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    Sunrise at the Pond House

    Wow, that sunrise and your photo looks like a painting, it’s gorgeous! I like how you made your title into a sunrise and your cluster is so pretty. I like the textures on your page, too.
  2. My sister gave me my favorite Christmas Gift this year! Check out the intricate work and detail on these mice; the camera lens is a button and if you turn it around there’s an LCD viewfinder with a little mouse in it! Their creator, Monique Cagle is so talented; you can read her Mice stories on her “Sleepy Cat Studio” Facebook page. Journaling reads: “Christmas morning I investigated a noise at the front door and found a wrapped box bouncing around. I went to show Judi who said, “Well, you should look in your stocking." Apparently, we’d had the same idea in exchanging our gifts! It all started in Indiana in October when I was finally able to visit ”Sleepy Cat Studio". Monique Cagle is an enormously talented artist who creates in multiple media, including hand sewing the most adorably exquisite little mice, each with their own story. I bought Judi “Lynda”, a Hippie guitar-playing mouse complete with tote bag, fringed vest and headband. Judi commissioned a mouse for me saying I liked purple, taking photos, summertime heat and flip-flops. Christmas morning we unwrapped our mice together and I gasped in delight to find “MerryLyn” (Merry for short) looking up at me! She is dressed in purple and lavender shorts, tank top and hat, with the most amazing little flip-flops. Her camera and a tote bag with a slice of cheese sticking out, hangs from her neck. I was enthralled and immediately the mice became Sisters and toured the area. You can see some of the sights they saw while together! " For this layout I used: GWH Joyful Colleciton Biggie MPE SS DLOT Modern Rustic SNU SS Styles Shadow Me ASO SS Styles Glitter Glows BMU SS Paper Edgers Biggie TMI Vintage Family Reunion Mask and my own photos
  3. MariJ


    I can read it now on my iPad! Amazing to find that jewelry; I understand your torn feelings. Your burrito bowl looks good and I like seeing your Yoga you. 😊
  4. MariJ


    This is such a pretty page, Kelly and I like the delicate papers you used. I am looking through your photos and wondering about the explanation because I can’t read on my little laptop screen when my contacts are in! I’m going to take them out in a bit and then come back to read. I really like your cluster, it’s so pretty!
  5. MariJ

    PL 2019 Week 20

    Great photos and journaling, it’s amazing to see how your girls look so much younger then, not that long ago! I like the backgrounds and colors you chose and love that mermaid blanket, what a cool Dad! You’re doing an amazing job of finishing one year of PL and beginning another, but it will sure be worth it for your girls to have these memories documented.
  6. MariJ

    PL 2020 Week 2

    Great photos and journaling and I like the collection you used, it’s one of my favorite winter ones! I have to confess that this is some time away from the week you are scrapping and I have spent the day (still) trying to get my Christmas decorations INTO stacks and put away! 😱
  7. MariJ


    OOOOhhhhhh. This is beautiful Debby! Your photos are so pretty and you got a great shot of the butterfly. I never heard of a coral plant, it really does look like sea coral! I like how you arranged this page and the pieces behind the pics.
  8. MariJ

    January Recipe Swap

    Your card is really so sweet and I like the colors you used. Your recipe sounds easy and I know a lot of people that would like it!
  9. MariJ

    Rio Ranch Respite

    Wow, that’s an amazing sunset and photo, I can’t imagine how spectacular it must have been in person. I like the texture you added around the edges and your you journaled on the slant. Your cluster is really pretty, Amy.
  10. MariJ

    Weekend challenge

    She sure does look intense and your photo is awesome. I really like the embellishments, papers and word art you used behind the pic, you created a special scene. I especially like Scout peeking around the corner, how cute!
  11. MariJ

    Jan Proj Life 2

    I like the “Florida” feel to your page and seeing the warm, sunny weather, bright blue skies and people in shorts! Great photos and journaling and I like the word art you used, too.
  12. Yum! For this recipe card I used: ABR Home Cooking Collection SNU SS Styles Shadow Me Kimeric Free Embellishment
  13. MariJ


    This is such a pretty page and creative way to show your favorite photos of the year! I like your soft pieces anchoring the pics and the flags across the top look good!
  14. MariJ

    JJ20_week 2

    Your photo is great and I like your photo treatment, too. Your background is so beautifully blended and I really like the soft patterns you blended so beautifully. There is so much to like on this page - the title, the stitching and the vine running down the page pulling it all together. This is a really beautiful page, Jane.
  15. MariJ

    JJ20 LO2

    I love Beatrix Potter and would have loved to see this too! Your journaling was so interesting and your photo is great. I like Jemima in the corner, too.
  16. MariJ

    JJ20 #2 Card

    What a pretty 50th birthday card! I like your blended background and the glittered 50 looks great. This is so celebratory!
  17. MariJ

    Spring Memory

    That’s a pretty memory in the middle of winter for sure! I like the burlap background you used and your masking and framing looks great.
  18. MariJ

    Floral Genius

    Nicole really IS a genius and her arrangements are gorgeous! I like how you arranged your photos and the soft pieces you used behind them. Your cluster is so elegant.
  19. MariJ


    What a cute photo, she does look exhausted from all that hard work! I really like the colors yo used here and they go so well with your photo.
  20. MariJ

    Once Upon a Dream

    Oh, that’s a sweet story and your photo is adorable. I like the scene you created here.
  21. MariJ

    Studying a Butterfly

    What a sweet photo and page and it’s so artsy looking. I like your soft background and how you masked the photo.
  22. MariJ

    Project Life #3-left

    Great photos and journaling, you did a wonderfu job with the prompt. I really like the pretty numbers you are using.
  23. MariJ

    Project Life #3-right.jpg

    Look at that “baby” so big! I like your photos and enjoyed your journaling!
  24. MariJ


    I like how you put this together, it’s so colorul and you showed your goal so well. You did a great job successfully mixing patterns, I struggle with that!
  25. MariJ


    Sweet photos and grils and your journaling is so heartfelt and true; I’m enjoying reading your musings. I like the way you used the squares of color, this is really pretty!