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  1. BetC

    March 2020 Recipe Swap

    Talk about getting in under the wire --- I keep pushing the envelope! Keto Pizza
  2. BetC

    Keto Pizza

    ABR_BittyPattern5_SS-Paper, KSC_SS_Emb_NovClubGift_BannerLove, Fonts: Scorched, Pan Pizza, PT Sans Narrow, Photo of Italy: Pixabay
  3. Trying to use this "sheltering in place" time to organize and backup scrap supplies. Is there a place to find old SGSSC and SGC marketing images?

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    2. BetC


      Thanks, Marilyn. No biggie, I can put together my sort of marketing sheet. Actually getting done some organizing I've been putting off waaay too long. (I've already eaten most of my "staying at home snacks. If this last much longer I will definitely put on the pounds - day one of my lock-down-lol)

    3. Boatlady


      That is a great plan in fact that is what I planned to do also but looks like  the Gulf of Mexico is calling we will go out for the day in the little boat. No virus out there...LOL

    4. Smiles


      If the weekly announcement threads are still on the server, you might find old marketing images there.

  4. I had the same problem when bought a new Mac. Bamboo Fun didn't work. Now if I update the Macs OS I'm told my old CS6 won't work and I hate to be committed to a monthly charge for CC. Built in obsolesence!
  5. BetC

    Bridal Couple on Bridge

    Beautifully done! Love the photo panels and beautiful background framing. Handsome couple!
  6. BetC

    Dahlia flower

    Love your colors! Very nice blending and framing of your flower. So pretty!
  7. BetC


    Oh, I love this layout --- like a breath of Spring. Such a precious little girl.
  8. BetC

    NL Challenge - Frozen

    Pretty blending of the floral background. Lovely photos - I can't believe that is Charlotte - when did she get so grown up!
  9. BetC

    Emma Rides

    Beautiful background; perfect for your photo. Great cluster - rugged and floral. Nice lace accent. Wonderfully scrapped.
  10. BetC

    The Reception

    Love the use of black/white photo with somewhat desaturated background and elements. Striking page.
  11. BetC

    Flower Girls

    So cool.Your page is good for the brain - as well as lovely.
  12. BetC

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge 2/25/20

    Love my little Grand-dog - he comes over lots of weekends. My Best Friend
  13. DRB_My-Happy-Place_Freebie_Paper, DRB_My-Happy-Place_Flower_Freebie, AFT_AntiqueEdges, AFT_SoftHarvest_Emb_Frame, BMU_BSweet_EMB_Leaf, GWH_FureverFriends_Emb-Sticker Lyrics: You’re My Best Friend-Queen
  14. BetC

    6 Weeks!

    Lovely page for a "not so lovely" episode. Hope he heals well - and quickly.
  15. BetC

    February 2020 Recipe Swap

    Fat-Burning Cabbage Soup This is good after all the snacks we nervously consumed watching the Chiefs in an amazing, adrenalin overload, comeback win of the Super Bowl. (We are lo-o-ong time fans!)