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  1. MariJ

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge December 11th

    Here’s mine- Cookies
  2. A favorite Holiday tradition is baking cookies. My Mom always made cut-out sugar cookies with all the kids, some as young as two years old! So, this year I mixed her recipe and made Channukah cookies with my just two-year-old little neighbor. For this layout I used: SNU SS Emb Blended Masks MAD Festival Collection SNU SS Styles: Shadow Me
  3. MariJ

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge December 11th

    Well, I’ve been wondering what those elves have been up to this year!?
  4. MariJ

    Cookie Exchange 2018

    Oh no I wanted to do another - I thought the date was the 15th! Duh-uh me... Going to work on it now! Weeeeellll..... I tried but isn’t going to happen!
  5. MariJ

    Christmas Crackers

    I think it’s still a pretty unique tradition and how cool your original ones came all the way from Harrods! Your photos are adorable and I like your clusters.
  6. MariJ

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge.

    Debby this is so beautiful and I like your tradition. It does sound so peaceful and magical, I’ll bet it looks really pretty too. I like your photos and the way you created your title.
  7. MariJ

    Tues NL Challenge - Traditions

    What a great idea for a layout and this challenge! And a nice remembrance of the wonderful freebies, I even recognize some of them. I like what you did here and how you combined so many different pieces into beautiful page!
  8. MariJ

    Pick a Gift is Here!

    I’m wondering where the big prize is. Good luck everyone!!!
  9. MariJ

    December ATC

    Here’s one from me: Candle Light
  10. This didn’t quite come out like the idea in my head... For this ATC I used: SNU SS Styles: Shadow Me BMU Brush Set: Sunburst ACA Iridescence Collection Biggie DDS Merry Christmas Embellishments
  11. MariJ

    Holiday Bingo!

    OOps who said what about sand? Good to know, I have a bottle in my garage, but I didn’t say that. 🏖️
  12. MariJ

    Cookie Exchange 2018

    Oops! I forgot to post but I did send one in yesterday!
  13. MariJ

    2019 Hybrid ATC Calendar Swap

    I hope yours comes tomorrow, Kelly!
  14. MariJ

    It's Christmas Time

    This is your first ATC? It’s fabulous and I like your font and how Santa is peeking out at us!
  15. MariJ


    This is beautiful Kelly I love all the special touches you used here. I really like your background and glittered edge and the sparkling stars are really pretty. I like your title, too.