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  1. Hello, again! Good to see you here,
  2. Thank you so much. Didn’t think to look at the announcement until today-what a great surprise.
  3. A glamorous page, for sure. What a great photo.
  4. Yummo! I could sit down to that meal anytime. Fun how you nixed the ice cream - maybe you could just pass it over to me before it melts.
  5. BetC

    Magical Ocean

    Lovely page! Great use of the porthole frames.
  6. This is just lovely - especially your beautiful photo cluster. I am a fan of Lake Michigan, liked reading your journaling.
  7. How fun! I agree ---- it must be something about licking a spoon that makes it all taste so good. Love your page.
  8. This is great! Your USA outline under the cool photo cluster is wonderful. How did we ever get anywhere in a timely manner without GPS?
  9. Mmmmm. Love the photo strip and cluster and lovely journaling cluster. A very cool page!
  10. Love the photos - how good of the kids to pitch in and help with the work. Your title on the side looks great. Nice composition.
  11. What a gorgeous page - and a gorgeous you! Love your background and edge and all the beautiful things you did with the photo cluster.
  12. Great Page! Love your journaling! You run into the greatest people and adventures on the road. My DIL has a huge metal chicken in her yard. We love it, and don't have to put him up at night!
  13. Challenge #4 Lazy Days
  14. Slipping in under the wire! Lazy Days Challenge #4
  15. ABL_FeatheredFriends_paper ABL_FeatheredFriends_paper ABL_NaturalistsJournal_Emb ABL_GreatOutdoors_ZipKit BDS_summersplash_el BMU_SeizeTheDay_WA
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