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  1. Beautiful page. Love the bird photo and the gorgeous clustering above and below it. Very striking!
  2. Love this. The photo of the cousin's enjoying the cookout is great; wonderful background photo blend. I love the exhausted teddy bear collapsed on the sled. That would be me.
  3. Too pretty to be hilarious - but it is! Love the bottle on the string. I have needed that "medicine" to get through this winter!
  4. So full of "ahhh." I think I'll just sit here and wait for a glorious sunset - or fireworks. Gorgeous page.
  5. Pretty colors and the photo is filled with lovely ladies. Nice.
  6. Hope this doesn't go from 3 - 3 - 33. Last week was a stretch.
  7. Loved reading what's going on in your week. Sounds like fun things happening (except for that tree.) Your book looks very interesting.
  8. Here is my Week 3 WW 3/17 That's My Girl
  9. Here's my shamrock challenge That's My Girl
  10. EBA_AfreshWtrclrSolid_Paper, BMU_UltArtist2_DynB_Spc-LuckyMe, EBA_Shamrock_Emb_Spc, BMU_HolidayLights_EMB_Frame, MRE_Bows_Dotty_SSEmb, MRE_EndPoss_Emb_CircleStampWhite, SNU_ZipKit_Clover_Emb-Girl, BMU_Countryside_WA, BMU_SSPaper_Edgers Details in EXIF file
  11. Congratulations! What a wonderful page.Such a sweet photo. This is what scrapping is about. Wonderful memory, beautifully scrapped.
  12. Congratulations! Well done.
  13. Great choices. Beautiful work.
  14. Sharp looking! I love the tilt and the clean color palette. Very cool page (and template)
  15. Here is my #Spring