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    PSE 2019 with Mojave

    Hi Deb, When I first upgraded to Mojave I had a LOT of trouble with my PSE13 - constant spinning wheel. I started saving my project every 5 minutes just to be sure! I haven’t done anything but somehow now it’s better and I don’t have that problem - not sure why! I’m curious as to 2019 also, I thought about getting it but now can hold off. Oops, sorry I don’t think I answered your question.
  2. MariJ


    I miss seeing your weeks! It will be fun to catch up, well for me at least. Hope all is going well in your new adventure.
  3. MariJ


    Pretty card with wonderful sentiments and you’re ahead of the game with your card all ready! Good luck to your Granddaughter.
  4. I made an Anniversary card for my Godson Chris & Sisi who were married 5 years ago. Since Sisi is from China she told us about the “Double Happiness” character used in weddings there. Her parents traveled from China to be here and spoke no English and we wanted to have something in church that would be recognizable to them. I created this design in PSE, then Chris’ Mom had it made into a huge banner to hang in church and then she brought it to the reception. When Sisi saw it hanging in church at the rehearsal she was SO excited! Their 5th Anniversary is coming up in August, so I decided to make them a card from my original design. For this card I used: GWH Pearl Essence Collection Mini MRE Brush Set: Drop Hearts and my own photo
  5. Haha, you are SO right and I laughed outloud when I read this! I can’t remember if I scrapped this on it’s own; I know I talked about it a lot and it was in a few layouts, but I probably only wrote in my notes with no real journaling.... As per my usual... Sigh....
  6. MariJ


    Haha, my sister has a few dogs and takes the same type of Christmas and birthday photos - with the same kind of not-very-delighted faces! So, I especially enjoyed yours!
  7. MariJ


    So Sweet! I like your OOB framing and all the circles that look like bubbles! This looks so refreshing, I want to jump right in!
  8. MariJ


    Gorgeous, Debby! I like your blending and background and how you stamped the lighthouse...
  9. MariJ

    colourfull slow scrap_week2

    This is gorgeous Jane and I love the perspective of your photo, it feels that I’m looking down on this gorgeous sight. I like how you added hiking embellishments and your background blending is so soft and seamless it blends right into the photo and your page...
  10. MariJ

    weekend challenge_Card

    Oh Jane this is lovely. I really like how soft and blended your background is and I really like your sentiment and the “bee” - word and embellishment. This card would make me feel good.
  11. I keep thinking the same, Jane. I can’t believe it will be 5 years. Actually, I can’t believe Chris is still not a little guy. Time does fly...
  12. Thanks Andrea and yes it looked great hanging there! Not a good photo, but here’s Chris & Sisi standing under it - the photo doesn’t really show how huge it was!
  13. MariJ

    July Challenge Chase

    Weekend Challenge 7/13/19 Anniversary Card That’s 4 for me!
  14. MariJ

    Weekend Challenge July 13th

    I made an Anniversary Card.
  15. MariJ


    Oh my goodness, what a great photo, although I admit those girls don’t look too thrilled with it all! I like how you put this together and your journaling/word art is awesome. Good for youfor being ahead!
  16. MariJ

    Invitation Pool party

    This is adorable and a great summer invitation!
  17. MariJ

    Slow Scrap Week 2 for upload

    Great photo and I really like how your framing and photo treatment lets that sweetie stand out. I like yoru background and your blending is lovely.
  18. MariJ

    Imagine My Life

    Such a gorgeous photo and Bride and your background and blending is lovely - this is beautiful!
  19. MariJ


    Sweet photo and great journaling. I really like the colors you used and your how framed your photo.
  20. MariJ

    July Monthly Challenges

    I think you’re good! If your layout is the style layout for the July Monthly Challenges, you’re right - you should post a link here and also one in the July Challenge Chase thread.. Whew, confusing!
  21. MariJ


    Your title is so true and wow that is some amazing photo! I like yoru background and the fireworks and sparkles; this looks really great.
  22. I haven’t been happy with the photos from my Point and Shoot camera recently so think it’s time for a new one. I’ve been really happy with Canon’s small, Elph-type ones and have had three in a row! I’m willing to go a little bigger and even spend a bit more money for a better one but I’m overwhelmed looking at the choices - just in Canons alone! My requirements are that the camera be small and able to fit in a pocket or purse easily, preferably be a Canon but I’m willing to bend on that. Lens and photo-taking abilities are most important and I’d like them to be good, but in reading all the reviews I can’t tell what any of the criteria means. A nice zoom would be great, but clearer more precise photos are more important to me. Any suggestions or thoughts are much appreciated, thanks!
  23. MariJ


    Wow, that sure is close and your photo is awesome! I enjoyed reading your journaling and I like how you framed your photo and the background you used. Your title looks really good.
  24. MariJ

    July 2019 Recipe Swap S'Mores

    An old favorite I found in my Mom’s Recipe box. I used to love making these at Camp and whenever I have one now it always brings back memories. Photos are from the internet.
  25. MariJ

    Project Life 2019_Belgium and Germany

    What a wonderful story and so cool they all got to meet again. I like how you placed yor photos and the way you included the country shapes and flags. This is a great leayout Jane!