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  1. Is there a resource that I can learn about using dynamic brushes --- and how they differ from the standard brushes?
  2. Naturally --- AFTER I post --- I figured it out!!!!
  3. How do I use the embellishments below? I have attempted to put a photo into the embellishment by directly tto the design page and even attempted applying on a blank page - neither has been successful SNU_SSEMB_CurlTornFrames is representative of the ones I am referencing.
  4. In this month's club for the alpha - please clarify as this applies to all the files #1 folder - separate pngs --- it is my understanding that with the PC that I do not need these files and essentially can discard #2 folder - single png - why would this be a file to keep since it has no layers #3 folder - ACDSeePro 9 PSD (have never seen this file name) -- has 3 layers and assume this is the one I would want to keep
  5. How do I use these templates? All I have is one png file for each template. Thus, it only shows one layer when imported into PSE. Should there be a PSD file? Did I miss something in the download that I don't have a psd file for PSE? Naturally, when I go to insert a photo -- it only will show on the background layer
  6. Thank you --- it worked!!! I had no idea how to use this --- another learning experience that opens up new creativity. Sometimes PSE has so many features to explore --- and it gets overwhelming at times..
  7. Nov 15 SS Club included a folder of papers (LLO_SSpaper_kitchencounter). The papers are all jpg. To be sure, I attempted to colorize but was unable to do so as the colored paper just covered the paper template. Did I miss something in the download or is there a process for successful coloring?
  8. I don't very often use the forum -- seem to go in spurts. I was looking for an old post, but it appears only the 2015 are in my profile. Is there a way to access older posts?
  9. I thought that there was going to be a PSE 14 released this fall. I have not seen anything discussed and Adobe is not showing anything on their site. Maybe I was dreaming this??????????????? I have been holding off updating - have PSE 11.
  10. thank you, thank you, thank you. I never thought about doing that process - duh!!!! I just remembered on an older version that the sizes were available on a flyout menu. I need to be more adventursome in alternate processes since PSE does feature often optional ways to achieve the same result.
  11. In older PSE versions you had a flyout menu in the FONTS listing showing the font samples that would allow you different sizes (always chose large). Is there a way to increase the font samples on the menu in PSE11? As, the sample fonts are difficult to distinguish the differences acmongst the listing.
  12. I can't promise this is still a good number as it has been a few years since I contacted them ---- 800 833-6687. It is frustrating to have a problem and not be able to speak with someone. FAQs don't always have the resolution to an issue. Hope the number is still good for you.