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  1. Not my best page, but I don't want to get too far behind in the tasks. For this layout I used: SNU SS Styles: Shadow Me TCO DLOT 4x6 Doggy Tales AFT SS Styles: Watercolor Kraft ASD Dogs Rule Extra Papers and my own photos
  2. MariJ


    Your photos and dogs are really lovely and they both sure look good in the pics. I enjoyed your journaling, I know you've told me of Chief and how he's been fighting on. I really like your background and dog-bone clip and your word art is really cool.
  3. Your journaling is great and I have to agree with you. I like your striped background and that doctor is really cute!
  4. Oh, have to say that's not my favorite thing to do, either. I really like your bathroom sketch with the scrubbin' bubbles on the bottom. Sure would be great to have a self-cleaning bathroom, what a great idea. I like the blue you used and how you created your title is really cool.
  5. MariJ

    Who I am - Pets

    Wow, three cats and a husky sure must take up a lot of space! Your photos and this kitties are really adorable and I like how you framed them.
  6. Awww thank you. I clean up well and don’t usually show my crankiness. But it’s there. πŸ€ͺ
  7. Oh dear. We are same. 😩 sometimes nine to have a friend in Cranky-Land. Hopefully things will lighten up on both our ends. 🀞
  8. Oh NOoooooo.. Now I am officially two layouts behind! Hmmmmm, #13 is going to take some thought. Right now I'm having a cranky day so most everything feels my least favorite thing to do. 🀣 😑 😱 πŸ˜‚
  9. Your photo is beautiful and so are those Lupines. I like how you used the fall-out frames and the colors you used behind it. Such a pretty page.
  10. This is so beautiful and so is Erinn and she looks so happy. I really like the colors you used and I like how you used flowers without overwhelming your page or taking away from that special photo. This is really so pretty!
  11. Ahhhh.. Ok, I think I downloaded that once but haven't been brave enough to install or try since I don't know how to use Actions these days. 😱 Yours looks really awesome!
  12. Oh Kelly this is stunning and for sure is a "framer". Your photo is gorgeous and I really like the subtle framing and your journaling on the bottom. Really lovely work..
  13. Oh how sweet seeing Michelle so young and the photo really shows the joy in her face. I really like the fancy sketching around the pic and the sweet colors you used, this is lovely and so full of warmth and love.
  14. MariJ


    Wowie, this is really cool! I love how you showed us the photos of before and after - they look great and so does your new sauna. I enjoyed your journaling - what a great idea as a gift!
  15. I remember Cookie and when he left you. Your photo/watercolor sketch is really beautiful (how did you do that?) and I like your journaling and word are and how you have Cookie's paw print to show too. The stitching and journal card with the color behind really looks lovely, this is such a nice tribute to your dear friend..
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