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  1. Happy Birthday!!!

  2. What a sweet story. I love your layout.
  3. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day. Enjoy! and Eat Cake!

  4. elizms

    Little Man

    I love the swirls. It really adds a lot of fun to your LO. Cute Cute Cute.
  5. Nothing more special than a boy and his dog. Great pictures.
  6. elizms

    Easter Market

    I loved using these photo clusters. It was fun seeing a different culture during Easter.
  7. elizms

    Easter Market

    We had the best time in the Czech Republic for Easter. I did this two page layout of the Market.
  8. elizms

    Anne is a Doll

    I'm double dipping...I did this using the colors today but also used many of the pieces from this months SS club. I love to put together postcards to send family and friends. I sent one recently to my cousin Lynn and would never leave out her sister Anne. Being 5 years younger than Lynn and me, she always seemed like a doll. Can't wait to send this off today.
  9. I loved the collection this month and have been dying to find just the right picture for the darling doll. Here is another of my postcards. I sent one to Anne's sister Lynn and I would hate be accused of forgetting someone. Lynn and Anne are my cousins and Anne was the youngest of us all. We really did treat her like a doll at times - and she seems to be the best dressed with the best haircut too. I'm mailing it off today.
  10. I began thinking about what a butterfly kiss can mean. I found this picture of my grandmother and me shortly before her death. It is amazing how we can miss some of the sweetest times in our lives but I am so glad we have pictures to remind us.
  11. elizms

    Remember When

    I have been creating 4x6 postcards for my family and sending them at random times. I found this picture of my cousin just in time for her birthday.
  12. Excellent job with the masking of the photo. It makes what is probably a busy picture so much more focused. The feel of the rest of the lo is perfect. I saw the red and white right away.
  13. What a cutie! He looks like he is all boy. I love the dangles hanging from the top of the page. Great idea.
  14. And I'll bet your DD posted this on facebook. I know that mine would have. What a great way to highlight a simple thing that is so important to girls.
  15. Gorgeous. The overlapping papers are perfect and I love the gold and red together. How very Asian.
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