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  1. BetC

    August recipe swap

    Oh, I love bread pudding. Make it every winter. this is a must try. Cool font.
  2. I used to make scalloped potatoes something like this - this looks even better.
  3. BetC

    Mama's Oven Meatballs

    This is great! Never thought of using Manwich - how good and easy!
  4. Cream cheese and blueberries - a home run every time! Going to definitely try this. Such a cute card.
  5. BetC


    I adore anything peach! Going to try this for sure. Lovely card.
  6. Here's Mom's Potato Salad Been a tough year!
  7. BetC

    Mom's Potato Salad

    ABR_SSCard_CookIt_Recipe_Card, ABL_HomeCanning_EmbBiggie_Cucumber, AFT_LifeMon_Emb_Ribbon_Brad2, SG_Summer_Paper_TCS_Yellow, SRO_PhotoMasks1_SS_Emb_01, Fonts: Christina, Charter
  8. BetC

    July 2020 Recipe Swap

    Here's Balsamic Grilled Vegetables
  9. ABR_CookieExchange_Card, BMU_CottageCookbook_papers, EMA_HoneyGarden_EMB_Mini1Transfer, ABL_HomeCanning_EmbBiggie Details in EXIF
  10. Love this card with your mom's card attached. My mom passed last month and I am looking at her cookbooks and the recipes she wrote down and tucked into them. They really are precious.
  11. BetC

    July recipe layout

    Ahhh, you made a beautiful page with my strawberry dressing recipe. Love your strawberry cluster. I am honored.
  12. Love this - my boys would devour it at once - and they are in their 40s!
  13. Love your photos on the card and your jars of peaches. Like using canned peaches - peaches are so briefly in season.
  14. You are correct - cranberries all year! I stock my freezer during Thanksgiving and Christmas for year 'round cooking. I like the idea of using orange juice for the water. Sounds tasty. Love the pops of cranberry color on your neutral card. Very nice.
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