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  1. Here is my layout for Then and Now.
  2. DEB Glitter Rock Style; cwx_easy_way_accent1; CWX_DreamOfFlower_brush6a; CWX_StoryOfTheFlower_element23; CWX_EverydayMoment_element7; CWX_EverydayMoment_accent1; CWX_EverydayMoment_cluster1; CWX_Feelin'Frosty_cluster3; cwx_easy_way_el18; SBA Basic Shadows; DDS_Preludio_musicpart3;
  3. Belle

    Then & Now

    Wow, what a lovely photo and beautifully scapped.
  4. Now I want to go to the beach. This looks awesome. I love the word art and the sun bursts. Pretty cluster.
  5. She really is a lovely little girl. I love the photos and the framing. Lovely clusters.
  6. I have to agree. Delightful. What a lovely layout.
  7. Wow, amazing is right. I love the photo and the edger. Lovely word art and framing of the smaller photo.
  8. This time of the year, the wild flowers are beautiful in the Western Cape. BHA_BlsmBlm_Spring_Emb;; BMU_SSDLOT_GrungeBlock2_4; tmd_amessofhappiness;PJU_happy_day; SBA Basic Shadows;
  9. tmd_amessofhappiness_jiffy3; GWH_BeautyInBloom_Emb-Flower-Yellow; GWH_SummerReverie_Emb_Flower_Yellow2
  10. Henry brought some fruit home today, He made some Fruit salad for us. It was delish. tmd_amessofhappiness_jiffy2; Fruit, I don't know where I got this; SBA Basic Shadows;
  11. @bcgal00 Yes, this is our front garden.
  12. In a little while, I will take this photo again. The pin cusion (Protea) will be covered in blooms. pju_happy_day_br(4); tmd_amessofhappiness; sba Basic shadows;
  13. Belle


    This is such an awesome photo. I love the embellishment and title. Beautiful layout. We also have an Oyster Bay and an Oyster festival which was cancelled this year because of Covid.
  14. Great photo. I love your Apricot transfer. Such a pretty background. Beautiful layout.
  15. Lovely photo. I absolutely love your background. Beautiful cluster. Wow!
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