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  1. Well, just had rotator cuff, bicep, tricep and bone repair on my dominant side. Thought I could spend my time catching up on my scrapping. I don't know - took 5 minutes to type this. may try again in a week or so.

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    2. scrapgran


      Goodness that is a big lot of surgery. Take it easy. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    3. alsoarty


      Wow Bet! I was wondering where you were. That’s a tough surgery. Hope you heal fast and well. Hugs.

    4. Laura


      Prayers for a speedy recovery.  Use your phone and the "microphone" to type.  It helps. 

  2. Here's Pineapple Banana Bread
  3. ABL_Birdsong_Paper_Wood, ABR_NatureWalk_SSPaper, ASO_StainedEdges_Brush, BMU_ChasingDragonflies_Mask, BMU_Zoomba_EMB_Dot, SNU_Origins_Clusters_SSEMB
  4. Lovely card. The embellishments are perfect. Love all the cautionary "need to test" instructions.
  5. Love quick and easy and bacon and broccoli - my favorite things!
  6. This sounds wonderful. We love zucchini and summer squash - this would be a delightful new way to use them. (Very pretty cluster.)
  7. Oh, I love shrimp and this looks wonderful. Love your background spaghetti image. (You had me at "last minute")
  8. This would be a go-to meal after picking up a rotisserie chicken. Love it!
  9. I really enjoy your mother's hand written recipes. I remember eating this at my friends house when I stayed over. Can't imagine why we never had it at home. Glad to have this recipe.
  10. This is ultimate comfort food. Lovely card - love the pen.
  11. This is just what I've been looking for - cool days and crock pot simmering with chicken and Italian seasonings smelling wonderful.
  12. Such a pretty card. My family loves mac and cheese. This looks very good and would be a completely different twist.
  13. Here's Seafood Pasta Salad (I usually wind up using canned crab meat.)
  14. BMU_Coastal CCR_Firefighter_Frame bld_solace_element ocean Details in EXIF file
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