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  1. Thanks Laura I do know I can get alerts but I'd rather not have loads of alerts in my email or forum page. With "New Messages" I just check down the Forum to see all the new postings. No worries, if I miss them I miss them! 😊 I hope you had fun on your cruise and how nice to be able to spend time and help your Grandma!
  2. I was wondering Jane as I was off for lunch and I thought you must have been early. Chaise lounge by the water sounds great for camping activities. Drinks
  3. This is the best thread, I love all your answers! Xraying his bones to be sure nothing is broken.
  4. Ring toss game to play outdoors
  5. MariJ

    First Word

    Break Oh gosh, remember I went through a few years of stress fractures and foot fracture...
  6. That's great, Kelly! I went to Amy's zoo once, I loved the pandas! Quik You know, Nestles Quik - Chocolate milk?
  7. She had a cat named Loki, too - the crazy one!
  8. I like that and the spelling too! Opal
  9. MariJ

    looking up

    Fun photos and so cool to read your journaling and see how your perspective changed when you decided to look up. I really like how you arranged your page and used a photo as a background, it looks wonderful.
  10. MariJ


    Look at this little cutie, so grown up! Great extraction and photo and I like your cluster - perfect for a pool layout!
  11. Look at Lucy, learning so cool! She looks so happy with her Dad and amazing to see them on the board, too. Your photos are awesome and Lucy as always is so cute. I really like your beautifully blended background and the texture you added. Your title and framing is so creative.
  12. I actually have another recipe for this and have used both. The other is slightly different and I can never remember which one I used!
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