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  1. MariJ

    mixed media challenge

    I agree with Anne Marie - what a great page, Hilary! Great photos of your famliy gardeneing and I like how you put together your background and perched the blackbird on top of one! I really like this page.
  2. Oh, I love that photo and I had a doll sort of like that, too! Your photo is priceless, what special one of your Mom and Aunt. I love the different papers and patterns you used in your BG and how you put your page together. Your title and the glitter really add such a festive Christmas touch! THanks for joining in the Anniversary Heritage Challenge.
  3. This is so beautiful Anne Marie! It’s so amazing to me to think you see these Ibis walking around your backyard, as it’s something I’d only see in a zoo here! Your photo is awesome and I really like the colorful background you created - the lace is such a pretty creative touch, I never thought of doing something like that.
  4. MariJ

    14th Anniversary _heritage

    This is beautiful Jane and I love that special photo of your Dad and his groomsmen. My parents were married in 1954 and we have photos that look a lot the same. I really like your soft blending and the creative way you masked the photo and framed your Dad. Your background is gorgeous and really complements your photo even more and the border looks great. I especially like the papers you chose and your cluster is really wonderful. Thanks for joining in the Anniversary Heritage Challenge.
  5. MariJ

    Speed Bingo

    You were right Linda so thanks for catching it to clarify for all! 😊
  6. MariJ

    Speed Bingo

    Hi Linda, Bingo will actually be posted and played tomorrow - Thursday. I think it’s been a long day and with all our different days and time zones, sometimes it gets confusing!
  7. MariJ

    Speed Bingo

    Sounds like fun!
  8. MariJ

    Bride at last

    Beautiful photo and page, Andrea.
  9. MariJ

    Heritage Challenge

    Oh my goodness, Andrea what a sweet face and it’s you! I actually clicked on your link and the photo popped up and I smiled big and how adorable you were and at first I thought it was one of your Grandchildren - the resemblance is strong. Your photo is precious and I like your framing and elegan lace and pearls, you deserve such a gorgeous page. Thanks for joining in the Anniversary Heritage Challenge.
  10. Hide N Seek Anniversary game winners are posted HERE.   Thanks to everyone for playing.  :) 

  11. CONGRATULATIONS! Mikelle and Nancy Maurice! You are each the random winner of a $5 Gift Certificate for the Hide N Seek game for sending in 14 correct answers. Please email Angie at: hello@scrapgirls.com for your prize and tell her you won the Hide N Seek Anniversary game. THANKS to everyone for playing!
  12. Keep guessing everyone, there’s GOT to be winners in there someplace, there are!
  13. MariJ

    PS - SG 10 17 18.jpg

    What cool photos and I like how you’ve torn and framed them! They remind me of photos of my Mom on bicycles at the same age. I really like how you used the junk journals and the collection you used is perfect for your special page. Thanks for joining in the Anniversary Heritage Challenge.
  14. MariJ


    Oh, Hilary this is really so special. Your photos are treasures and how lovely that you have such beautiful memories of your Granddad with his writing describing his garden. How wonderful to have these to scrap with your memories and I like that the photos are shaped in a heart. I’m especially partial to your layout since my Grandpa had gorgeous gardens in a tiny little spot and was proud of them too. I like your background and quote too - so true. Thanks for joining in the Anniversary Heritage Challenge.
  15. Good luck everyone! I love Battleship.