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  1. I just upgraded to PSE 15 and sicne it is a 64 bit system- this work around doesn't work- anyone have any good tips for simulating the color variations option in PSE 15? I'm sad to lose it! I used it constantly to color grey objects and to subtly change color of papers elements etc
  2. well- the great news is that I loaded 15 and my whole organizer loaded in correctly with albums and tags! The bad news is that I just discovered that PSE 15 has no "color variations" option -which is a whole other thread but it's a very important option missing and now I can't get rid of PSE 6 or 10! Why would they remove such a useful and important function? Especially for designers/ scrapbookers -we can add/adjust color with such precise control like no other way!
  3. Thanks Belle- I'm dreading having to re-tag everything. Im excited for the upgrade though- mostly for the refine edge ability -I frequently select subjects-( both human and canine), to move to other backgrounds, and I also frequently use sky overlays to optimize sky colors , and it's very rough selecting the hair and fur edges in older versions.
  4. Thanks Belle -not sure it's this easy from PSE 6...and furthermore- I'm afraid even if the organizer imports easily- my tags won't be there. I've literally spent hours and hours tagging through the years. I right clicked on file- save metadata to files, but that won't work on png files- and as we know- many digi scrap supplies are in png format. Did your tags show up?
  5. Hi- can someone PLEASE help me? I have thousands of PNG files (scrap elements) tagged and organized in my PSE 6 Organizer. I also have PSE 10 on my computer that does NOT have any scrap supplies in it but works better for editing photos-and I"m SICK of going back and forth between two photoshops! I am now upgrading to PSE 15 and I want to be able to delete PSE 6 and 10 and only use 15- but alas- PSE doesn't allow me to save metadatea info to PNG files. I want to import my PSE 6 organizer with all my organization and tags. Can someone help me PLEASE?!!!! Grateful in advance- and I bet I'm not the only one trying to do this!
  6. Hi- does anyone know how they created the alpha in the new mini kit, "Crafter's Table"? On one of the samples they show a cross stitched alpha that says, "Learning to knit" that looks like it was created out of cross stitch fabric- I purchased the kit hoping there was something in it that I could clip to an alpha and create this but there isn't. What am I missing?
  7. Thanks Becky! You wouldn't believe how negative so many of my friends and family are! So good to hear positive things
  8. Hi- We are in the process of becoming Foster parents -during our training they have emphasized that we are strongly encouraged to create "life books" and family books for the children in our care. The Family books are a way to introduce our family to a newly arrived Foster child - They can include photos of our house, children- pets, local schools, etc. they are also a gentle way to introduce the foster child to some of our routines, cultures, and the fact that this is a safe place for them. Additionally, we are encouraged to create"Lifebooks" for them- which is basically a scrapbook to send along with them when they leave to keep their memories of their time with us- photos of themselves, school report cards etc etc. This is meant for the child- NOT the bio parents, and often when these books are sent home with the child they are lost or destroyed along the way -so creating it digitally and securing a copy with the agency can ensure that when the child grows up some of their photos and memorabilia are safe and secure. I have come up with the idea of contacting some of the companies that print photo books to see if they would donate books to Foster parents for the "family Book". In the meantime- it sure would be great to have a kit that goes with this topic - I'd be glad to help give more specifics if anyone is interested in creating it. Thanks!
  9. Thank you Marie-Christine!
  10. Thanks so much for all these sweet comments!
  11. thank you! and for anyone worrying- don['t worry- he was on a super soft baby blanket!
  12. My baby was buried in real leaves, and I tried to blend the reality between the real leaves and the papers using the eraser tool and transparency.
  13. it worked! thanks for the answer!
  14. this is my first time doing this so hope I'm crediting it correctly- I used papers from Trick of Treat Sweets and Water Color Nature, and an element from Bountiful.
  15. that explains it- it was 865x864 I'm trying again right now