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  1. Such a sweet photo and pretty girl and your page is really lovely.
  2. So true. Sometimes life is hard enough, I want EASY, fun and stress-less to read!
  3. They sound light and fun Jean and like I wouldn't have to concentrate too hard to read them.
  4. Such a beautiful photo and gorgeous blending and I like the papers you used.
  5. GO Debby! Looking good and you did a fine job.
  6. This is beautiful, Jane! Such a gorgeous photo and framing and I like how it stretches across the page. Wonderful work on the background, title and embellishments, too.
  7. What a lovely family photo and you've scrapped it so beautifully Jean! I really like the textured background you used and your blending and colors are really pretty. I especially like the hearts scattered around and your journaling. You always pick the best fonts, too - I got this one a long while ago after I saw it on one of your pages.
  8. Oh my goodness, what an "exciting" start to your retreat, I'm glad your Buddy was ok! Journaling sure is a challenge, but you rose to it beautifully! I love all the different parts of the tutorial you used and especially the words on the typewriter! Gorgeous photos and lovely background and title - you did an awesome job on this! Your story is so interesting and thanks for joining the Tuesday Challenge.
  9. I hope you're ok Ngaire! And, wow - what a gorgeous sight for you right outside your door and your farm is so pretty too. I like your background and journaling a and your heart in the title.
  10. Here's mine: Silly Lyla!
  11. Weekend Challenge 9/24
  12. My sister's new little beagle puppy Lyla first took over the BIG dog bed that's really her sister Neva's - a 3 year old pretty big White German Shephard. So for a few days Lyla was sleeping in the Big bed while Neva was crammed in the little one. Then Neva took back her bed but Lyla still likes to snuggle. I laughed so hard when my sister sent me this shot, it's just WANTING a good caption! Silly Lyla - who ever sees a dog laying on her back??? For this layout I used: TCS SS DLO Templates 4x6 Doggy Tales TCS Doggie Tales Paper Mini SNU SS Syles Shadow Me GWH Through His Eyes Embellishments (arrow)
  13. This is so touching Sondra and your photo was so intriguing. When I read your journaling I understood the significance of Ruby Slippers and what they meant to your family. Your blending and background is lovely and you did a wonderful job using the different ways to tell your story. I was happy to read about it and thank you for joining the Tuesday Challenge.
  14. Oh, this is so pretty and you really got a wonderful shot of that butterfly! Your framing and masking is lovely and your background and blending is lovely. Really gorgeous page, Debby.
  15. Oh, how cool, I wonder where in IN this was? I remember seeing some in Australia, I even took photos as I was so intrigued with them being modern windmills and so many together! Your photo is great and I like all the pieces you used around it.