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  1. I hesitated, but then sent in my second recipe. I'm almost afraid it tells more about me than it does the recipe.
  2. It's in the mail! Hubby and I got a little carried away with the taste testing. I forgot to put on the card that I get about 38-40 cookies from this recipe.
  3. Found a new recipe I want to try. Will send it in after I make it and taste test it. (I make this sacrifice in the name of culinary science!)
  4. I had to do a double take on this! Sure enough, a Santa Horse. Love it!
  5. Cool calendar. Who doesn't love gazing at cats. (Isn't that what the internet is all about?)
  6. Here is my Week 5 layout. Grandpa
  7. Lovely! The cluster work is great, love the way the text on the items brings it all together. Love it.
  8. Great job with the photo. I like the way you left little bits of red in it. Lovely.
  9. Exquisite! Love that beautiful photo and the dramatic background with the gorgeous flowers falling down the page.
  10. This photo is wonderful, and the border and title are perfect for it.
  11. Stunning! Love the simple elegance of your LO.
  12. Such a sweet face - and oh my, that dazzling smile! Sometimes the best memories are so fleeting our photos was not be the best, but still deserving being saved. You scraped it so you would never know you weren't all that pleased with the photo. She just lights up the page!
  13. Love your doggie - what a sweet face. Beautifully done, a great memory page.
  14. You always have the most amazing landscapes. Great coordinating of the title and the bottom border. Well done.
  15. Who wouldn't shiver to be able to see penguins in the wild. What a great experience and wonderful photo and layout. (You certainly made it look cold!)