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    Your title is so true and wow that is some amazing photo! I like yoru background and the fireworks and sparkles; this looks really great.
  2. I haven’t been happy with the photos from my Point and Shoot camera recently so think it’s time for a new one. I’ve been really happy with Canon’s small, Elph-type ones and have had three in a row! I’m willing to go a little bigger and even spend a bit more money for a better one but I’m overwhelmed looking at the choices - just in Canons alone! My requirements are that the camera be small and able to fit in a pocket or purse easily, preferably be a Canon but I’m willing to bend on that. Lens and photo-taking abilities are most important and I’d like them to be good, but in reading all the reviews I can’t tell what any of the criteria means. A nice zoom would be great, but clearer more precise photos are more important to me. Any suggestions or thoughts are much appreciated, thanks!
  3. MariJ


    Wow, that sure is close and your photo is awesome! I enjoyed reading your journaling and I like how you framed your photo and the background you used. Your title looks really good.
  4. MariJ

    Project Life 2019_Belgium and Germany

    What a wonderful story and so cool they all got to meet again. I like how you placed yor photos and the way you included the country shapes and flags. This is a great leayout Jane!
  5. I love your story and your layout looks great! The addition of the corner flowers really gives it balance.
  6. MariJ

    Low Carb Rum and Toasted Coconut Ice Cream

    I love ice cream but never thought of making it myself! Your recipe card is so pretty and I like the colors you used. And I liked seeing a photo of the finished product.
  7. OOOOohhhhh, I like that idea!
  8. MariJ

    Meeting Andrea

    Oh how cool to see you two together! Great photo and journaling and it sounds like a really nice day! I’ve always wanted to go to Mystic Pizza (& Mystic!) and you did it all! I like how you arranged this page, it looks great!
  9. MariJ

    Weekend6July _ Flowers from Daughter

    What a nice surprise and gorgeous flowers from your daughter! I really like your framing and how the photo spills out of it and your cluster is really lovely. Your background really makes your flowers pop even more and I esepcially like your quote and the hearts dangling from the top of your page. Thanks for joining in the Weekend Challenge!
  10. MariJ

    Monthly Challenge 4

    Oh Jane this is stunning! Your photo is gorgeous and your background and blending is superb. I really like how the style looks awesome on your quote, now I need to go look that one up!
  11. I didn’t know this trick, Anne Marie. See, we can all learn from this thread!
  12. MariJ

    Honor-Jul ATC-Purple

    This is lovely Linda and I agree with Jane! I like how you included the Purple heart and your quote is perfect on your ATC. I didn’t know there was a Purple Heart Day or when it is, thanks.
  13. That’s such a beautiful remembrance for your friend. thanks for sharing your story.
  14. This past week I attended a Memorial for a friend that died held at a local Arboretum. The family encouraged everyone to walk around and enjoy the gorgeous flowers. I took this photo of a field of flowers then used the watercolor technique Kelly showed me on it. For this layout I used: AFT SS Styles: Every Day Glitter SNU SS Styles Shadow Me KVE SS Styles Starburst Pastels DMI SS Type Paths: Waves VRA SS Transparency Overlay Edges and my own photo
  15. 🌻 Today’s challenge is all about flowers and that is your challenge - to scrap a layout about flowers. You can use photos or not and show flowers in nature, your garden or even a bouquet that was sent to you. As an added challenge see if you can use a quote about flowers on your page. Please post your completed layout in the Weekend Challenge Gallery. I can’t wait to see it become a garden of flowers. And don’t forget to check out other pages and LSL! Here's my layout: Arboretum
  16. MariJ

    Down to the Waterline

    This is so pretty and peaceful, Marie and your blending and background is lovely. I like how you placed your title.
  17. So funny, I loved this page when I saw it and still do! I didn’t notice any “clunkiness” but we often are our own best critics, so now you say it I understand what you mean.... Even though I still like it as is! My first thought was what if you left the journaling as is but removed the frame, embellishments, etc? Not sure how that would work or look but I’m envisioning it appearing to be written right on the background. You might have to darken underneath the light type (which I really like!) but it appears now that you’ve lightened it a bit right there so you’d just need to make it as dark as the rest of the background? I’d also slant it a little pulling the top left corner down so it would sort of balance the opposite slant of your photos below. And maybe move it a little more towards center. Someone else will probably come along with more ideas; I’m not sure how this one would work or I’ve explaining my thoughts well. I’m interested to see what others think!
  18. MariJ


    This really IS fun and I can feel your excitement and anticipation! I love this page!
  19. I read the NL this morning at 5am and when I saw the challenge ”...what you are listening to right now” I thought -- “Slience”.... The fairies are all moved into my fairy garden now; but I think I might have heard them stirring in the early morning silence... For this layout I used: SNU SS Paper Templates SNU SS Styles: Shadow Me AFT SS Antique Edges CWX Sunflower Collection and my own photos
  20. MariJ

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge 7/9/2019

    OH NOoooooo.... We’re having a sunny and warm day; I think your rain is headed here on Thursday. Imagine that, rain for a change...... ☔
  21. MariJ

    July Challenge Chase

    Tuesday Challenge 7/9 Sounds of Silence I think that’s 3 for me!
  22. MariJ

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge 7/9/2019

    I read the NL at 5am this morning and when I saw the challenge “what are you listening to right now” I thought, “silence”. But, the fairies are all moved into my Fairy Garden and I think I might have heard them stirring! Sounds of Silence
  23. MariJ


    Wow, that is great journaling and description of purple! I like how regal you made this look and your background is so pretty and textured.
  24. MariJ

    7 Months Old Hi Res

    It worked perfectly and is really awesome! It should be framed!
  25. MariJ

    Monthly challenge #3

    What a lovely photo of you, Jane and I can see how your children resemble you! Your background is beautiful and your cluster is really lovely. So are you!