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  1. Such a sweet photo and pretty page and that blanket looks so comfy. Your cluster is really lovely.
  2. MariJ

    Letters to Santa

    This is such a pretty page and I especially like your background and all the textures and soft color you use. Your cluster is really pretty.
  3. Sure do agree with this one, I think we all do. I like how the diagonal lines bring us into your page and your cluster and embellishments are adorable.
  4. Your new Siggy is so elegant and I really like how your name looks.
  5. Tristan really has gotten so big and he sure is a handsome little guy and looks like a happy one, too. I really like your triangle framing and the colors you used on this page.
  6. This quote goes so perfectly with your photos and I really like your creative framing. I also really like your striped border and your cluster is so elegant.
  7. That's a pretty new Siggy and I really like all the pieces you put together to create it.
  8. I like your letter to Santa, Jane and sure agree. I really like the antique feel to your page and your title looks great.
  9. Your new Siggy is so cute, Mikelle, I really like the alpha you used.
  10. Oh this is GREAT Hilary because I think this year Santa is right. We’ve all been doing our best under very difficult situations, so I think we all should be on the nice list. I really love this page, your idea and how you executed it.
  11. What a cute siggy Jane. I like how you always use the map behind your design. This one is so festive.
  12. MariJ


    Great photos and how cool Debby - I love how you used a sketch on part of your photo, it looks awesome. I like how you arranged your pics, this is really great.
  13. MariJ


    I love the perspective of your photos and the way your title is on the side. Good use of the filmstrip frames, too.
  14. I remember making peanut brittle long ago, but it wasn’t in the microwave and this looks so much easier. I like your blended background and the photo of the candy and your card is so easy to read. I
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