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  1. Super page! What a wonderful photo and I love the newspaper mat and the lovely cluster. This could have been my mom, also.
  2. Love the watercolor background and the cascade of various circle objects. Your title is perfect for this layout; there to be seen, but blending into the soft background.
  3. Ohhh - lovely. Thanks for sharing the creative technique you used. Love the way it turned out! Alas, the quote is pure truth and there is no fountain of youth! Not that great a rhyme, but still true.
  4. This calendar project is turning out to be a masterpiece! Wonderful use of the sketches and dotty frame. The result is clean, yet filled with so many layers and textures. This is how I want to scrap when I grow up!
  5. What fun! Love the circles and swirls around the photos. Lovely cluster.
  6. What a wonderful page and darling doggie. Your journaling tugs at my heart as I see the face of your sweet fur baby.
  7. Lovely, lovely page. Great background for the circles of photos. love the little squirrel.
  8. Wonderful page - what energy and motion! Love the intensity of your little soccer player.
  9. Love the hay bales and the windmill. It glows with the shining sun and the heat of the hayfield. Love it.
  10. Here's the Lake Hat
  11. Bodie is ready for blazing sun and splashing water for his first season at the lake. So far, he's having a ball playing with his new hat. AFT_AbsolutelyBlended_SSPaper-Spc, BMU_SSClub_APR14_ModernDay_NANO_Circle, CRO_SpringWhimsy_Emb_Button, FLO_HelloSeptember_BlackCherry, ACU_Pink_Summer_Nano_Emb_Leaves, SNU_SSStyles_ArtTextures6301-ColdPress, BMU_SSPaper_Edgers_Lines Details in EXIF
  12. Love your doggie photos - who can resist that? You have made a fun page with a lot of good movement - the circle photos of the dogs and the energy of the circle background paper.
  13. Pure delight. Great interpretation of the challenge.
  14. Wonderful composition. Like the repetition of all the circles.
  15. Love getting a peek into the garden. Lovely.