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  1. Thank you--I will check those links out! I'm sure if I break it down into baby steps, I'll be fine.
  2. ...or, what have I gotten myself into?? My mom will be celebrating a milestone birthday this summer (80). We decided to do a birthday book for her. I thought this would be fairly easy, because a) there are so many photo book companies out there, and surely one must have a design I'd like; and I did my own travel book last summer using InDesign. Well, I just started one in a template in Big Photo Book Co. and I hate it so far! I don't like the software, for one thing (which is why I ended up doing my design last year in InDesign). I think what I would rather do is a book using scrapbooking elements. Only I am not sure AT ALL which direction to go in. I don't want anything too vintage-y, because I don't want her to feel ancient. I don't want anything too trendy or hip (she's not that kind of person). Something feminine but not sappy. I could really use some suggestions. I'm starting to think I won't be able to do this at all... Thank you!!!
  3. You're welcome! So what is your camera like? What resolution setting are you using?
  4. Super Scrapper--thanks for the "insider's view." I did a bit of graphic design (worked in PR for 7 years) and I never got the hang of these measurements/sizes/etc. I just didn't get it. You put it in a way I can understand easily. Thank you!
  5. Using an online photobook site's template is easy and fun, especially if you want to get 300 photos scrapbooked this year! (It would take me forever to make pages in PSE for 300 photos.) I am also impressed with the selection and quality of background papers, frames and embellishments free for use on their photobooks. When I made a photobook this way, I also uploaded one JPG page that I created in PSE, with blends, masks, and Scrapgirl's supplies. I liked having one "artsy" page that could not be done otherwise. I use which is Canadian. Their site is similar to Walmart's. No shipping charge because you pick up at the location nearest you. Regarding batch resizing. Just resample down to 2100 pixels for the longest side. Then all the photos will be well under 10MB, but they will print sharp in your photobook, up to a 5x7 photo. If you want a certain photo to cover the entire page, resample down to 3600 pixels on one side. For social media, do a separate batch resampling - down to 900 pixels on one side. Thank you. I find MB and pixels very confusing, this helps a lot! If I ever get this project done, I will be glad to share it all with you. I just heard about yet another photo book service: Lumapix Foto Fusion.
  6. Thank you, ladies, for your great advice! I have been working a little bit at a time, every day, and there's no real deadline for the project, so that's a good thing! Unfortunately, we don't have Costco where I live. I've heard good things about it as a store in general, though. Have not heard of Artscow but will check it out. Thanks again!
  7. Help! Before I launch into my tale of woe, I'll introduce myself. I am Sandra, and I have not been on this forum in a couple of years. I don't do a lot of digital scrapping but I find myself looking at a big project now. I am totally overwhelmed by the more than 300 photos I took on my recent vacation to London. My goals are to: 1). Complete a physical art journal at home (which is underway); 2) Share photos on social media (also partly underway); 3) Make a Blurb book (or Shutterfly or whatever). I've got three different folders so far: London Resized for Internet, London Resized for Photo Book, and London to Print (that's for the journal. I'm have a difficult time making decisions not only which photos to include, but which VERSIONS of the photos, since I used the burst function on my camera! Right now I'm just sampling different book companies' software, to see which are the most user friendly. I'm comfortable in PSE and InDesign, though graphic design is not my strong suit. That's why I'm using their page templates and not designing my own. But I feel like I'm in Resize ***. Just trying to get the photos down to 10 MB each is challenging. I know how to batch resize in PSE, so I can get them to 300 dpi. But I'm still left with enormous photos in inches (like 10 or 12 inches) and am not sure how to get them to a "just right" size. Does anyone have any advice? Your opinion on who has the nicest photo book, and/or whose software is least intimidating, is also welcome! Thank you very much!