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  1. Great use of texture with the blended photo. Hope you will be able to make your trip soon.
  2. Love the graphic feel of this and the use of circles to balance all the angles. Great page design!
  3. WOW! great shots, beautifully cropped to grab out attention and love how you used soft brown accents to pick up the brown of the bird.
  4. Striking blue with the brown, really pops off the page.
  5. judy in SD


    Love the blended larger image incorporated into the background, and wonderful quote.
  6. You did say think outside the box.............. Wings
  7. judy in SD


    Bon Appetit Collection Biggie by Brandy Murry Retired Scrap lift of page Bohemian Bliss by Veronica Spriggs
  8. I really like how the circle frames are echoed by the borken lighting effect and the varied opacities and blends of the photo circles.
  9. judy in SD


    The colors are perfect for your photo. I love how even the dogs dressed to fit the color scheme!! Love your cluster on the willow frame.
  10. Strong and Soft shows many of the reasons why I come back to this collection again and again. Wonderful papers, fabulous alphabets, and a great mix of natural elements. Brandy Murry always a favorite and the Botanical Collection tops the list.
  11. Botanical Collection Biggie by Brandy Murry
  12. Love this and thank you for the lift, I am honored. Great use of the patterned papers and what a handsome little fellow.
  13. I am not sure I followed the directions, got hung up on Flag day and flags, missing parades and banners. Given all of that here is mine Flag Day.
  14. Scrap Simple Paper Templates: Wood Mask Blenders by Brandy Murry Bon Appetit Collection Biggie
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