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  1. MariJ

    True Love

    Awwwwww... That's a gorgeous photo and they look so good together. Your layout is gorgeous and I like your background and how you divided it.
  2. Wow, you did a great job with papers and no embellishments. Your photo is awesome and so funny to have photo-coming giraffe!
  3. Oh funny, I also taught, Pre-K and Kindergarten which is why sometimes I fear I explain too much! I haven't heard of Pixelmator Pro, I'm not up on that kind of stuff. 😱 I love photography also. I used to take wonderful photos with an original High-School gift Minolta SLR with FILM, then great pics with a few Canon point and shoots. When the last one went a few years ago, I decided to use gift money and get a "better" camera and haven't been happy since. I finally got a smart phone almost a year ago and use that, but am not all all happy with the photos. I also have a MacBook Ai
  4. MariJ

    If I could fly

    So cool, Marie. Lovely job on this page.
  5. This is great, Bonnie and so wonderful to see you. Your daughter did an awesome job with the photos - a budding photographer like her Mom? I like the way you arranged them all and the background you chose.
  6. MariJ

    Hospital Page 16

    I am in continued awe that you not only thankfully survived this experience, but that you are scrapping it so well. Your journaling is amazing and I giggle now that your sense of humor has surfaced - so funny how you are able to write your feelings like "AIR", for one. I like how you also include technical info and photos. You are telling and scrapping your story so well.
  7. MariJ

    Hospital Cover

    I missed this somehow, it's a great cover for your book. I like your alpha and the colors you used.
  8. MariJ


    Great photos and information and I really like how you journaled on the letters. Your background blended so beautifully and I keep looking and looking and find more to like about this page.
  9. It sure looks cold and sure looks like they are having fun. Your photos are great and I like the natural background you used. You did an amazing job with the shapes and colors, this really looks good!
  10. September Monthly Challenge 4: Colors Lyla 3
  11. September Monthly Challenge 4: Colors Lyla 3 That's 4 for me.
  12. Lyla is 3! She still behaves like a puppy and gets into too many things! 😱 I used the summer colors of the September monthly challenge #4 for this page. For this layout I used: SNU SS Styles: Shadow Me LLO SS Album: 12x12 Puppy Love BMU B Sweet Collection Biggie AMD Celebration Collection and my own photo
  13. MariJ

    Sept #9-buttons

    I've always wanted to go to Mystic and almost did once. Your photos are lovely and I really like how you buttoned them onto the page. Your background shows off the photos so well and I really like your title, too.
  14. What a gorgeous shot and beautiful blending. I really like your masking and the bits of texture you used and your title is really great.
  15. MariJ


    What a great photo of your family with those Grands looking so old! I like how you framed and adorned it and the colors you used are so pretty.
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