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  1. This is really great. Lovely layout.
  2. You do such beautiful work. This is really pretty.
  3. Belle

    Car is stolen :(

    That's so funny.
  4. Wow, this is so pretty. I love the blending and the frame. Congratulations on your winning layout.
  5. Belle

    Leftovers WW 11/24

    Awesome word art. Love your layout. Congrats on your winning layout.
  6. This is stunning. I love the placement of the photos on top of the blended tree. It looks like the tree is just running through the photos and the back. Not explaing myself very well. Just looks like one tree running through everything. So very clever. Congrats on your winning layout.
  7. How awesome, congratulations to all the winners.
  8. Belle


    I absolutely love this. It's stunning. I love the blending and the lovely clusters. Especially the large one. It brings such pretty colour to the layout. The crinkled paper is great as well as the alpha.Thank you so much for doing my photo.
  9. Swap for Mikelle. This is just the cutest photo. Laura
  10. This happened to me as well. It just started working all by itself after a while. Most frustrating when it happened. Another thing that happens with 15 is that when I shut down and start up again, 15 restes to factory settings. I have to reset the whole thing again to how I want it. I actually think that's how the font thing got corrected.
  11. I've sent mine to Debby (boatlady) but have not received anything from Mikelle
  12. Has the list been finalised yet? Must we send our photos?
  13. Real name: Isabel Jacobs Helena Meyer • Soap opera name (middle name and street you live on): Jasaul • Star Trek name (first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 of middle, and last 2 of first): Meyjael • Superhero name (color of shirt and item to your right): Black Bottle • Goth name (black and pet name): Black Bugs• Rapper name (Lil and last thing you ate😞Lil Egg
  14. Are we sending photos yet or not? Don't want to miss the date.
  15. I would love to join this month. Thanks Andrea.
  16. WT Steps I could not find a photo of steps so I used an image from the internet. Thanks for super challenges this month.
  17. Belle

    WT Steps-web.jpg

    I could not find a photo of steps so I used an image from the internet.
  18. Love the photo and the lovely papers. Great frame.
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