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  1. MariJ

    ZigZag Spider

    Wow, this is SO cool and your photo is amazing! Such interesting spider-info, don’t now I’ve ever seen one like that. I love what you did here to mimic zig-zag, yet you created a beautiful page.
  2. So funny; I have a friend whose family calls it “Mung”. Not sure where that came from! Thanks for your always thoughtful comments.
  3. Another from my Mom’s recipe box. Never got to scrap this last month; luckily this month’s theme is pasta. Mom’s Ground Beef and Macaroni
  4. Another card from my Mom’s recipe box with her handwriting. She used to make this all the time and it was a family favorite, I think it was a Hunt’s tomato sauce recipe. I never got to scrap it last month, but luckily September’s theme is pasta. For this recipe card I used: BMU Madison County Collection Biggie SNU SS Styles: Shadow Me
  5. MariJ


    Your photos are beautiful and I like the colors you used here.
  6. Oh, this is beautiful Jane and I can see you are dreaming of summer. Makes me a bit sad because that means ours is leaving and in fact is today. Your photo is lovely and I really like how you framed and spotlighted the bud. Your cluster is really pretty and so is your background and your brushwork is awesome.
  7. The elusive Matty is so grown up. I like how you extracted the larger pic and framed it in white.
  8. Pretty birds and photos and I like what you did here Linda. The colors you used are so light and airy and I really like the way you used the cutout templates and the papers that show underneath. Your whole layout feels like a song.
  9. Oh my gosh, Kelly! You are so on a roll. Your photo is stunning and the creative ways you used the circles and your blending is amazing. I love the bits I color and almost rainbow effect. This is amazing.
  10. Here’s a September page for my 2020 Corona Virus Book: Signs of a Pandemic
  11. Here’s a September page for my 2020 Corona Virus Book: Signs of a Pandemic
  12. Most of these photos I took on daily neighborhood walks during the pandemic and quarantine from March>now. Children painted inspiring rocks to share outside when they abruptly lost their in-school days.. Flags at half mast for all the lives lost... “Thank you’s” for essential workers colored by pre-schoolers and taped to their doors... Colorful street art, etc; little things that lifted spirits. One of my favorites, though is when the “Speed Hump Ahead” traffic sign went upside down, how approriate was that? I love using Laura’s “Homebody” Value Pack for these Covid pages. For this layout I used: LLO Homebody Value Pack SNU SS Styles: Shadow Me SNU SS Alpha: Die-Cut KVE SS Styles Starburst White BMU SS Paper: Edgers Biggie Sherwood TPP Covered Template DSI Covid-10 Free Kit and my own photos
  13. Kelly, this is gorgeous, wow! Your photo is lovely, but your photo treatment, soft blending and the pieces you used are fantastic. You created a real work of art, wow...
  14. What cool photos and find, that is amazing. I like the colors you used and how you used the sketch.
  15. What a fun page and great photo. I like how you added the splashes and the colors you used. This little guy kind of looks like your older Grandson in this photo.
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