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  1. MariJ

    Project 2019

    Oh how beautiful, Jane! I eally like the way you arranged the photos on the larger blended one and we get to see your son, too! What a lovely book he will have of his adventures.
  2. MariJ

    Little Bea

    What a sweet photo and page, you are adorable!
  3. MariJ

    I love Spring

    This is gorgeous, Marie -- so soft and pretty, it looks like a watercolor painting!
  4. MariJ

    #2 February Challenge - Fishing at Iluka

    It looks so pretty on the river and I like how you used the photo across the page. I also really like how you used this adorable collection.
  5. MariJ

    NewsLetter12Feb - My Valentine

    What a lovely photo of Ken, he looks like such a kind man. I really like how you used your Valentine’s day flowers in your background, great idea and it looks so pretty!
  6. MariJ

    I Still Choose You NL 2/12

    What a nice looking guy and I love your heartfelt journaling! I also really like your masking and background and especially the hearts sprinkled all over.
  7. MariJ

    Alexi throwing snowballs

    Oh my goodness, Alexi has grown up - she’s not that little tiny girl anymore! I love your photo and masking and your journaling is so heartfelt and touching.
  8. MariJ

    Feb Challenge #1: LO Re-do/scraplift

    Sweet photo of Laura and Great-Grandma and what a special one to have! I love all the purples you used here and the green title looks really wonderful.
  9. MariJ


    Looks like a fun week in warmth and sunshine. I like how you arranged this page and your title is great.
  10. MariJ

    Tuesday-Newsletter Challenge

    Great photo and your husband looks like such a nice man. I like your masking and framing and the pretty Valentine background you chose and I really like the heart and title!
  11. MariJ

    Steak Soup Feb 2019

    Oh, how interesting - steak soup. I’ve never heard of it but it sure sounds easy enough to make. I love your card and cluster and most especially the tag from the “BetC Ranch”! How cool!
  12. MariJ


    What a sweet photo and face and ver ypretty page.
  13. MariJ

    Love Match

    How cool, I thought “Love match” was such a great title and then I read about the tennis courts so it’s double duty! Great photo and enbellishments and I like the hearts scattered al, around.
  14. MariJ


    What a great page and way to tell us what’s in your purse! I like how you journaled its contents in a list and you reminded me that I used to carry stain remover and now have forgotten all about it! Your cluster is so pretty and I like the background and library check-out card you used, I haven’t seen one of those in awhile! I especially like your clever title. Thanks for joining in the Weekend Challenge!
  15. MariJ

    love You

    Oh this is so pretty Marie! I really like all the hearts scattered all around and the colors you used. I like the gold heart swirl and title too.