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  1. I know I've been gone a few months (working daily to get quilt done before 1st ggchild is born.) and things change quickly here --- so I need a little refresher.  I wanted to look up one of my LOs I posted to the gallery to try to find it on my computer. I cannot find a way to access my personal gallery

  2. Going to be in and out for the rest of the month; will try to catch up when I can. (Plus, I have a 1st GG Baby that will need his or her quilt by GGma. Hopefully before some shower is announced.)
  3. Lots of learning going on here. I love the unexpected subject of your page - no snowsuits here, just bright warm colors.
  4. Love seeing your little buddy. Love the ears in the OOB frame. Very cute.
  5. So many things I love to scrap. Depends upon my mood - and I have so many of those! SRO_SSPaper_TexturedGrunge1 ABR_Falling4U_Nano-Emb_Cluster ABR_JIFPlus_Falling4Him_Emb BMU_Countryside_Emb_AYOZoom_OvalFrame MRE_JTBeginning_Paper_Mini_GreenDot-MemOnly BMU_SSPaper_Edgers_Lines-overlay
  6. Puppies, kitties and flowers, oh my!!!
  7. Love teal --- my new black. BMU_JIFFY-EP-Album_Zoomba DCA_Swoosh_SSPaper_ZigZag EBA_SwashesWashes
  8. Love this - very clever!
  9. All the reasons to scrap, for sure are right on your page. Stories are what everyone loves to hear.
  10. Ohhhh, this is beautiful. Great title.
  11. Love the photo treatment and your cluster curling around the dynamite title and journaling is wonderful.
  12. No photos are destroyed and blending are my favorite reasons to digi-scrap. The quoted lyrics are from O God Our Help by Isaac Watts. I added the last two lines as one of the reasons for me to scrap. ABL_NaturalistsJournal_Emb3_Bottle, VJS-MyAntiqueLife-clock, ABL_WatersEdge_Paper, ASO_BrushSet_SeaGlassMasks, BMU_SSPaper_Edgers_Aged, BMU_Coastal_WA_BlankTag
  13. I used CRO Spring Whimsy Nano
  14. Super page. You have so many exciting experiences. I love seeing the world through your eyes.
  15. Great page. Gorgeous blending - my favorite thing! Pretty cluster, too.