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  1. Love this - my boys would devour it at once - and they are in their 40s!
  2. Love your photos on the card and your jars of peaches. Like using canned peaches - peaches are so briefly in season.
  3. You are correct - cranberries all year! I stock my freezer during Thanksgiving and Christmas for year 'round cooking. I like the idea of using orange juice for the water. Sounds tasty. Love the pops of cranberry color on your neutral card. Very nice.
  4. I have been craving rhubarb for several weeks. This looks like the perfect recipe to satisfy the crave!
  5. Beautiful. I love the waterfall flowing out of the frame.
  6. BetC

    May 2020 Recipe Swap

    Fresh Strawberry Dressing Love this on spinach salad and grilled chicken.
  7. AFT_StrawbFields_Emb & Words, FLO_RentreeDesClasses_foliage, ABL_WoodlandBotanical_Paper, GWH_SimplyVintage-Stamp
  8. I'm so glad you liked them. Sure wish we could sit down, pour a cup of something hot and enjoy them together!
  9. Why thank you Marilyn. Glad you liked them. I always have blueberries in the fridge --- may go whip some up for me, too.
  10. Here's Breakfast Casserole for the Electric Pressure Cooker.
  11. BetC

    Easy Peasy WW Omelet

    Yeah! I love easy peasy! Love the card.
  12. Love having this lovely gluten-free recipe.
  13. Seems all I have done for 2 months is stay in the kitchen. My electric pressure cooker is fired up almost every day - at least I think so --- I am losing track of days!!! SRO_Brunch_PaperABR_YoursTruly_Paper-Wood Fonts: Georgia, Homemade Apple
  14. Talk about getting in under the wire --- I keep pushing the envelope! Keto Pizza
  15. BetC

    Keto Pizza

    ABR_BittyPattern5_SS-Paper, KSC_SS_Emb_NovClubGift_BannerLove, Fonts: Scorched, Pan Pizza, PT Sans Narrow, Photo of Italy: Pixabay
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