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  1. lol...glad to help! It was the only recipe that I am confident that I have memorized. Goes to show you how often we have it.
  2. Trying to ease back into things. I have so many photos backed logged! Tuesday-Cooking-Challenge.jpg
  3. Supplies used: CVW_SupplyTracker KWE_BonVivant_Flower-Red KWE_BonVivant_FramedSolid-White KWE_BonVivant_Grid-Kraft KWE_BonVivant_Grid-Kraft copy KWE_BonVivant_Leaf KWE_BonVivant_Leaf copy KWE_BonVivant_Leaf copy 2 KWE_BonVivant_Leaf copy 3 KWE_BonVivant_Leaf copy 4 KWE_BonVivant_RibbonFlower-Linen KWE_BonVivant_StitchedDoily-Vanilla KWE_SSClub_Jul13_Nano_Flower-1 KWE_SSClub_Jul13_Nano_Flower-3 KWE_SSClub_Jul13_Nano_Vines

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  4. Happy Anniversary, Scrap Girls!:lovey-smilie:

  5. Welcome to Scrap Girls! We're a very busy/active site, so plenty of inspiration!
  6. Goodness! You ladies are speedy! This one is going to take a bit of thought on my part... BTW, Happy New Year!
  7. Isn't digital scrapbooking just amazing!
  8. Just wanted to add my welcome! Be sure to ask when ever you have questions, we're a helpful bunch. Merry Christmas!
  9. Carol, here's a tutorial from April that I use all the time: Create a Thanksgiving Cookbook
  10. Here's mine: 2016-12 Tannenbaum ATC
  11. Here's mine: 2016-12 Tannenbaum ATC
  12. Trying to squeeze in a bit of creative time, so I combined the Newsletter Challenge and the Weekend Wild Card Challenge. Supplies used: Tannenbaum Collection Brush Set: Tannenbaum ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Media Circus Templates ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: ATC Glitter Super Biggie

    © Monica Lebsack

  13. Here's my second: 2016-12 December Digital ATC 2
  14. Supplies used: Nativity Collection Mini Under Construction Collection Biggie Brush Set: Via Dolorosa Masks Mini ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: ATC Shadows 12601 JCO_Starlight_JifPlus_Sparkle

    © Monica Lebsack

  15. Oh...My...Word...Ladies!!! I just got the most beautiful package in the mail. I kept exclaiming over each one and my husband thinks I'm nuts. You all out did yourselves this time! Thank you and Merry Christmas!