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  1. Happy Birthday Carmen! Hope you have a wonderful day! :)

  2. This is lovely! Like the colors, very pleasant to look at. Kudos!
  3. Thank you for your kind words on my thread Bullet Crossed the Rainbow Bridge. It means a lot.

  4. Wow! That's amazing! Truely been an enjoyable 'never ending story'.... Thanks goes to everyone who participated with such fervor, & what great imagination!! You really got me going as well! This is a lovely birthday gift, thanks so much
  5. Had fun too! Thanks to you too!

  6. Had fun too! Thanks to you too!

  7. eventually. Right now Sally's tiara was receiving distress signals from someone in Scrap City.
  8. (footnote: let me rephrase that last sentence...got me prepositions wrong)... Snip jumped onto Nomojo's back & with both paws...
  9. D E L.! ...No...no..no! exclaimed Mr. No..mo..jo as his image slowly became pixalated. The screen became darker than the darkest ink. Sally jumped up and down exhilerated, "Yea! Cowabonga!" However, she didn't see one Pixel had escaped off the corner of the screen and in a Flash started to morph into no other than the man himself! Sally jumped back in horror, and tripped on her cape. "Snip! Snip!" came the cry in such distress, that it raised Snip's ears, who was in the kitchen finishing the left over oatmeal on his/her plate. Snip let out a loud me-AW...ugh...as she swallowed the last BITE! Faster than a New York minute...er...speeding bullet came this Blur into the room. Snip jumped from behind Nomojo's back and with both paws...
  10. and that was exactly how she wanted to keep him--disproportioned. What's all head and no body? A big ball! thought Sally. 'Bounce, bounce, bounce!' went Nomojo's head. "AH,AH,OO,OO,AH!" shreiked Nomojo with each bounce, but non of his minions moved, nor did they come to his aid! Sally took a closer look at her computer screen...hundreds of minions filled the Layers, even the Mask Layers had either White or Black Images of minions...but...but now--now they were all laughing! Sally smiled as she observed the Layers were Minimizing on their own! She lowered the Opacity on one layer to see what was happening. Minions were shrinking in size AND disappearing! Quickly she clicked on the next masked layers, just to make sure there were no tricks up their sleeves.
  11. decided to call her young niece, who recently graduated from graphics & art design school, and ask her for help in choosing a digital program that was easy to use. At this stage in her life, Penelope needed to move fast, even though physically she wasn't as agile & spry as she once was. Her children were all grown up and having their own familes. Just thinking of the mountain of 'Stuff ' she had and had to do, made her more determined that enough was enough! So she picked up the telephone and dialed the number. "Hello?" she said, this is Penelope..." "Oh, hi Aunt Pen!" Ever since her niece was little, she had a difficult time saying Penelope, and so it stuck through the years, & she quite liked it. "Aunt Pen, may I call you right back? I'm in the middle of something...." "No problem" said Penelope, though feeling a bit disheartened...as the minion-mood returned & hanging over her like a dark cloud.
  12. the ugly lecherous minion, who then quickly faded back into the wall Paper. Sam was truely confused now! "Am I hallucinating? Did I really see that?", he wondered, shaking his head...must be that oatmeal he had early this morning! Then it dawned on him that his younger daughter was running into the living room crying & in such distress about some cape! But before he reached down the long hallway, she was waiting for him, clutching her cape! Now in his protective arms, he could feel a surge of power! Suddently, with lightening speed he found himself with Lia back into the living room along with the rest of the family. Faster than a speeding bullet, Lia ran to her sister and gave her the Cape, minus a few sequin or two. As soon as Sally...
  13. "Mommy, Mommy! There's a big bad monster in my room. He wants my cape!" Upon hearing this, Sally's father, Sam immediately ran down the long narrow hallway, passing the master bedroom & Sally's as well. It so happened that Lia's bedroom was the last one down the hallway. One of the minions, who was disguised as wall Paper, a chamleon he was, lurched himself forward in an attempt to trip Sam. Unfortunately...
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