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  1. From the album: Layouts I just have to Share

    My oldest is now 8 (3rd grade), the twins are 6 (1st grade), and my youngest is 3 (started preschool this year). Merry Christmas created with "Evergreen Christmas" by Arizona Girl
  2. Templates to sell need to be offered in pds and pngs (each layer needs its own png) if it is not in both of these formats, there is no store out there that will let you sell them. In addition, if you can put them in TIFF and PAGE then you will have a little bit of a larger market for your templates. There are some designers out there who have wrote code for photoshop that will save each layer of the template (in photoshop) to a png. Good Luck.
  3. Here are mine Curried Pumpkin Soup English Carrot Stew
  4. arrows COL_SSEmb_Directional_Arrows_Med_arrow_hollow-dotted
  5. Arizona Girl aka Tasanee Campbell Painted Desert
  6. Arizona Girl

    Feb LO1 600

    Beautiful page. Very lovely.
  7. Arizona Girl

    Poor Baby

    Such fun photos!! Cute page.
  8. Arizona Girl


    Stunning page. Love the blending.
  9. Love the layers. Fantastic card. I was consider making chicken noodle soup for my card- it is the only recipe I make often that I don't have a card yet. I will have to think of something else.
  10. Love the layer of chevrons with the print behind your recipe. Great looking card. I'm always nervous with chilled soup- I've some some unpleasant experiences eating them. But I have also had some awesome soups too. I will have to try this one.
  11. Arizona Girl

    Erinn's Ponies

    Love the blended layers. Great page! very cool
  12. The the blend of papers- so cool. Great photo- love that it is lifted. Well done page.
  13. Great photo effect. the title work is awesome. Love that font, but it never seems to fit with my pages. Your title work has inspired me to try using it some more.
  14. Love the use of the masks. Great page. Beautifully put together.
  15. Oh so cute. Love his smiles. Great page. Nice colors and ellie choices.
  16. Wonderful set of photos. They are beautifully scrapped.
  17. Fun page. Love the mix of lettering on your title. Very good looking
  18. Love the mix of papers and ellies. Well done page!
  19. Arizona Girl

    Building an Igloo

    Love how the whole page reflects the snowy feel of the pictures. Great page! Well done on the double header.
  20. Love the mask and the framing. Great composition .
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