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  1. Thanks so much.
  2. Perfect papers for your beautiful photo.
  3. Marilyn, where do you find the emoticons? I only have a few...
  4. So funny.
  5. Always use: Templates, masks or blending of some kind. Also ready made clusters. Never use: Alphas, glitter or make my own clusters.
  6. Thanks for the lovely comments. The coloured wool was a sloppy jersey for my daughter. She loves it. My count is 23 jerseys to date. Some of them for toddlers but most for adults and 1 knee blanket. Busy with a jacket at the moment.
  7. Her mother must be a scrapper. So funny.
  8. 14-15 June Heritage layout
  9. I just wish I knew the dates on these photos. This is Henry's Mom and Dad on their wedding day and their 50 anniversary. KSC_DLO_VintageNursery_1_12x12; BMU_AYO-Zoom_TicketToRide_Lights2; BMU_Romantique_Light; BMU_BrushSet_Smoke_Heart; ABR_Collage3_SSaver-Cluster; ABR_YoursTruly_EmbMini-Leaf
  10. 12-13 June Pyramid layout.
  11. SNU_SSDLT_Triangulated-12x12; SNU Scripted Freestyle; ABR_YoursTruly_Papes; JSM_dD-Everyday-Mar_Papers; BMU_BeesKnees_Paper_PaintedWood; JOD_BPositive_StitchedBorder; SNU_SSEmb_PaintPalette-Brush2_Sample; CRO_SSClub_JUNE14_Painterly_EaselPaint; SNU_SS_BeHappy_Emb-DrippyPaint;
  12. My Beach Layout 9-10 June
  13. JZI_Angler_Paper_BeachWood; BMU_SSPaper_Edgers_Sketchy; MRE_SS_EmbTemp_Lifted1_composite; BMU_EMB_KnittingBskt-Florals_KPertiet_HeyMissy_Woods-4s; SDE_TheColdSea_Boat;SDE_SummerAndSea_Brush6; BMU_Nassau_Starfish; AFT_Beachcomber_Emb_Grass; BMU_LoveIs_Script_Beauty; SDE_SummerAndSea_Brush5;
  14. My Gold layout
  15. DCA_AfloatinSpring_Paper_Green; ACU_SchoolCool_Pushpin_Green; ACU_SchoolCool_PostIt_Green_Shadowed; BMU_HeartofGold_Charm_Cherish; BMU_HeartofGold_Charm_Love; ABL_JIF6_Angela_Emb_Sparkle; Champions Metal gold style; BMU_HeartofGold_Bow-Green; WT Gold; LCO_Emb_GoldenSwirlsHoliday_Frame; VRA_NewYear-Gold;