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  1. Your layout is wonderful and thanks for joining in the challenge. To post a link here first go to the layout page and “copy" the address for the page. Then come back here and open a box to type like you did above. Type the name of your layout : "Leroy’s Grandparents” and then highlight that title. Next, click the “link” icon above - it’s the 5th one from the left and looks like a chain link. A box will appear; “paste” the layout address into the “URL” box and click “Insert into post” Once you click “Reply” your link should appear. I hope that makes sense, it sounds more confusing than it really is! Keep asking and let us know if you need more help.
  2. This is wonderful and I really like what you did with this special photo of Leroy's Grandparents. Your framing is so elegant and how creative to set up a scene for the portrait to rest and be on display. I especially like the lighting and beam that so perfectly shines on the subjects and the flowers add a really pretty touch. Your layout is a treasure; thanks for joining in the Weekend Challenge.
  3. Here’s another- Cauliflower Soup
  4. I went to a Soup Supper benefit with my friend Clare and this was her contribution. It was so yummy and she said her family loves it. The photo was taken that night of her crockpot of soup! For this recipe card I used: ABR SS Tenplates Cook It SNU SS Styles: Shadow Me GWH Soups On Embellishments OAWA Woodland Walks Papers
  5. I just read on the thread that this is your Great-Grandfather - even more cool! Thanks for sharing this, Judy.
  6. This is a wonderful heritage page and I like how you used this template and collection. Your photos are awesome and I really like your background and the papers you used. And, now I have to go and check out that collection! Thanks for joining in the Weekend Challenge.
  7. Heehee, I just took a photo from my window! Here it is, I’m not sure I aced the “rule of thirds” - the woodpecker is a bit off but it was hard to do from the window. Dreary and rainy here today. Again...... Had a bit of a break here to take my pic!
  8. This is so sweet and your photo is adorable! I like how you placed it on the fancy plate!
  9. Is there actually someplace where it is not raining? We had an hour or so of SUN today - I guess just to prove that it does still exist... The sky was blue with not a cloud in the sky... And, I bet you know what’s coming... Clouded over totally and now it’s...... Raining and dreary again. Oh well.......
  10. Wow, this is a really gorgeous photo and place and those clouds and mountains are incredible! I like the way you framed your photo and the background really lets it shine. Your simple embellishments are lovely and I enjoyed your interesting journaling.
  11. Week 3 Weekend Challenge
  12. Thank you and yes! Those are pins or things that had been on his uniform so the coin is from then too, I think it’s a pin. I scanned them awhile ago so can’t exactly remember. We have a box of things, plus real money/coins he brought home. And, I know! It is SO hard to believe how young he and those other soldiers were, my Mom always said he was in towards the end of the War, but earlier my Aunt’s friends were drafted before even finishing HS! My Dad was in a Medical Corps that followed the front, so he was the next line in on the European Theatre, not right at the immediate action. We used to tease and call him “doctor” because of his “medical” experience but he did know a lot. We have a list of where he was and the dates and also the letters he wrote home to his Mom. He never talked about it much, my Mom thought it was a hard experience but he and his friends would get together and that’s when they discussed it. She met him later, was only a young girl when he was there! It’s very cool, though to think of - a big part of History.
  13. I LOVE anything pumpkin and pumpkin soup is one of my favorite soups! This looks easy to make and sounds so yummy. Your card is so pretty Laraine and I really like the pumpkin embellishments and the soup pot in the middle. I’m glad to have this recipe and can’t wait to try it!
  14. This is my Dad in photos during WWII when he was a Medic. It’s so hard for me to believe that he had just finished High School and that Summer went overseas, he looks so young! The embellishments are scans of his actual pins, papers, patches, etc and the little metal soldier is one of his toys - my sister and I have a box of them that were his as a little boy. I need to add a title to this, but still deciding what to do! PS. I added a very small title “Dad” and a range of dates the photos would have been taken. Amazes me that in those days he had a camera and was able to take photos and develop them! For this layout I used: BMU SS Papers: Edgers BMU SS Papers: Background Blenders 5 ABR SS Embellishment Templates: Stack Them SNU SS Styles: Shadow Me JHI Army Collection (retired)