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  1. I've looked and looked at this fantastic layout! Where to start.... love the solar system look to it. Perfect. Neat, professional looking and formal yet allows great photos which tell your story on their own, and THEN the fantastic journaling! I really like that you have that round clock in the background of the pictures. Circular, highlighting the time.... so fun. The date and title look great and the moon as the background for journaling...genius! Oh, and the picture of you with the sun in the sunglasses.... love it! Plus, the eclipse shots are super. This is wonderful, Marilyn!
  2. I'm crazy about the grungy look and color combos to go with that hilarious, yet earthy frog. Great title work, just my style! Such a cute frog with the fun and funny side eye. You had to scrap it! So glad you did!
  3. That's so exciting! I love the journaling and title, and the photos are great. Such pretty birds! I like the way the birds are facing the title work and the woodsy feel to the page. Lovely work, as always!
  4. Fun challenge, Carla! Love the layouts so far.... I'll be back to LSL asap! Here's mine: 6
  5. PolkaDot


    Faraway pic from an old iPhone and I couldn't fix her eyes, so I worked around that using Angie's beautiful club! Journaling: Maeve invited all the boys and girls who were playing outside to come in for ice cream cake to celebrate her sixth birthday on 09-01-2017. (Talk about an impromptu party! It was a crowd!) I used Angie's Club all the way! Perfection
  6. Such a nice picture of a lovely young woman. I like the complementary title and the masking which allows her to shine. Beautiful page!
  7. I love this page! Congratulations on your well deserved win! Lovely colors and blending to go with your great photo. Super choices of framing and embellishments. I DO want to go to the beach, now!
  8. Great pictures, Shannon, and such a fun page set! You sure keep busy! Good for you!
  9. Well, it is just gorgeous to match those sensational pictures. Lovely page. I especially like the contrast in colors between the scrap work and the pictures.
  10. PolkaDot


    Wow, this is pretty. I am crazy about the colors and the pics are sensational. I love the shading and the bokeh background in the main picture, which really make the main flower stand out so beautifully. The crochet lace is so complementary, too.
  11. Gorgeous work! Mysterious and inviting. Perfect foggy coloring. Love it!
  12. Fun challenge. Here's mine: SIMON
  13. AFT_Painted Cardboard Paper Biggie AFT_Bespoke Alpha and Word Art AFT_Foam Stamp Alpha Biggie BMU_Brush Set_Swirlicious Biggie LD Scratchy Pen Font Other supplies in EXIF. Simon is our son Kevin's Sphynx Cat. Sphynx cats are hairless. He's a bit of a shock at first, but now that we are used to him we find him to be beautiful, lol. He is very affectionate and sweet. He will be with us for another year until Kevin returns home from the Peace Corps. (See journaling.) Then we'll see who keeps him :-) and it might be a tug of war! I've had these quick phone pics from t
  14. Cute idea! Yes, I have a "set" I have wanted to scrap for a year, so it's a go! Thanks, Marilyn and Shannon, you motivational girls!
  15. So, so pretty! Soft and gentle like the lovely photo. So invitingly welcoming. I like the use of the postcard and frame to memorialize a vacation picture. I'd love to see that in person now!
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