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  1. BetC

    Jezebel Sauce

    I always enjoy sweet and spicy together. I often do the hot jellies over cream cheese with crackers. This will be fun to try.
  2. BetC

    LindaH57 - Berry Butter.jpg

    What a great recipe. Love your patterned paper.
  3. BetC

    May Recipe Swap

    Lovely card and very intriguing recipe. I love apples, shortcake, and custard - and here they are all together. Will definitely do this (after I Google custard powder.)
  4. Ohh, a touch of orange. Sounds delightful!
  5. BetC

    LindaH57 - Old Fashion Apple Crisp.jpg

    Crisps are like taking a trip to my childhood. Your card is lovely; very creative use of the apples as a mat for your recipe.
  6. BetC


    I am a rhubarb fan. Love having a new recipe to try.
  7. BetC

    May Recipe Swap

    Such a pretty card and love the simplicity of this yummy treat.
  8. You had me a "Margarita!"
  9. BetC

    Watermelon Preserves

    Love the colors and what an interesting recipe. I remember my great aunts made them, but as a child I wasn't interested. Now --- yes, I would give this a try!
  10. BetC

    5R Australia Photo Book

    Great photos for your Australia trip. Love the shots inside and outside the aircraft. Everything works so well together and every place your eye rests on the page is something that catches your interest. Wonderful memories.
  11. BetC

    May 2019 Recipe Swap

    Too crazy to get much scrapping done - but I make sure to slide under the wire on the recipe swap! Strawberry Cream Cheese Pie
  12. BetC

    Strawberry Cream Cheese Pie

    AFT_StrawbFields_Embs-WA, BMU_ArtDiary_DynBrush_PaintSpray Fonts: Sweet Pea, Tekton Pro
  13. So pretty, love your photos. I would do this, but think if I try to serve it to DH, must just call it a "scramble." The word "tofu" would not work for him - lol! (He's never even tasted it - he's as bad as a little kid.)
  14. BetC


    Great looking card, love the clusters. The recipe has really caught my attention, bananas and potato chips - must give it a try!
  15. BetC


    Now you are talking my breakfast language! I love the looks of this recipe.