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  1. Happy Birthday Carrie!

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday Carrie!

  4. Hope you have a bless-filled day! Happy Birthday!!

  5. Happy Birthday, Carrie!

  6. Evolution of Creativity - Part 1 of a 2 page layout
  7. Evolution of Creativity - Page 2 of a 2 part layout
  8. How much fun is this? I really love your composition, I struggle with 8x10 format layouts but, You seem to be able to rock them!
  9. This is so lovely, Shannon!!!
  10. Such a lovely Photo, I love the burst effect in the background, it makes you 2 look like you are glowing!
  11. I saw some really nice stuff at Zellers the other day, Karen!!

  12. Happy Birthday Cheryl!

  13. This is super! So happy, Your photos just glow! Love the way you used this kit, HUGE smile on my face
  14. I love this!! A totally fantastic way to explain your awesome script!
  15. Carrie Stephens


    This is just lovely, I really like all of the swirls and the stained glass! And that certainly is an awesome photo!!!
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