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  1. So pretty, love your photos. I would do this, but think if I try to serve it to DH, must just call it a "scramble." The word "tofu" would not work for him - lol! (He's never even tasted it - he's as bad as a little kid.)
  2. BetC


    Great looking card, love the clusters. The recipe has really caught my attention, bananas and potato chips - must give it a try!
  3. BetC


    Now you are talking my breakfast language! I love the looks of this recipe.
  4. I used to make bran muffins and we all loved them. Need to give these a try and get back into the habit of making them. Love that they will store for such a long period of time (not that they would last that long!) Cute card & cluster!
  5. BetC


    This looks delightful. What a treat for getting out of bed!
  6. BetC

    April Recipe Swap

    Love your card. Such pretty clusters - plus a yummy looking recipe!
  7. BetC

    April recipe swap

    I really must try this recipe - all my favorite things are in the recipe. (I use a lot of tumeric in my cooking, but not in my oatmeal. Lovely card. Love your embellishment cluster.
  8. BetC

    goosie Tips for Top-Notch scones

    Good to know. Thanks for adding this card.
  9. BetC

    goosie Cranberry White Chocolate Scones

    Oh my, these sound out of this world. Love the white chips background. This is a must try.
  10. BetC

    Overnight Oats

    So pretty and the recipe looks so good. What a wonderful meal to wake up to!
  11. BetC

    Hulk Muffins

    These do sound incredible (Hulk or not.) Popeye should try these, too. I know I will!
  12. BetC

    LindaH57-Croissant French Toast.jpg

    This sounds so wonderfully decadent! Very special recipe.
  13. BetC

    April 2019 Recipe Swap

    Wheeee...........slipping in under the wire! Here's for when you throw counting carbs out the window Blueberry Streusel Muffins
  14. BetC

    Blueberry Streusel Muffins

    ABR_CookIt_RecipeCard_SSCard, EMA_HoneyGarden_EMB_Mini1Transfer, SRO_GMaKitchen_Ribbon, SRO_GMaKitchen_Whisk
  15. BetC

    The Gladdest Thing WW 4/20

    We call them Sweet William but I don't know their true name.