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  1. BetC

    October 2018 Recipe Swap

    Still absolutely crazy, busy time around here - trying to sneak some scrap-time and get these in before the next deadline! Cheddar Garlic Bread Eggnog Cherry Nut Bread Yankee Corn Bread
  2. BetC

    Yankee Corn Bread

    ABR_CookIt_RecipeCard_SSCard ABL_Fencerow_Collection_Emb_FencePost ABR_Falling4U_Paper_Stripe-Red BMU_Countryside_Emb_SignPost SNU_FleaMkt_Alpha2
  3. BetC

    Eggnog Cherry Nut Bread

    BMU_CottageCookbook_Paper_Pattern SNU_FleaMkt_Paper-Red GBE_CookAndBake-eggs SNU_Noteworthy_Emb_Egg-Tan-modified SRO_Brunch_Emb_MilkTop SRO_Brunch_Emb_TeaTowel SRO_GMaKitchen_Bow SRO_GMaKitchen_Whisk SNU_Noteworthy_Emb_Egg-Tan
  4. BetC

    October Recipe Swap

    Chocolate? I'm in! Pretty card, too.
  5. BetC


    Ohh, what a captivating page.
  6. BetC

    Cheddar Garlic Bread

    This bread recipe starts with already baked bread - is that cheating? BMU_JunkTrunk_Paper_Yellowist KME_Rustique_Embs_Journal2 SNU_AlteredLife_Emb-GemFlower BMU_Kensington_Swirl CRO_SpringWhimsy_Emb_Leaf1 CRO_WoodjaCouldja_Emb_Frame2 JZI_FlightsOfFancy_EMB_Beadspill ABR_WY_Emb_PhotoCorner2 SNU_DynBrushSet_SprayedPaint6301
  7. BetC

    September 2018 Recipe Swap

    Crazy-busy month. Here's my last minute contribution Lemon Garlic Shrimp
  8. BetC

    Lemon Garlic Shrimp

    ABR_CookIt_RecipeCard_SSCard SNU_KitchenChic_Emb-Fork-Spoon, EMA_HoneyGarden_LemonTransfer-Spec AFT_SoftHarv_Emb_Spcl_Bow BMU_Coastal_BlenderClusters LLO_SunBouquet_SavSel_Paper_PeachPaint
  9. BetC

    August 2018 Recipe Swap

    Just under the wire! Sea Spread
  10. BetC

    BetC_Sea Spread-2018-08

    ABR_CookieExchange2012_Card1 SRO_GMaKitchen_Book JZI_SummerSeas_EMB_SS_12-fish BMU_Coastal_Paper_SummerStripes-Tan BMU_Botanical_JIFPlus_Ribbon_Stripe BMU_Vinyard_EMB_Wineglass-2
  11. BetC


    Lovely Layout. Exciting times.
  12. Here's my blended background layout Etta and Maurine
  13. BetC

    Sailboat at Naptree

    This photo is super-love the masks and blending. Very attention getting page.
  14. BetC


    Wonderful page. Love the artistic blending of your background.
  15. BetC

    NL-challenge 14 Aug

    Love this! I see a scraplift down the road. First, my great-grandson will have to learn how to walk - I'm sure puddles and mud will quickly follow.