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    Great photos and I like how you used them in BW except for the brightly colored and warm-looking beach one, making me a bit jealous! 😎 Great page, Debby!
  2. MariJ

    Celebrate - State Finals

    I remember when you said Alistair was chosen for this school and it looks like he’s succeeding there and learning a lot! Your photos are awesome and you really created a wonderful page to document his achievement. Congratulations to him, too!
  3. MariJ


    Oh, this is so cool and I really like how your AtoZ album is coming along! This page is so creative and really wonderful. I like the art doll and the words behind her and how you highlighted the “F” word of your story below. I liked reading your notes too, good going!
  4. MariJ


    I was going to start with, I love how your page looks like you’re working at your desk and then I saw the collection you used! I really like how you set this up and so enjoy reading your journaling and learning about you. I’m sure glad you’re back to scrapping so we can share in your work!
  5. SALE ???  Yay!  :) 

  6. MariJ

    Weekend Wildcard 1/11/2020

    Yup, exactly perfect!
  7. MariJ

    January 2020 Monthly Challenges

    I always have fun doing this also and I truly enjoy looking through layouts. And since I so enjoy receiving comments, I try hard to leave them too! You’ll most likely see this challenge another month but at any rate, we can still leave comments. And, thank you, Barbara (& everyone!) for all the lovely ones you wrote this month.
  8. MariJ


    This is gorgeous and your layout glows! I like your photo and treatment and your blended background and how you framed the smaller pic. Your title is really pretty!
  9. MariJ


    How lovely that must have been and your photos are awesome. I really like the background you chose and your title is so festive. I especially like the way you “hung” the smaller pic and the trim on the bottom of the bigger one!
  10. This is my Godson Chris’ wedding, I can’t believe he and Sisi were married 5 years ago, now going on 6! For this layout I used: BMU SS Background Blenders 4 ABR Love Notes Collection SNU SS Styles: Shadow Me DEB SS Paper Templates: Fancy Flourishes AFT Every Day Glitters Value Pack
  11. MariJ

    Project Life, Week 01, 2020

    It’s nice to have a “boring” week after long months of busy. I think your page is lovely and I like the destressful (is that a word???😱), feel to it. I like the calm colors you used and your cartoons are awesome. Here’s to a good one!
  12. MariJ

    Surprise! Gotcha!

    How wonderful that you were able to keep the celebration a surprise, that’s not an easy feat! Your photos are great and I like your creative framing - large one in a “necklace” echoing your story and the others with your journaling on a book. I like your celebratory background too!
  13. MariJ

    January 2020 Challenge Chase

    Tuesday 1/21/20 Challenge Chris & Sisi Wedding That’s 6 for me!
  14. MariJ

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge 1/21/20

    Here’s mine: Chris & Sisi’s Wedding It sure was a day to celebrate!
  15. MariJ

    Newsletter challenge

    How sweet is this and seeing your son so young is adorable. Your photo is great and your rocket cake is awesome! I really like your blended background and the great papers and embellishments you used, this is so festive!
  16. MariJ


    Great photo and page, I remember when you showed us they got married. I like your word art and background and especially your framing!
  17. MariJ

    Smoky Mountains Rainbows

    This is SO beautiful! Your photo is great and your blending is lovely. The rainbow is gorgeous and your whole page is so soft and pretty!
  18. Today it is three years since Jody died and I’ve tried to create a layout for her on this date and her birthday. I started this one awhile ago but couldn’t get it to be what I envisioned so I went back to it now... This is Callan and I walking on Moonta Beach, a few days after the wedding. I didn’t know Jody took this photo until we exchanged our pics. The memories remain so special, yet terribly sad and I am so thankful I went to Austraila. PS: For those of you that remember, it was this beach and not long after this moment that I fractured my foot on one of those rocks. 😱 For this layout I used: BMU SS DLO Template: Grunge Block 5 FLO Hello August Collection Biggie BMU SS Styles: Engrave and Emboss (used on frame, etc to make clear) KVE SS Styles Starburst Pastel ASO SS Styles: Weathered Wood ASO SS Styles Every Day Glitters BMU SS Paper Templates: Edgers Biggie and Jody’s Photo
  19. MariJ

    Project Life 2020 Week 3 - My favourite...

    It sounds like a good week and I enjoyed your journaling. Your photos are awesome and it’s so nice to see your family and Grands, it still amazes me to see everyone in summer attire near Christmas! The beach is really pretty and I like that photo of the sea urchin, how cool! I reallylike the colors you used on this page - it all looks so pretty together and your cluster is perfect, too while not overwhelming your wonderful layout.
  20. MariJ


    Oh, that must have been so special! Not only the amazing honor of 50 years together, but to celebrate at WDW? Magic! Your photos are awesome and I enjoyed your journaling. I like your pink background and the petals coming down the page. But, your title says it all!
  21. MariJ

    January - Page 2

    Great photos and journaling and I’m happy to see your bird photos again, stash or not! I like the clean feel to your layout, it looks wonderful.
  22. MariJ

    A Celebration

    Yay Barbara! This is great and I like how artistic your page looks, it’s so colorful and fun too.
  23. MariJ


    That’s an event desrving of a special celebration and it looks like you had one. Your photo is awesome and I really like your soft masking and background.
  24. MariJ

    Enjoy Life

    Another little one growing up so big! I like all the pink on your page and how soft it all is.
  25. MariJ


    I so enjoy your journaling, it always feels like you are telling me a story! Your words are so descriptive I felt I was in your back porch, feeling its peacefulness. Your photos are great and I like the strips you added on the top. I liked learning a bit about you, too!