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  1. #2 Reflection Challenge
  2. From the album: Challenges

    Sea Photo Reflection Challenge
  3. #3 Make it Big Challenge
  4. hmfaub


    Images for challenge posts
  5. From the album: Challenges

    I changed the color of the background page and I like it better than the one I submitted on the 2nd.
  6. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your layout!!! I love all of it, I wouldn't know where to start telling what I like about it.
  7. #1 Monthly Duplicate Challenge
  8. 1. AFT Designs August Challenge Joe Jr. and Emberlyn, my newest Great Granddaughter
  9. My layout My most recent Great Granddaughter Joe Jr. and Emberlyn
  10. I'm in again It was fun in July
  11. Redo Challenge July 19,2021 Original photo was 2015, I could not find older Scrap Girls layouts...
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