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  1. You all are so good! I’m working on mine but still not finished!
  2. Ahhhhh.... Envy here - love this and your photo , Debby .
  3. What a gorgeous photo and precious little guy! I love your framing and use of the florals - you did it so beautifully for a baby boy. Congratulations to all!
  4. SWAP CROP Participants!   Please see new post HERE. :)  Reveal Day is in 1 week, April 30th! 

    1. ladyscrapalot


      Can’t wait!! 😃

  5. How is everyone doing? Have you heard from your partner and sent your photos? I hope your pages are going well. Remember, REVEAL DAY is one week from today on APRIL 30th! Please post in this thread if you are having any issues; hope you’re having fun creating your page. I can’t wait to see how everyone’s layouts turn out!
  6. Pretty photos and page, Cindy! For sure it’s been such a hard Winter it’s nice to see flowers blooming, even if they’re from another year. I like how you put together your background and I like your quote.
  7. Lovely, Mikelle! Your page looks so pretty when I clicked on the page, before I even looked through it! Your photos are wonderful and I really like the varied ones you include and how you are chronicling your family’s life so beautifully. Your sunset is gorgeous and I really like how effectively you used the pink patterned background so well - it looks so well with your page and really conveys a cheerful feel.
  8. I Found Love on a Two Way Street by The Moments
  9. The name is pretty! Denver I was in the Denver airport on my way to Wyoming and the Grand Teton Mountains years ago. Gorgeous views of the snow-capped Rockie Mountains.
  10. Watercolor Are you making a tiny home, Jane?
  11. Yes, we get tulips in Spring - it’s a lovely sign it’s started....... I have not had one pop up yet this year. Ulex
  12. ... and whenever I hear of spiders I think of Jody who was terrified of them. Umbrellabird
  13. I did not do so meal prepping for the week (sounds yummy Kelly - especially the shrimp!) but I did go to an Art Show put together by my High-school cousin!
  14. Rachel
  15. Oh this is gorgeous Betty and must be a sight to see! Your photos are beautiful and I like how you blended the larger and framed the smaller and your extractions are wonderful. I see Monarchs occasionally here and once in a while we’ll get a bunch that must have lost their way, but this is amazing. Lovely work - gorgeous page.