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  1. @alsoarty Thanks Andrea, I kept looking for it all over, but not in the Cozy' section. Just one quick question; We have the Tuesday challenge, and I must do a Tuesday challenge for Bingo as well. Do I link it in the Tuesday Newsletter section, or the Bingo section, both places, or do two layouts.
  2. No Tuesday Challenge today?

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    2. Amy D

      Amy D

      Thanks for clarifying!

    3. Amy D

      Amy D

      The Tuesday Newsletter Challenge was Traditions, the week's 3 challenge for Project Cozy Christmas can be found here 

    4. MariJ


      I actually made a document/list of all of the Cozy Christmas and SG December because it was confusing me to, of which I'm also easily confused!  🤣  But, I don't want to miss anything and afraid I will!

  3. After a long afternoon at puppy school, then a bit of fishing in the lily pond, I had a nice nap on my Mommy's couch. Sigh, it's a dog's life. Amania Italic. Catino Regular; Alegreya Bold Italic. TKA_Baseball_12x12_GrassStained_SPECIAL; BMU_SSPaper_BGBlenders_2; CKH_Anticipation_PB_5; AFT_SSEmb_PastPresent_Tapes_6.png; BMU_ChasingDragonflies_Mixed-1; AFT_Visionary_Emb_Cluster; Parts of SNU_SSDLT_FadeOut-1_12x12;
  4. Janelle went to the farm with Marnus. While they were there, they found this little kitten, all alone just lying in the field. He was just a few days old. They brought him home and we went to buy milk for the little one. He has to be fed 7 times a day. She decided to name him Loki. Henry told her to look up the meaning of the name. God of Mischief. I think that's quite cute. That little kitten is going to bring a lot of JOY to her home. VRA_SSWordArt_Zippy_Joy; ASO Golden Icicle style; AFT TakeWing Style; EBA_WhitePumpkinSSaver_Emb_FrameCluster; EBA_WhitePumpkinSSaver_Paper_Floral; GWH_JustALittleLove_Paper_White ; SBA_AYO_Clipboards_Lttr-PlasticPurple; EBA_WhitePumpkin_Alphas; cw_AutumnThings_cl4;
  5. Wowzer, I love this. The papers and the cup and saucer. Lovely. The cluster and the overlays, so pretty. Great font for the title. Really a beautiful layout.
  6. @Celestine It really looks awesome. You are so talented.
  7. Awesome photos and journaling. I love the background and the knife and fork. This must have been a great experience.
  8. Awesome photos. I love the paint overlays and the title blended into the background. I can't remember, is Jill your cousin or sister? You look a lot alike. Years ago Henry's brother was the bank manager at Sun City. His brother's property was on the edge of Pilandsberg. When we went to visit, we saw quite a few animals that came up to the fence.
  9. I love this. So cute. I love the journaling. I love your dog. Awesome.
  10. Wow, interesting journaling. I love the photos and the title font. Lovely paper and I really like the circles.
  11. This is such a cheerful layout. Very pretty.
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