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  1. Your page is coming along well, but that baby is so precious I don't think you notice anything else on the page! Charlotte is growing so quickly Conda!
  2. You Down-Under ladies have been busy while I slept! I posted the challenge before going to bed and was delighted to wake up and find such beautiful pages! I'm so glad you enjoyed the challenge, thanks for your kind words.
  3. Your view is so peaceful and beautiful and I can see why you like walking and resting there. You and Ken are certainly busy and your garden is really coming along. I enjoyed reading your journaling and looking through your photos and your blended background is so pretty.
  4. Oh my goodness, Andreas is beautiful and a real charmer. What a wonderful model for your photos and each one is more adorable than the next! I really like your beautifully blended background and your cluster running across the page looks great. Your title with the big "A" is awesome and how lovely that you and Andreas share the same initial Anne Marie! Thanks for joining the challenge.
  5. This is so pretty Laraine and looks like a winter wonderland. Your photo is so pretty it could be a postcard and for sure I noticed the trees with snow on them. I really like the glitter swirls which reminds me of a snowstorm when the flakes really DO swirl and your title is really pretty. Thanks for joining the challenge.
  6. Jane this is stunning and the double-page really gives your layout such depth and I feel as if I'm there! I like how you added the smaller photos and journaling and your title with the big "J" looks really awesome. You used such pretty fonts too! Thanks for joining the challenge.
  7. For today’s challenge I’d like you to scrap your initial. You can use the first letter of either your given or ScrapGirls’ name and create a layout about something that begins with it or use the letter large or as a title on your page. Be creative, but if you are stuck on an idea, scrap a selfie and use your name or initial as a title since it’s all about you. Please post your completed layout in the Weekend Challenge Gallery and leave a link back in this thread. Tell us in your notes or post how you used your initial. Have fun and I can’t wait to see what you create with your letter! Here's my layout - I used a large "M" for Melbourne. Melbourne
  8. Since my first and SG name starts with "M" I did a layout about Melbourne and used a large "M" in the title. Jody's Darren sent me some photos when he took Aidan there in the Fall, it sounded so interesting and apparently is quite the artsy place! I did a little research for my journaling, but it was fascinating to me that Darren said the works are constantly being painted over so that a day or less later it all will be different. Journaling reads: "Melbourne, Australia is known as one of the world’s great street art capitals for its unique expressions of art displayed on approved outdoor locations throughout the city. Hosier Lane is Melbourne’s most iconic Street Art lane way and one its main tourist attractions. A bluestone cobbled vehicular and pedestrian laneway, Hosier lane is a much celebrated landmark mainly due to its sophisticated Urban art that never closes and doesn’t charge admission. Hosier Lane's cobbled length draws camera-wielding crowds snapping edgy graffiti, stencils and art installations. Subject matter runs to the mostly political and counter-culture, spiced with irreverent humour; pieces change almost daily (not even a Banksy is safe here). Every available reachable space is covered including rubbish bins and the thin bars of gates. The artwork that adorns the walls of Hosier Lane is not just created with paint on brick work. Some of the works are created using stencils, old beer cans or with printed pages glued to the brick work." For this layout I used: SRO Value Pack Chalkboard
  9. Oh, that really IS cool Kelly and what a treasure to have.
  10. Oh, Mikelle I was thinking the exact same thing then read your post! I do worry also that FB would take people away from our wonderful Forum and it IS wonderfully active and so unique! Plus, yes - (that would be me, too!).... I don't do FB......
  11. That's a great little tutorial, I'm going to save it - thanks!
  12. I'm not on Facebook but I know there is a ScrapGirls' page. Search on FB for ScrapGirls and I'm sure it will come up for you to sign up or whatever happens on FB! Someone else will come along who knows more.
  13. I've kept what I've scanned on the memory card, but I haven't scanned a tremendous amount of photos. But, I think I'd still like them all in that one place. I agree with everyone though, it's personal preference. And, my Flip-Pal is one of the original/older ones but didn't I see someplace where they are now selling power cords? I might have dreamed that since I really wish they would!
  14. Your card is so pretty, Becky but thanks for the heads-up! 😱
  15. Me either, I never even thought of using a style on a paper but your looks great, Carla. And, WOW - so does your new kitchen! All the changes look awesome, and make the kitchen look totally different and new! I love how you showed before and after and your journaling is great. (And I giggled at "for now").