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  1. Interesting month for you with lots going on, even in quarantine. I enjoyed your photos, I saw a rose-breasted grosbeak once and even got photos. I enjoyed your journaling and like the colors you used in your background.
  2. MariJ

    September ATC Swap

    I’d bet @alsoarty missed your post above! And, I think scrappers were glad you posted it here so we could see it, they didn’t mean not to post it in the gallery! After all, all the Avatars are posted all the time, anyway. It’s up to you, but it would be nice to be in your Gallery and on the MB.
  3. MariJ

    September ATC Swap

    I think you should post it, looks like everyone agreed it was ok?
  4. That’s a good one, Kelly and so true. It must have been so scary to have to be out when the rest of us were in, especially in a pharmacy. I love what you did with your card - it’s so creative too.
  5. Oh, thank you Laraine. I am so happy you were able to see it and visit, too. It was sweet we were able to meet and spend time together, it’s one of my fondest memories. My fairy garden is probably twice as big now as when you saw it.
  6. MariJ


    So cool annd very creative Debby. I love what you did here and how you showed your family. Your blending is awesome and I like the pieces you used.
  7. Oh, sweet Lucy is just too adorable and your photos are precious, Jane. I like how you made a patchwork background like the quilt she is layint on. Too cute.
  8. Oh my goodness, how cute is that and Lucy is precious and growing so big so quickly. Your photos are so sweet and I like your arrangement and background. But, Lucy steals the show.
  9. MariJ

    Pasta Salad

    I love pasta and I was thinking of pasta salad when looking for recipes and wishing I had a good one! This sounds easy to make and I really like all the cheese in it! Your card is really pretty and I like how you included a photo. I’ll be glad to have this card, carla!
  10. Last Minute Spaghetti and Shrimp
  11. This is good; you can cook the pasta completely and add already-cooked shrimp. The recipe says it is also good with chicken. For this recipe card I used: ABR Home Cooking Recipe Swap Collection BMU Bon Appetit Herbs CTA A Tour Across Europe Food
  12. Good one, Jane. At our Town Pool people are always sticking their hand out straight reminding “6 Feet”.... I like your silhouette and pretty background. Great ATC.
  13. Oh my goodness those two have really grown and it sure looks like they had an awesome time in the dirt. Your photos are adorable and this collection is perfect for your page.
  14. How cool is this. I really like what you did with the blenders and papers and blending the lights at the top gives it a real ambiance. how creative to crop your photo into the plate and even add a napkin, wow. Your title looks great and your page is superb.
  15. MariJ


    Wow, this is stunning Debbie. Your background complements you gorgeous photo so well and I really like your creative framing and masking. Good luck with your new camper.
  16. MariJ

    Family Photos

    I saw this in the NL and glad to see it larger. I can’t believe how all those Grandchildren have grown - especially the originals, wow. I remember Addy as a little one. Great photos and page to have for everyone.
  17. MariJ

    Newsletter Challenge

    I just can’t believe that Reed is this old now, I still think of him as the little baby grandson. Your photos and Reed are adorable and I really like how you used the tic-tac-toe board and how Reed is coming out of the middle.
  18. Thank you, Susie. I forgot that we, too had a curfew for awhile where only essential workers were allowed out after 8pm; it sure was quiet around here. It IS amazing that world-wide we are all experiencing the same thing. Stay safe.
  19. MariJ

    September ATC Swap

    I haven’t done an ATC in ages, but wanted to say “THANKS” to Debby for taking care of these for so long. NJ Knucklehead
  20. New Jersey has the unwanted distinction of being second only to New York with the highest number of Covid cases and deaths in the USA. We are a tiny-sized state with over 9 million residents and were in very bad shape in March, April, etc. But Governor Phil Murphy swiftly and completely closed our state down and put us in quarantine with a nightly curfew.. He has been tough and a constant in the fight against this virus - so much so that we are proud to have gone from “worst” to “first” with now having the best numbers and a very low rate of transmission. When he started carefully and slowly reopening the state, Governor Murphy talked about “knuckleheads” - people who broke the rules, had large parties, etc. In his daily briefings he even had a knucklehead hall of shame. I got those photos from the internet - the highway sign was real. For this ATC I used: LLO Homebody Value Pack SNU SS Styles Shadow Me SBA SS Styles Glitter EBA ATC Borders Internet Photos
  21. MariJ

    September ATC Swap

    I'm fine with it Kelly - good idea for an ATC. Whoever heard of Zoom before this?
  22. Hi Clarisa, If you click on “edit” under your post it will open up your comment. Double click on the photo and a box will come up that’s labeled “Image”. You should change the number under “size” - you can experiment with how large or small you want it. When finished, be sure to “Save” the post. Hope that makes sense and works for you.
  23. Oh my goodness, this is amazing. What a cool idea - a cupcake ATM. I like your photos and your blended background is really awesome.
  24. Scout is so cute and those two look good snuggling together. I like your use of white space and your border and cluster looks great.
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