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  1. Happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful one!

  2. Happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful one!

  3. Happy Birthday, Sandy! I never found you again after the first day at Photoshop World! Hope you had fun. Have a great day and a happy year!

  4. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day!!

  5. Happy Birthday! Have a great day! :-)

  6. Happy Birthday Sandy!

  7. happy Birthday, Sandy, from your friends at ScrapGirls!

  8. I love your LO. The blue, the butterflies, the stars! It all goes so well together. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing!
  9. I really love this LO. The glitter around the pictures really make those pictures pop. And the pictures are perfect!
  10. Sandy Tracy

    Best Friends

    What a wonderful story! I love the photo action. It looks great!
  11. Sandy Tracy


    Finally brave enough to create and upload!
  12. Thanks! Yes, I just love Froo Froo! And I am trying to use kits as soon as I get them so I don't forget I have them.
  13. SilverSwanMom & I will attempt to take each others family pictures for Christmas Cards. Wish us luck!

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