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  1. too cute! she looks like she has a purpose!
  2. love the peaceful feel of this. gorgeous!
  3. This is just such a fun and active page! love it!!
  4. I love the contrast of the black and white photos against the vibrant colors! Beautiful layout!
  5. Happy Birthday Doris! Hope your special day is awesome!!

  6. so pretty and so sweet!
  7. what beautiful effects! so awesome!
  8. My condolensces. I love the beautiful cluster you made. This is such a lovely tribute.
  9. Love this! So much fun!
  10. gorgeous scenery that blends so nicely with the layout! It works so wonderful together!
  11. love the variations on the photo! so nice!!
  12. so delicate and beautiful. Such a simple elegance.
  13. love how there is so much to look at and so many interesting wonderful things going on and working so well together!
  14. how gorgeous! love all that you have done. ditto to what everyone said! lol
  15. beautiful hymm and layout!