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  1. It was my pleasure Kelly. Glad you liked it. Hugs for you and your sisture.
  2. Awesome photos. I love your bear embellishment and the template. Lovely layou.t
  3. Thanks Mikelle, I seem to have worked it out now.
  4. This is a lovely photo and beautifully scrapped.
  5. So pretty. I love the edges.
  6. I think it's stunning. Love it.
  7. Thanks Marilyn. I tried that but it did not work. Will try again.
  8. Everything seems to have changed. Don't know how to link my layout to the forum. Help??

    1. diannecp


      I just right-clicked on my layout in the gallery and Ctrl-C (Cmd-C on Mac) to copy the link, then added my link to a post in the forum. 

    2. MariJ


      Belle, I left you a reply on the challenge thread, did that help?

  9. This is beautiful. Love the colours.
  10. Swap for Kelly. Everything has changed. I don't know how to link this like I did before. It does not seem to be working.
  11. JZI_UponAWatercolorSea_lighthouse2; ASO_SSPaper_Transferred_6; BMU_Nassau; BMU Distress Style; SNU shadow me style;
  12. Very clever. I'll soon have an engineer in my family. I'll have to be very careful then.
  13. You don't need to hold the shift key in PSE. Try it without.
  14. I'll be getting my photos ready for Carol later tonight.
  15. This is so cute. I love the blended photo and the text path. Wish we could do that in PSE.