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  1. Hi Kelly! Yul
  2. Music
  3. Stupor Everyone around here is in a food stupor after Thanksgiving dinner! Next word begins with "R"
  4. Oleander
  5. Oh, Jane I get it! My first day and night was awful, but by the second day the meds were knocking me out so it was tolerable. Wishing you peace ande ease and sending hugs. xo Pulling a string around behind him.
  6. Hi Jane! So good to see you here, I have been thinking about you so much and I hope all went well. Such interesting info, thatnks for it, I am learning a lot! Narrow Neck
  7. How cute is this and your Charlotte is so adorable! I love the background you chose and the photo is precious.
  8. Such sweet photos and I love the look on Karlie's face when she's "caught"! I really like your background with the trees and your title is really great.
  9. Syndee has SNU Embellishments Winters Hush SNU Emb Templates SnowGlobes Caroline B Carrot Cake Papers VJS Not Your Modern Memories Value Pack - each sold separately DT Whatcha Cooking 5x7 OAWA Calendars Vol 1 OAWA Boxes Vol 1 OAWA Coin Envelopes Vol 1 DT Happenings Vol 9-12 DT Happenings vol 13-16 OAWA Somewhere in Time Collection Biggie OAWA GIft Coupons Vol 2 OAWA Coin Envelopes Vol 2 DT Timesavers Trio 2 OAWA Somewhere in Time Clock Faces DT Template Hopes and Dreams OAWA Somewhere in Time Gift Tags OAWA Coin Envelopes Vol 1 OAWA Christmas Treat Bag Toppers Vol 1 DT Time Line Sensation Templates
  10. I like that name, too! Le Bons Bay
  11. Napping
  12. Hi Ngaire! William
  13. Your flowers are gorgeous and I do love seeing them and knowing it's Spring somewhere as we have lost all ours and towards Winter. Your background is really beautiful and I really like the colors you used and your title.
  14. What a gorgeous bunch of Granchildren and you did such a wonderful job on addiing Risa in I can't tell who she is! I love being able to do things like this too, I just changed the head on the one person in a group who wasn't smiling!
  15. This is beautiful, Jean, what a lovely Thanksgiving card! I really like how soft and pretty it is and your font and journaling is really touching and the perfect Thanksgiving card. Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving.