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  1. Lovely - and great quote. One breath at a time!
  2. BetC

    March 20

    Hahaha! Love it!
  3. Oh, this looks wonderful! Love the photo cluster.
  4. Great title cluster! This sounds delicious. I will probably eat this while while holding down the fort waiting for the hikers to get back!
  5. Love your oil and veggies cluster. Got to look for a cheese similar to Haloumi. Have not seen it in the stores here.
  6. Nice card! Like the stitching and the utensil cluster. You have so many good and healthy recipes!
  7. This looks very good. Love all the mushrooms - that would taste wonderful with the potatoes. Like the mushroom embellishments on the card.
  8. Well, I have learned something new - had to look up what farro was. I live a sheltered life! Once I knew what it was, this looks like a great dish! Like your cluster and oil bottle.
  9. BetC


    Cool card - love all the spice jars and kitchen equipment. Never tried a spaghetti frittata - this definitely looks worthy of a try.
  10. Mmmmm! I think the smoked paprika would make this extra tasty. Love the spiral book format and the included photo.
  11. BetC

    nut roast

    This is something new for me. I like all the ingredients - so I know I will like it (anything with apricots gets my attention!)
  12. What a great recipe. Love salmon and avocados - but have never put them together. Like the stitching on your card.
  13. BetC

    March 2023 Recipe Swap

    What a great recipe! I'm going to try it when the grands and great grandson come over (with a big mat under his chair!) I know he'll love it.
  14. Beautifully done! We must not take for granted what each person may be dealing with that is never shown on the surface.
  15. Great page and loved the journaling! Lukas is going to have great scrap pages to look at when he's a little older! He's lucky to have such a cool GGma!
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