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  1. Thanks Conda, I got it. Many thanks for taking care of and getting these to us each month.
  2. That's so funny after having seen your layout about your vacation in the cabin! Even funnier is we had a "Santa-in-the-Outhouse" ornament that played music, but he's not as rustic as yours. I like your masking and the big star and the background papers you chose. Great blending, too!
  3. This is so interesting and your information and photos are amazing. I really like how you put this together, it's an awesome page.
  4. It's sad looking back on that Holiday year, knowing what we do now. I'm glad you have such wonderful photos of your family together then. I like how you embellished each one and used different backgrounds. This is so special Laraine.
  5. What a beautiful new Siggie! I really like the dark background against your pretty cluster. I also really like your font and the bird sitting on the "T".
  6. Such a pretty new Siggie, Laraine. I really like the elegant feel and the glitter and gold touches.
  7. That is so cool, Anne Marie and you did a great job, I like those frames! Thanks for explaining how you did it, so interesting....
  8. I was only a few steps ahead of you!
  9. Such a pretty white page. I like how it feels like we are peeking into that beautiful scene and your paper is really lovely.
  10. Oh wow Barbara, this sure looks like a New England winter. North East too! I like how you arranged all the white pieces around your page..
  11. Here's my November. @A-M I agree, I can't believe there's only one more month to 2021. Somehow this year has passed in lightning speed.
  12. Sorry I am just seeing this, Sandy. I'm sorry I meant to look up some styles for you but had a busy day and forgot to come back! Are you having trouble uploading here on ScrapGirls? It's pretty easy once you know how and I can walk you through it! Just "reply" to this answer so then I'll be notified and hopefully see it! I love being down the shore and grew up spending summers there. My cousins have the old family house (actually "new" now because that one was destroyed in Sandy) but I am actually up North in Essex County.
  13. Thanks Angie, I am so bad at searching! 😱
  14. Here's my November! As always, using Laura's great templates make it easy and keeps me up to date with little effort. 😊 For this layout I used: LLO SS Templates: Wordy Months LLO Artful Autumn Paper AFT SS Styles EDG KVE SS Starburst Pastel & White ICC Ice Cream Dream DCA Cupcake Surprise VRA Birthday Party Embellishments and my own photos
  15. Oh, I'm sorry I missed this and it's lovely. Your photos are wonderful, you get such gorgeous nature shots and of things I don't see here in the northeast! I really like your watercolor background and pink title, this looks so cheery.
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