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  1. Love the photo and all the nostalgic elements in your LO. Very well put together.
  2. What a wonderful memory you have created about a precious little boy. I have so many shots of the back of my children and grandchildren - they immediately turn away when I'm shooting. I love the way you have placed the photos. They money shot is the happy boy with his ice cream cone!
  3. Been a while since I've done this, but am going to give it a try this month.
  4. Love this LO. Memories of books and hours spent reading were remembered as I looked at the page. I really like the good old days of books with paper pages - they smelled delightful!
  5. Well done. Some many things to catch my eye. Especially your beautiful dog.
  6. BetC


    Love your photo and the co-ordinating color palette. Cool use of the banners. Love his playing in the spills - bath time, here we come.
  7. What a darling little girl. She looks great in that hat! I'm with Evelyn, I love to laugh, too. Lovely scrapping.
  8. Wonderful photos! You did a fabulous job composing your photos and clusters. Just Lovely!
  9. Great western page. Nice barb wire (can barb wire be nice?) Love the font on "Ranch."
  10. This is so cool. Great photos and love the train embs.
  11. Love the photos - they really stand out - and your use of blue.
  12. Oh, I love it! Summer looks so good on your layout! Love the radiating papers in pretty sunny hues. Dinner looks prety good, too!
  13. Here is Jaymee Waiting Four - 4 photos Ephemera - DEB_Merrydale_EmbMini Brush - BMU_JunkTrunk_BrushSet-mask Round - MRE_JTBeginning_Emb_circle cluster Under - ABR_ChicInstinct_Emb_BeadCluster Alpha - JRA_WinterRoses_Alpha Rectangle - BMU_SSPaper_Edgers_Lines Yellow - very pale yellow basic PS brush on photos
  14. These photos were taken this Jan 6. She is not due until early April. She is very! uncomfortable right now. ABR_ChicInstinct, AFT_SoftHarvest_Emb, BDS-CopperSpice-emb, BMU_Botanical_Spc_Paper, BMU_JunkTrunk_Brush, BMU_SSPaper_Edgers, CRO_StartingFresh_Emb_Rose, DEB_Merrydale, FLO_WinterIsHere, JRA_WinterRoses_Alpha, MRE_JTBeginning Details in EXIF
  15. BetC


    Cool. I'll check it out.
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