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  1. Trouble getting on the blog: when I click on the blog tab I get "site can't be reached." I have a Learn How tab, but get the same error message. Also the graphic for the Challenge Chase has the little unknown image icon instead of the racing car. (Don't know that this has to do with anything.) Any suggestions?

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    2. April Showers

      April Showers

      From what I read, when you can get to some sites and not others on a Mac, it is often a firewall problem.

    3. MariJ


      Ah... Interesting.  I have to say (knock on wood) with my now 2 year old Mac laptop, I haven’t had any of those issues.   With the 8 ½ year old one... yes..

    4. BetC


      Not sure what to do with the firewall. Will need to do some google-ing.