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  1. jode2771

    World Tour - "Art" LO

    You truly are so talented! And who cares if it took over a year - it would take me 10! And it wouldn't be this good lol. Love the tones of purple, the little fun embellishments... the Hibiscus is still the star of the show, but it jumps out even more the way you scrapped it.
  2. jode2771

    NL Challenge 5/17/16: Sketch - "Wallaroo"

    Awww!!! I remember that day!!! BEFORE you broke your foot!!! Callan really did take a great photo, but you enhanced it perfectly with your BW set in shot and the water focus, I loved reading your journaling and remembering these wonderful times together, just hanging out and being together. Great memory page.
  3. jode2771

    iNSD WordArt

    Sooooo beautiful Andrea!!! I love the look on Addie's face looking at Wyatt whilst Dash is the ultimate big brother. The colours are gorgeous and you complemented them perfectly. Colour is your special talent and you nailed it here!
  4. jode2771

    Designer Challenge!

    I did what I could! Loved having a day at home today now the kids are back at school ;-) Here is mine...
  5. jode2771

    04may16 DesignerChallenge _ Jopke

    I have a couple of Jopke's kits but not the newest one so I used what I had to try and make a Mother's Day page - this is more about being a mum and how you love your kids no matter what. My two were goofing off, which I discovered when a friend gave us this wedding photo - cheeky little guys - but I still love them :-) Credits: JOD_MixedMediaMini1 JOD_MomentsCaptured BMU_SSPaper_BGB6
  6. jode2771

    SG Recipe Swap April 2016 "Grilled Halloumi"

    This is fabulous!! I remember your face as I was telling you to trust me and that cheese really COULD go on the barbie!!! And the lemon makes it even better!! Great recipe and memory!!
  7. jode2771

    Wildcard Challenge 16 April

    Found a photo which worked quite well I think! Here is mine :-)
  8. jode2771

    Wild Card challenge 16apr16

    Can you spot the familiar faces here??? Hint: it is NOT Aidan! Credits: SNU_StoriesWeTell abstract inspiration from Valerie
  9. jode2771

    Wildcard Challenge - Silly Together

    Those colours needed the black and white photo, it works brilliantly! Great quote and another fun photo of your eldest and youngest sharing precious time together, how wonderful!
  10. jode2771

    Weekend Challenge 4-16-16

    love the dark background and the bright playful art, such a good take on the inspiration piece! great way to incorporate all the artsy-ness whilst playing on the idea. Clever!
  11. jode2771

    Wild Card Challenge 16 april

    Wonderful colours and imagery, there is certainly a lot of movement on this page! I like the grunge, it fits in well with a run, and Diane? I wold keep you company if you slowed down a little! Terrific photo and title work.
  12. jode2771


    Love how you went with one element, the circles. It really suits your style and I love the natural colours with these beachy shots. Cant wait for winter beaches here now!!! Very clever take on the challenge, I really like it :-)
  13. jode2771

    Artsy Lavender 4/16

    Isn't it funny how sometimes going out of your comfort zone yields the MOST amazing results?? I love this. The play of light and colour and images and background are jus gorgeous. You should be proud!
  14. jode2771

    Wildcard Challenge 4/16

    Yes yes and yes! You did a wonderfully delicate but grungy take on this bouquet and I really love it! So very artsy and almost hand made and yet so classy at the same time. Great job!