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  1. Mine is the group of photos of my son and my husband. Our son has autism, so its hard to get him to look at the camera and smile, and be next to someone to get a good photo, but he did it here!
  2. Credit to :Sahin Designs Winters tale
  3. Seewhatsuesaw...My older son was actually showing the little one a bird which he could not see, so he held his head to direct his vision to the bird. He should have worn his glasses! Haha!
  5. The heart charm in the photo pocket is my element that is 3 different sizes
  7. Used hearts and the word LOVE for this layout of my older son and younger son. Credit to: Sahin designs
  8. Credit to Mommyish
  9. I LOVE white space layouts!!! Im going to work on this now!!!! heres mine!!!
  10. From the album Meterr`s Work

    My son was 4 in this photo, and it was the last year he sat on Santa's lap. He would stand by him until he was about 9, and now, at age 11, wont even go in the room with him! Credit to: Kim Jensen Phrames ETC by Danyale Krafty Santa kit
  11. From the album Meterr`s Work

    I feel awful throwing away the art our granddaughter makes, but cant keep everything! This is a way for me to kind of have to art forever Creit to: The Little Things by Valorie Wibbens Cherish by Amanda Yi designs Phrames by Kim Jensen
  12. From the album Meterr`s Work

    My Great Grandmother, and my 1st best friend, Aura! She was waaay ahead of her time! Credit to: Rain Rain by Allison Pennington Amy Martin This Small Time template
  13. From the album Meterr`s Work

    Winter Break Collection by Digital Design Essentials
  14. I love the sepia photos and that cute turkey!
  15. We put up the tree after Thanksgiving!