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  1. I love your idea and the notebook that you used. Other than the wedding and surgery, my list would be pretty much the same as yours. Great start for the new year.
  2. Here is my choice; Dynamic Brush Set: Musical Movement by Cherise Oleson. I think I'm going to put this in my cart and use it on my layout.
  3. Jane, I love your take on 'Cold'. Great beach layout and I like the scribbles.
  4. Belle


    I love your page. Perfect to go with the journaling.
  5. Belle

    Kung Hei Fat Choy

    I really like the way you used this template. That tiger is awesome and the food looks great. Lovely layout.
  6. It's the middle of a heat wave here so I'm enjoying seeing all the COLD layouts. I love the photos and the word art. Lovely background. I like the large snowflake. Pretty layout.
  7. It looks like someone carved ice statues of the deer. Very pretty. I love the snowflakes and paper. Lovely layout.
  8. Wow, great photos. I love the cluster and colours. The snow on the title looks great.
  9. Today you feel naked if you don't have a mask on. Anyway, it hides the double chin and wrinkles. Your shadow work is really great. I love the title work and photos. Lovely layout.
  10. This must be so awesome to go on these snowmobiles although, even if you paid me a million dollars, I would never, never, never go on the lake. I've seen too many movies and the people always fall in. Didn't you find the magnetic tool easy to use. I'm going to use it all the time now. I love the cluster, photos and papers. Beautiful layout.
  11. Awesome photos and interesting journaling. I love the OOB and blending. Lovely layout.
  12. Here is my template layout. Thank you for the lovely template Marlene.
  13. Moyo's is a lovely restaurant on the beach at Eden on Bay MPE_FinallyFall_Emb_Flower_; MPE_ArtfulSeasons collection;MRE_WTWeather_Nano_Emb_TagCloud; MPE_ChallengeSpecial_2022_01;
  14. Your home is coming along so nicely. Bet you can't wait to move in. I love the tools and grid that you used. Great journaling.
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