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  1. Thank you for your sweet comments on my layout of my Dad and my family - it made me feel really good to read your kind and oh, so nice comment.

  2. nuhobee4me

    This Moment

    This really gets the autumn warmth in my heart. I love your picture and curled frame!a Al the embellies make it so special.
  3. nuhobee4me

    Hear the Music

    This is beautiful! You must be so proud. I love the colors and saturation, it really sets her face, hands and flute off well!
  4. Here's our new dog Jack. I am trying to learn how to use special mask frames. This one is SNU_SSEmb_DelightFrames_PhotoMaskSpec
  5. Wow, I love how the day went from autumn leaves to January ice/snow coated trees. Very elegant and charming!
  6. Wow, this is a really stunning lo. I love how you framed her face with the ribbon, and all your embellishments really fit the New York theme!
  7. How cute that the kitty nibbled on his photo! That song "It had to be you, adorable you" came to mind when I saw the hearts and notes!
  8. How wonderful! I love the way you curled the pictures and then intertwined with the cross, blossoms and words. It's absolutely elegant!
  9. You should have heard the "Awwww's" when I showed this to my girls! So adorably sweet the picture and lo. I love how B&W brings attention to the cute smile under the hat! It must have been peek-a-boo game?
  10. This is really beautiful, the wood and ocean go so well together! I'm going with Tiza-- and will give you full credit for the scraplift!
  11. Can't wait to see the super cute from V!

  12. Its a wonderful LO for a really special girl. I love all the details that both of you bring to life!
  13. It's Invisible Illness Week, hugs to all who suffer invisibly!

  14. Thank you for the birthday wishes! I've had my share of puppy kisses and ankle biting! roflol I had to make the barrier to the pen taller, because the little rascals were starting to get it out. roflol Have a great day! :-)

  15. We signed up for "little spikers" volleyball - isn't that the cutest name?

    1. CRS


      That is adorable!! I love volleyball.

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