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  1. MariJ

    Project Life 2020

    I was so happy to read that in your page, YAY for that!
  2. MariJ

    Week 12 (Mar 23).jpg

    Wow, who knew there were so many dirty things but it’s true once you start looking! I really like yoru photos and format and the blended background you used looks great!
  3. MariJ

    Project Life, Week 12, 2020

    Awwww.... Becky, such historical and hard times and you’ve documented them so well. I’m glad to hear that Dave is improving, that’s good news. Your photos are great and Ivy really makes me smile. We have the bear hunts and this morning my walking partner and I found pennies and nickels walking down the street and wondered if that was a new scavenger game. Take care and be well.
  4. MariJ

    Birthday Cake 2020.jpg

    Oh my goodness, that looks delicious and your birthday cake is so pretty, too! I really like how elegantly you framed it and your background and embellishments are so pretty. Yum!
  5. MariJ

    Newsletter Challenge 03-24-2020

    SO good to see you again, Eden! Take care and hope to see you again...
  6. MariJ


    Oh, I think so many of our Project Life stories are just that - stories! So, I really do enjoy the journaling.
  7. MariJ

    Weekend Challenge_cake

    Heehee, I saw the pears and cake and started reading your journaling and thought “Yum!” and then I saw your title and started to laugh! You sure made your “disaster” look pretty and I really like how bright and cheery your page is!
  8. MariJ


    I love this - it’s magical and the fairy dust scatter really adds a nice touch. Great ATC Kelly.
  9. MariJ


    Oh my, that does look yummy! Your photo is great and I like your title and the kangaroo sign is a creative touch.
  10. MariJ


    Very cool. I’ve done that at a Mardi Gras party where if you got the baby in your piece of cake you had to give thenext party! Great photos and page, Debby.
  11. Oh gotcha! Sorry I didn’t read that carefully enough. I know what you mean, it isn’t easy converting some of the templates and those curse would be hard, I’d think. Hopefully Marlene will answer soon! Actually I’d like that size also. When printing books, it’s so much easier than 12x12.
  12. I really need to get scrapping...  It’s raining today.   Rain+Social Distancing = Scrapping.    Right???

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    2. VeronicaS


      sounds about right to me 😀

    3. Boatlady


      Rain means it warmer, you scrap Girl!!! Enjoy it.

    4. Eden


      You're so right Marilyn! I'm determined to work on a travel photo book, any one will do AND do some Challenges here!

  13. Hi Lynne, I just looked and I see it there now - HERE And it’s on sale, too!
  14. MariJ

    White Space: Ingénue

    EDEN!!!! So nice to see you and your beautiful creations. Your page is gorgeous and so elegant - almost mystical. I like your OOB framing and the blowers trailing down the page. Your rich green background is lovely. Hope you are well! I miss you around here and happy to see you now....
  15. MariJ

    Week 12.jpg

    Such a sobering page but a great documentation of this time in the world. Your photos are awesome and I like the color combos you used. You used this template so well!