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  1. Thank you for the kind comment Sara. I'm not spending much time on SGs any more, but it is nice to hear from you. :-)

  2. I love this photo! Fantastic! Super layout! I'm so pleased that the challenge came in handy for you. :-)
  3. Great composition! I love that all the photos have the white stroke, while the framing is different shapes. Great two page spread of a month at a glance! Awesome layout! :-)
  4. Love the colour difference, between the background and main photo. Using the closeup of the bow looks so awesome! Gorgeous layout! :-)
  5. Great idea! I've never heard of a stork party before, but I hope it catches on and think that it will. What a wonderful way to bring dad into the baby process! Great layout! I love the embellishments that you chose - perfect! :-)
  6. Thanks Sara! Have a wonderful holiday season! :-)

  7. Thank you Sara! Have a safe and happy, holiday season! :-)

  8. Google Kelly Moore! She has great camera bags that look like purses. Some are too big to carry, but many are exactly what you're looking for. Enough room to hold a camera, lenses, etc and areas to keep you personal stuff, including your cell. I would love to get a couple of her bags. A big one for all my stuff and a small one for carrying. I have one of those backpack type ones now and don't really like it. It's very inconvenient to get at things when you need them. Good luck with your shopping! Have a safe and wonderful trip! :-)
  9. Beautiful layout! I love the layers and the photo cluster! Great embellishments to go with your photos! It looks like it was a fun day, despite the cold! :-)
  10. I love the colours and the great textures with your wonderful photos. Wonderful layout! :-)
  11. Heatheranne

    11-11-11 challenge

    This is a fantastic layout for this once in a lifetime date! So cool! I love it! :-)
  12. Beautiful layout! Love the poppy embellishment with the lovely photo and poem. :-)
  13. Heatheranne


    Wonderful layout! I love how you blended the clock into the background and the brushing on the photos. A once in a lifetime topic for a once in a lifetime date - very cool! :-)
  14. Love the quote and your interpretation of it. The spirit looking eyes blended into the background, invoke the thought of the quote about coming home to yourself. Awesome! :-)
  15. Great photos - I love how the leaves match with the building. Great composition and wonderful memory piece for this day. :-)
  16. Wonderful layout! I love the colours and the way you did the title, along with the string tie down. Great memory piece! :-)
  17. Wonderful layout! I love the clock and the different photos of what was around you at 11 in the morning. :-)
  18. What a beautiful memory for this date. Great photo and I love the colours, with your patriotic theme. Gorgeous! :-)
  19. Gorgeous layout! What a beautiful photo and I love the cluster with the clocks. Very unique cluster idea! :-)
  20. Awesome layout! I love the texture and the photo cluster. It looks like a great day! :-)
  21. 2011_11_11 11-11-11 Challenge Made with CS5.1, on a Laptop PC, with Win7 Description: I tried to get photos of the powdery snow that had started to fall, just before I went out, but it just wouldn't cooperate with me. My photos looked dull, so I played with them a bit, then decided to use a filter on this photo to make it look like Tok was in motion. To further the sense of motion, I made duplicates of Tok, off centering each copy. Besides, what's better than one Tok? Eleven of him!!! Yeh!!! :-) Products: BMU_ShabbyFabulous_TransOverlay_12x12 BMU_VintageEaster_Special BMU_WC_Paper_Special SJO_TwilightMagic_Midnight_PaperMini_FallingLeaves Fonts: BONES Journaling: TOK 2011_11_11 @ 11:11

    © &copy Heatheranne 2011

  22. Good morning, back to you. I'm so happy that you had fun with the 11-11-11 challenge and have a layout that you'll treasure from it. I still don't have mine done, but am working on it slowly. I've just had a new thought about something that I want to try and think it will be good for a special date. Have a scrappin' good day! :-)

  23. Hi Sara! Thanks for the note. I've been so busy that I seem to only have time to do my email and not much else. I do want to get the 11-11-11 layout done - hopefully today. lol Carley is healing well and both dogs are good. Thanks for asking. Have a great day! :-)

  24. Beautiful layout! I love the closeups and the wonderful colours. :-)
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