in a separate category folders where I can find them without having to go through psd files to find them. If I especially like something, usually a mask, and there isn't a corresponding png I will make one to put into my mask folder.
  13. scrapgarden

    Where to buy books and what size

    You might try Michael's or Craft Warehouse. They have some albums. I don't know about Hobby Lobby, but they might have something also. I believe they all have online ordering so you could look before going to an actual store.
  14. Just wondering -- how large is the template before you started using to it. Just looked up the file I had trouble with, it is 323 MB.
  15. I got an error like that many years ago. Problem was that my computer didn't have enough ram. Don't know if that could be your issue. Have you tried saving in tiff? That isn't as large as a PSD.