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  1. Thanks I will try these....... Always get an answer from Scrap Girls
  2. Quite some time ago I purchased this Action - CVA_SSTools_Styles_BasicPhotoBorders_11101 - and since my refresh I can't find the actual action file to reload....... I have started to look through the "Actions" in the store but it is a huge task and I haven't found it yet or something similar. Any help would be appreciated. Pam
  3. Thank you everybody - yes I am so lucky to be able to see them as often as I do considering they live so far away. Thanks for all the replies Pam
  4. Hi Pam, I live in South Africa so if you ever come this way, we have to get together.

  5. Thank you everybody - I am excited to be looking at all these options - I obviously missed (I will have to wait until tonight when I am home - but I am not a patient person!!!) My Screen name came about because when my GD was born in Australia seven years ago - my son was worried that because she only saw me through SKYPE - she would grow up thinking her Grandma was a Laptop!! So they named me Grandmalaptop. Which actually didn't turn out to be true as they came to Canada when she was 2 months old and I have seen her every six months or so since. She and her little brother are the most travelled kids I know - between Australia, South Africa, Canada, U.S. and New Zealand - she is only 7 and he is only 4. They are actually arriving on the 23 June so I am so excited to be getting another album ready for them. Thanks once again for all the replies - I can always rely on Scrap Girls to solve my problems. Pam (alias Grandmalaptop)
  6. In the layout below by Anna Burrows in today's email she uses photo corners which are great. Do you have them anywhere in the Boutique??
  7. I finally found a way to do the Christmas Balls on the tree. Thanks for all your help