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  1. I'm not usually a purple person (or lilac or lavender, etc.) but this is really lovely and I was drawn to in as I looked at the line-up of recent uploads. Great job with the use of the photos and the embs on that lovely paper!
  2. Nice! Very lovely use of so many lovely elements!
  3. Great LO and spread for October. I like the colors you picked to complement your photos. :-)
  4. Such sweet faces -- don't you just want to kiss 'em every day!
  5. Nice touch with the circles! We have a graduation this spring so I'm going to have some of those same pics as you have here. And I love your Bible journaling pic -- that's really a growing area of interest among the women at our church, too! I haven't tried it yet... but I'm intrigued. :-)
  6. Great LO and such cute pics of your littles! (My son wore the DOC band helmet-thingy when he was an infant, too. It was 18 years ago and they were not common then -- one of our doctors thought we were a bit nuts to do it -- but we are glad we did it anyway!)
  7. Your knitting is amazing! What a treasure! Great LO covering an obviously very busy week! :-)
  8. Wow... that's a wall-size-worthy sunset photo right there!
  9. Love Anne of Green Gables! So fun that your grands have discovered it, too! Great job on the LO!
  10. Love these photos -- reminds me of where I live (Texas). I have relatives from NZ (Taupo -- so not very close to you!). Your journaling style is so good -- bet you're proud of these LOs that chronicle the whole year. Congrats! :-)
  11. I love Chrismon ornaments, too! Your journaling is so wonderful to read. And good for you for getting Mom's china out of storage. :-)
  12. Your grandkids are precious! Casey has a beautiful smile -- happy BD to her!
  13. Wow! Congrats on finishing PL2016! Your journaling is great!
  14. Great journaling to wrap up 2016. :-) And I see you took a pic of your plate filled with yummy food -- I do that, too! I thot I was the only nutty one in the world who did that! LOL! Glad I have some company....
  15. Great calendar! It's such a great idea to record all the things that kept you busy last month. Onward to 2017... :-)