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  1. Yay, that's great Anne Marie and I'm sure I can learn some good photo tips from you! 📷
  2. I am so enjoying your cookbook pages and this one is lovely. Your photos are great and wonderful to have and your arrangement looks great. I really like the colors you used and this recipe sounds really food! This is such a special book and memories you are creating.
  3. Your photos are really awesome and you stacked them together so well without lookin crowded! You blending and background is really pretty and I like how you separated your page and used the photography circles, not sure what they are called!
  4. MariJ


    You got a wonderful shot of that Pelican, wow, it's so full of action! I like your title and you are so great at making masks and this one is awesome.
  5. Oh I like all three of those ideas, I'd better get moving so I can fit them all in! C'mon Debby, lets see who else we can grab to go with us! @Boatlady
  6. I'm not s big fan of caramel, but this sounds good mixed with Cream cheese. Your car is so pretty, I like the flowered strip and how easy it is to read.
  7. Here's another from my Mom's recipe box - Italian Relish
  8. This is from my Mom's recipe box, so her handwriting. Apparently she got the recipe from her sister, Sue - hence the "Sue" in the corner. It's the Italian version of a Health Salad. For this recipe card I used: ABR Cookie Exchange Recipe Card 2013 SNU SS Styles: Shadow Me MPE Global Gourmet Italian JCO Pappas Pizza Collection
  9. Here's another, I used to make this in college and bring it to events! Curry Dip for Crudités
  10. From my Mom's recipe box, that's the actual card. We used ro make this years ago and it was good. I remember making and bringing it to college get-togethers! I didn't have a photo so found one on the internet that I blended into the background. For this recipe card I used: SNU SS Styles: Shadow Me ABR Cookie Exchange 2012 Recipe Card EBA Eat Your Vegetables Mini Collection Internet photo
  11. Vietnam never seemed a place to visit, but when I was in Australia so many people vacationed there since it is close, unlike to USA. It will be interesting to see the country. Anyone have any plans today? With our cruise heading towards its end, I'm going to breakfast at the pool, I hear the special is banana pancakes, yum! 🥞 I'll look into some tours while relaxing, anyone have any ideas? Maybe we can plan a group tour!
  12. It's nice to know your old home is thriving with new life and your photo is lovely. Your plaid is really beautiful and I like the lace coming down the side. I enjoyed your journaling, it must have been bittersweet to see your old house, but I'm glad you are settled into a new one now.
  13. Nikki is quite the multi-talented young lady and beautiful inside and out as well! Great photos and pretty background and I enjoyed your journaling. I really like your title coming down the side and the quote you added is perfect!
  14. Your photos are really awesome and your plaid is beautiful and perfect for this page! I like the way you framed the smaller photo and your title is so pretty.
  15. Oh, I missed this - good thing I'm checking threads! I am so enjoying your book and your pages are wonderful. Cool photos to have and I love how you used a quote from your FIL. This is such an interesting recipe, not being a coffee drinker I can't imagine it with my eggs! Do you really eat the shell?
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