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  1. MariJ

    How Many?

    Don’t forget your name on your email and it’s ok to send both guesses together!
  2. Sounds like fun! Nothing like a few good Bingo games!
  3. MariJ

    Let’s Chat!

    Awwww..... Me too Conda! And, lots of those “chats” I think are from LSL - I enjoy doing that! But, gosh.... I’ve been away all day so no chatting here yet!
  4. MariJ

    Jury 72dpi

    Beautiful Marie and your blending is awesome!
  5. MariJ

    How Many?

    ❓How Many?❓ Let’s play a guessing game. Do you like to count? Then this game’s for you! Below you will find a beautifully flowered heart created by Angie. Can you guess how many flowers she used? Let’s see who can get closest without going over. Each member is allowed 2 guesses. Please send your guesses along with your name to games@scrapgirls.com All guesses must be posted by Midnight/11:59 PM EST on Thursday July 27th. 2 lucky winners will receive a $5 ScrapGirls’ Gift Certificate. Good luck!
  6. MariJ

    Let’s Chat!

    Starting content count: 45,132 Ending content count: Total: My goodness, I am quite chatty!
  7. MariJ

    Let’s Chat!

    Let’s Chat! Do you like to talk? Let’s see how chatty you really are. Starting off our Sale-A-Bration week is a game where you chat to win! To play you will talk it up on the ScrapGirls’ Forum by leaving comments on layouts in the gallery and chatting/posting on any Forum thread. To participate in this game you must first sign up below by typing your name and these three categories in a post: Starting content count: Ending content count: Total: After you type in the three categories you will fill out ONLY your STARTING content count for now; the other two numbers will be added at the end of the game. You can see my post below this one as an example. Here’s how to find your starting content count: Go to the ScrapGirls Main Forum page and on the top right you will see your Avatar photo and screen name. Click on the down arrow next to your screen name. Click on “Profile” at the top of the list. At the top, to the right of your Avatar photo you will see your content count. ** Type that number in right now on your post. At the end of the game, you will come back and edit your post and fill in your ending and total counts. This game will run through Saturday July 29th. *** Remember: you must come back and edit your post to show both your ending and total counts before Midnight/11:59 PM EST on Saturday 6/29. You can join in the game at any time, but the earlier you start the more chatting time you’ll have! The player with the highest Chat Count will win a $10 ScrapGirls Gift Certificate. All other players will be entered into a random-draw for a $3 Gift Certificate. I’ll be checking the counts and then a winner will be announced. So —— start chatting ScrapGirls!
  8. MariJ

    Sequence Challenge _ A Boy and His Dog

    This is adorable and your photos are precious. I can’t believe Andreas is this big now and he sure looks like he is enjoying his dog! I really like the template and papers you used and the circle mat is very effective.
  9. I think this is a great idea! Or could you have it scanned and printed? Then like Kelly said you could size it for your needs and not have to worry about ruining the poster, I’d be terrified of that too! Good luck!
  10. MariJ


    That’s such a cute photo and I like the collection you used with it. I like the patterned papers you used, too.
  11. What great photos of your daughter and the poster must be awesome looking. Is what you are showing us here a scan of the poster? Are you looking to make a digital page or a traditional paper page? Because if it’s digital you can duplicate your scan and try different methods of cropping before you create the page. When I think of it, we often use approx 4 x 6” photos on our layouts so they are not in the 12 x 12” size we scrap them in. So, you could really use the whole photo on the page -- it just wouldn’t fill it -- and then have an appropriate background or embellishments around it. Maybe you could put her stats or other info about her career on the space where the photo doesn’t cover. Does that make sense? Hopefully others will come along with more creative ideas. Let us know if this makes sense.
  12. MariJ

    This Place

    What a beautiful photo and for sure the collection you used looks great! I really like all the different pieces you used and your clusters are pretty.
  13. What an awesome photo and very cool looking trees. I like what you did with this collection, it looks great!
  14. MariJ


    This is very cool and your photos are great. I like how the collection looks, it was a great choice.
  15. MariJ

    Isn_t She Lovely.jpg

    Great job with the collections and your Granddaughter looks beautiful.