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  1. Yikes! Thunder, lightening, hard rain that turns to ice when it hits. Can't even take a flight to sunny shores - KCI flights cancelled.

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    2. Jane in N.Z

      Jane in N.Z

      The worlds gone mad we even had snow on the ranges in the South Island yesterday and its the middle of summer!!!

    3. CRS


      Yesterday we had record highs, low 80's while you were having that yuck. Today we are back to rain...Anyone have an ark?

    4. MariJ


      Uh-oh I think it’s headed our way.  In NJ we’ve stayed a day/few degrees away from you all!   Today we are having the 78º day!   Amazing and everyone is outside!   But, I think your rain is headed our way tomorrow.   :( and it’s back to the 50’s.   Which admittedly is better than 20’s and 30’s!