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  1. So pretty! I like how your name follows the swirl.
  2. Wow! This is beautiful! I'm going to have to find those frames in the boutique!
  3. I really like the way you balanced the red in the picture with the red sea shell.
  4. What a neat effect. Well done!
  5. Hi, Carla! You're right, that owl is adorable.
  6. This is beautiful! I love the artsy feel to the pictures.
  7. Oooo...Squirt was one of my firsts kits to purchase! Love it! I really like the circles with the acrylics style.
  8. Here's mine: 2017-10-Anniversary-Signature.jpg
  9. Supplies used: Day of the Dead Dia de los Muertos by Amanda Fraijo-Tobin ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Shadow Me 6301

    © Monica Lebsack 2017

  10. Such beautiful fall colors! I'll have to see what I can come up with...
  11. What a long weekend! It was good training, but I hate overnight trips. #notmybed #nosleep #whatdidyousayIthinkIdoezedoff :going-to-sleep:

  12. lol...glad to help! It was the only recipe that I am confident that I have memorized. Goes to show you how often we have it.
  13. Trying to ease back into things. I have so many photos backed logged! Tuesday-Cooking-Challenge.jpg
  14. Supplies used: CVW_SupplyTracker KWE_BonVivant_Flower-Red KWE_BonVivant_FramedSolid-White KWE_BonVivant_Grid-Kraft KWE_BonVivant_Grid-Kraft copy KWE_BonVivant_Leaf KWE_BonVivant_Leaf copy KWE_BonVivant_Leaf copy 2 KWE_BonVivant_Leaf copy 3 KWE_BonVivant_Leaf copy 4 KWE_BonVivant_RibbonFlower-Linen KWE_BonVivant_StitchedDoily-Vanilla KWE_SSClub_Jul13_Nano_Flower-1 KWE_SSClub_Jul13_Nano_Flower-3 KWE_SSClub_Jul13_Nano_Vines

    © Monica Lebsack 2017