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  1. Here's my: FEBRUARY
  2. February was a month of snow and it showed in my daily photos! The little kids are my neighbors and the baby photos are ones emailed of the little guy who had a scary start in life in the hospital. He is now three months old and doing quite well. Laura's (LLO) templates make these pages so easy to do. I just add in photos all month and last night February was done! For this layout I used: LLO SS Layout Templates: Wordy Months SNU SS Styles Shadow Me ASO Winter Magic KVE SS Styles Starburst Pastel & White GWH Rub A Dub Collection ABR Captivating Christmas AMC Snow Ice S
  3. How'd I miss this? Lucy is 9 months already, wow - but that baby gets cuter by the minute! And, look at her swimming and waving, wow. Your page is really pretty and so full of love and family - and summer. I really like the pretty collection you used, it looks great.
  4. What sweet memories and special photos and a wonderful page for Dan. I liked looking through your photos and how cool to have an assortment through the years from little to probably the last. This is really a wonderful page, Pat. Sad to be missing your Dad, but happy memories.
  5. Kenley is adorable and it looks like she's taking a swim inside, how cute! I like your framing and the pinks you used on your page to match her suit. All the hearts and flowers you tucked in balance your page and the ribbon dancing across gives it energy. But, Kenley really steals the show.
  6. MariJ

    AFT_Tape challenge

    It is a very good day when I wake up and log onto ScrapGirls and see Lucy's sweet face on the MB. What an adorable photo, Lucy is just so cute. I like your blending and the little teddy bear and the bits of yellow are bright sunshine like Lucy. I felt like she was saying "Good Morning" to me!
  7. Anything is good if it's followed by ice cream! Your photos and that little guy are adorable and I Like the colors you used here and how you used the paper strips, it looks great.
  8. Oh my goodness, I recognize this book! We had quite a few Wonder Books and coincidentally I liked Romper Room too! I enjoyed your journaling and it's true. I can remember coming home from the library and laying on my bed reading my new books. Now, most likely a child would be playing on their device! 🤪
  9. What a great photo and look of relaxing summer! I love what you did with your background and the yellow strips with your palm tree brushwork on top, it's lovely and so creative. I really like your title and cluster and the corn holding up your photo. This is great Jane and really makes me long for summer.
  10. Oh my goodness, your "little" Jaymee Grand going to be a Mom? How wonderful. She is gorgeous and radiant and so is your page. I love the soft colors and blending on your background. Wishing them all the best. My neighbor is having a little girl due April 7th!
  11. Evelyn is such a sweetie and so is your photo. I like your framing and masking and the softly colored wooden background is so pretty.
  12. I use a lot of stuff also Belle, but yours doesn't look busy at all! Your photos are wonderful and I like all your pretty embellishments.
  13. MariJ


    Adorable photo and I like all the hearts on your background. I also really like your framing and colors you used.
  14. Lucy and her Mom look so happy together and Lucy is absolutely adorable and growing bigger by the minute. I like your soft background and your cluster is awesome.
  15. Such a great photo and your layout is amazing. I really like the intricate way you put this together, it's awesome.
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