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  1. Yup, little Jaymee is now married and Kayce is 5 months old. Time flies - a sonic speeds these days!
  2. Beautiful! Love all the paper layers and your words on the strips. Like the way your string highlights the way fickle mother nature messes with us!
  3. Congratulations! beautiful layout and wonderful photos. Beautifully done!
  4. Wow! Love the page shown through the camera. Amazing!
  5. BetC


    Beautiful page and such heartfelt journaling. So glad you are in a good place now. You have created for yourself a valuable skill for life!
  6. Ohhhh, I like this! This would get me motivated, for sure.
  7. Big Boy Train Challenge 2
  8. It really is big! You can feel the rumble all through your body as it goes by. BMU_View_Alpha, ABR_CTW_Alpha, ABR_VPlate-Outline_Solid-frame, BMU_CottageChristmas_WoodenButton, BMU_HSEdge_EMB_PaperClip, SNU_FleaMkt_Emb_ButtonRed, SNU_SWT_WArt_StripBlank, DMI_SSPaper_Chip_chalk-edge, ACA_OppAttract_Paper_BlackWhiteFloral, ABR_CTW_Paper-Solid_Red, ABR_BOY_Paper_Solid, Fonts: Kiwi School Handwriting, Britannic Bold, Cheque
  9. Beautiful page. Love your top border and the background embellishments. So true, it's shocking to see how fast the kiddos grow up!
  10. BetC

    One Pot Pasta

    Great card - like the way you divided the ingredients from the directions. Another quick and easy recipe to add to the rotation.
  11. Yummmmmm! What wonderful cheeses and seasonings. Like the addition of tomatoes to mac & cheese.
  12. Wonderful card! This looks tasty - would work great after a day of shopping - pick up a rotisserie chicken and good to go!
  13. This looks so good! Love your card with the banner and line of embellishments across the bottom, Like having a luscious photo, too.
  14. I feel so much more educated after reading this recipe - never heard of orecchiette pasta or broccoli rabe. Must investigate my midwest markets and give this a try!
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