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  1. BetC

    Cold Cold

    Great page, but oh my, it does look very cold!
  2. BetC

    November Challenge Chase!

    Challenge 3 Currently Papa John and Bodie
  3. BetC

    November Monthly Challenges

    Here is Challenge 3 - Currently, I am putting together "Grandpa" pages for my son who is as devoted a grandfather as his father is. Papa John and Bodie
  4. Currently, I am putting together "Grandpa" scrap pages for my son, who is as devoted a grandfather as his dad is. ABR_Grungology_Paper-5 ABR_JIF6-BOY_Paper BMU_BGBlenders_DynB_Spc-mask CKI_Rideem-paper-bandana CKI_Rideem_star JZI_HarvestSpice_Paper Details in EXIF
  5. BetC


    Your title really caught my attention. Love your pics of life on the road. Nice blended background and arrow embellishments.
  6. BetC

    Celestine_Celery Salad

    Beautiful card. Have not seen a salad like this. It looks very good (love anything with dried cranberries and toasted pecans!)
  7. BetC

    November recipe swap.

    Love beets in any form and this looks like an amazing sweet-sour relish.
  8. BetC


    This is so different and intriguing - has to be tried! Looks like could be breakfast, too. Love your embellishments.
  9. BetC

    Malva Pudding

    This looks sooo good. Never heard of Malva pudding, but I can see, I'm a fan!
  10. BetC

    Pumpkin Muffins

    Mmmmm - pumpkin! 'Tis the season. Looks so good.
  11. BetC

    November 2019 Recipe Swap

    We all love this for holidays, birthdays--- whatever. Anytime we have this, it's our own little holiday. Spinach-Artichoke Dip
  12. We all love this for holidays, birthdays, family coming over for no reason at all, especially with pita chips. ABR_CTW, ACU_SchoolCool, BMU_ChasingDragonflies, BMU_DripMasks, BMU_LaDiDa_Pencil, COL_RubberBands, GWH_TheGrungeEffect, JRA_HSHome, SG_RustReflec_MPE, SNU_KitchenChic Details in EXIF
  13. BetC


    What a fun page. Love all the energy (hour could it be otherwise with four cute little boys?) Love the photo template and great alpha title.
  14. Lovely photos and great composition. Love the gift and ribbons embellishment. Perfect background and mounting.
  15. BetC

    November Challenge Chase!

    Nov Challenge 4 . Mood Board Summer Evening