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  1. BetC

    Adventurous Dude

    Love this page. Great inspiration for the cool kit. Great for scrapping the boys - not always easy.
  2. This is FABULOUS! What a wonderful photo. Love the colors and clean simplicity of the page that beautifully draws the eye to rest on the photo. This really brought back memories, since my folks got me an accordion before laying out the money for a piano. We could have been little Lawrence Welk girls. Somebody turn on the bubble machine!
  3. BetC

    *All New* January 2019 Recipe Swap

    Going to check my stash of recipes. I love the recipe swap.
  4. BetC

    JJ_LO #1

    Love your Christmas pup. Cute photos; like the way you framed them. Title and journaling with the string of lights is quite festive - nice shadowing.
  5. Well, the saga continues. Got mother, son, sister-in-law and cousin home from the hospital just in time for husband to be hit broadside while sitting still, by a car sliding on ice at 70 mph. He's home from hospital-has a concussion and very sore, but doing ok. Thank you, Lord!

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    2. alsoarty


      Oh my gosh! So sorry to hear this, and I pray he gets well soon. Ice stinks!

    3. Becster


      Oh my word!!!! Hugs, love, and prayers!

    4. lorac


      Oh my goodness. How horrible, but at least he is doing well. Sending love and prayers to you and your family.

  6. BetC

    Weekend Wildcard 1/12/2019

    I LOVE this! This brought back so many memories of learning the violin in grade school. Love the photos and the layering of the papers, especially the curled one. (I swear that's me sitting first chair in violins - except I played second chair.)
  7. BetC


    Love it! I learned to play a ukulele to prove to my folks that I needed a guitar. Still loved carrying my uke around. This brought back good memories.
  8. BetC


    This LO makes me happy! Love all of it. Beautifully blended.
  9. BetC

    JJ_ siggy

    Now this is a siggie I could get into - literally. Ahhhh.
  10. BetC

    Weekend Wildcard Challenge 1/12/19

    Here is my music LO. Marching Band
  11. BetC

    Marching Band WW 1/12

    Journaling: I still get that lump-in-my throat, heartpounding sensation when I hear the bullet-like, staccato of the snare drumline and the rush of excitement as the trumpets blast a rousing fight song melody. The air is cold, the sun is bright and all are riveted on the musicians on the field as they play and march in intricate formations. At the last notes, the crowd erupts in thunderous applause. There is no experience like it! ABR_TextureMix_SS_Paper, ACA_BoomBoomPow_ZipKit_ret., SNU_FramedPhotoMasks_SSEmb, BMU_SSPaper_Edgers, DRB_SnowBunny-heart
  12. BetC

    Week 1

    I can see there is probably not much "low key" activity with the girls around. Do love the hat! Like your mix of packground papers.
  13. BetC

    Jan 12 - You're the Voice

    This all works together so well. The blending is super. Great page.
  14. BetC

    The New Challenge Chase for 2019!

    Challenge #3 templates You Make My Heart Sing
  15. BetC

    January Monthly Challenges!

    Here's my #3 challenge - Templates You Make My Heart Sing