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  1. Thanks so much. I can't do much without that function.
  2. In PE 13 I used to clip a template to a paper using Ctrl>G. That does not work in 15 which I got for Christmas. How do I do the same thing in PE 15?
  3. I just tried simplifying the layer, and it worked. I would never have known that on my own. Thank you so much! You girls are the best. Margie
  4. They are an embellishment biggie
  5. I have used curls before and had no trouble following the tutorial and getting great results. I just purchased MRE curls, and I can not get the one side to delete. I get this message--Could not complete your request becaused the smart object is not directly editable. I tried it on my old curls and get the same message.What happened? Thanks in advance for your help. Margie
  6. I have a lot of embellishments under "general" category. I want to organize them so all of the butterflies are together, the school items, fall items etc. PSE organizes them according to the artists' initials, which is not helpful to me. I can drag them together, but when I close PSE and reopen, the thumbnails go back to their original positions. How can I get them to stay organized the way I want them?
  7. That solved the problem!!! I would never have known this. I appreciate your help so much!!
  8. I had my hard drive wiped clean because of malware, but I was not concerned, because I had it backed up in the cloud. However, when I restored everything in Scrap Girls, the thumbnails did not return. The description is below each icon correctly, but I get the same mountain scene or 2 flowers for everything. If I click on the little picture, the real picture shows up in an enlarged view, but will not stay in the little icon. So I have 100 pages of green papers that all look alike. Can anyone help me?