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    This is lovely and I agree with Kelly, it has a mystical feel to it. I like your soft blending...
  2. A few years ago Jody introduced me to the Australian Christmas song, “Six White Boomers”. The story goes that since Christmas comes in the middle of summer in Australia it’s too hot for Santa’s reindeer so his sleigh is pulled by 6 white boomers (kangaroos). Jody had me listen to the song and she created a CT layout about it. And being Jody it didn’t faze her when she couldn’t find white boomer embellishments, she just made her own out of white flowers! You can see her layout HERE and listen to a YouTube version of the song HERE, (skip the ad after a few seconds). Since I’ve already made a few layouts in previous years about my favorite Christmas song, when I saw this collection I immediately thought of Jody and had to create a page about it. It’s a really catchy tune and is now running through my head. For this layout I used: SNU SS Styles: Shadow Me Carin Grobe Design: Six White Boomers
  3. MariJ

    Angels We Have Heard on High

    Such a pretty page. Organ pipes are so beautiful and you used your photos well here.
  4. MariJ

    Silent Night

    Beautiful page. I’ve always wanted to see a live Nativity, but they’ve always been outside and freezing cold! I like how you centered and the photo and surrounded it with a glittered circle.
  5. MariJ

    Perfectly Imperfect

    This is so cool and I really like your sentiments, plus it’s wonderful seeing you! You put this together so beautifully and I love how you used pattern and color together so effectively. Your OOB work and hat is awesome. Now I need to go check out the Club...
  6. MariJ

    Holiday BINGO

    Heehee, Me too Andrea - I often do that when picking winners!
  7. MariJ

    Newsletter Challenge Dec 3

    Oh, this is a lovely photo for the song and and I really like the gorgeous reflection in it - so clear! I like the colors you used around it and your clusters are really beautiful.
  8. MariJ

    Stille Nacht

    SO elegant and beautiful Marie and your page is so festive. I like how you used the German version of Silent Night.
  9. MariJ

    I'll Be Home For Christmas

    Kelly this is really gorgeous and so delicate and elegant at the same time. Your blending id beautiful and I love the colors you used and the house peeking out of the bottomw. Lovely, lovely work!
  10. MariJ

    Newletters Challenge `12/3

    Since I’ve already scrapped my favorite Christmas Carol a few times other years I decided to do one about an Australian Christmas song Jody introduced me to. Six White Boomers
  11. Here’s a photo of Jody’s layout if you don’t want to use Jody’s link. My paper already had the song written on it, Jody typed it all herself! I created mine myself, then went looking for Jody’s; funny they look somewhat alike.
  12. MariJ

    #12_sugar and spice

    Jane, this is magical and so creative! Your photo looks professional and is so festive and beautiful and I really like how you let us peek into this lovely scene with your framing. Wonderful addition of emellishments and Christmas decorations, this is really wonderful!
  13. Amazon has PSE for $55.99 + a $10 Gift Certificate, but for today only! Look HERE.  Anyone have experience using this version? I’m tempted!

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    2. MariJ


      Oh wow - so the price has gone up since this morning, I was afraid of that.   Still I guess with the $10 GC it’s only $59.00.   I’ll keep watch on it.

    3. LindaH57


      Hi Marilyn, I just saw your post…don’t know if this helps but this is what some of the upgrades are and what I thought about them. I have been using PSE 2020 for about two months. I upgraded after I got my laptop back in October. So far, no problems with my system or any upgrades from Microsoft since I installed it.

      GUIDED MODE Upgrades


      I found this easy to use and required less steps than earlier versions.


      This is a fun new edit that might catch your eye.


      If you do a lot of portrait work, this feature alone might be worth the upgrade.

      EXPERT MODE Upgrades

      FILE - ORDER PRINTS - FUJIFILM Prints & Gifts

      You can place an order for prints straight from inside Elements.


      If you have a lot of black and white photos and you just want to quickly add color and you are not picky about accuracy, this would be a great feature.


      This new feature is probably my favorite. It is accurate, and it can save you time.


      You can achieve the same results in earlier versions.

    4. MariJ


      20 minutes ago, LindaH57 said:

      Hi Marilyn, I just saw your post…don’t know if this helps but this is what some of the upgrades are and what I thought about them. I have been using PSE 2020 for about two months. I upgraded after I got my laptop back in October. So far, no problems with my system or any upgrades from Microsoft since I installed it.

      Linda, thanks SO much for typing this all out and sharing such great information, it’s very helpful!  It sounds like PSE 20 is good and I’m happy to hear you haven’t had any problems and although I have a Mac, but hopefully that won’t be an issue.    I’m glad to know you have this version for when I start to install and use it.  Last time I upgraded Jody walked me through the whole thing, I might call on you for advice when I decide to install.    :D  THANKS again!  :) 

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  14. MariJ

    # 3 favourite movie

    Sounds lovely and your layout made me smile remembering how my Mom loved this movie and would watch it (or play it for anyone) any chance she got! Your layout is really elegant and the colors you used really enhance your photo.
  15. MariJ

    6 Letter Words

    surely next word starts with “y"
  16. MariJ

    Smash Cake

    Such adorable photos and I love the look of delight on the last one! Your “messy” background is perfect for this page and I like your title too. My little neighbor just turned one - I’d never heard of a smash cake before that.
  17. MariJ

    #7 something red

    What gorgeous flowers and centerpiece and I like how you blended and used the photoframed on your page. The red title and green border looks lovely, too.
  18. MariJ

    Let It Snow

    This is lovely! I like your phtos and brushwork and the soft colors you used, the yellow really brings out the golden maple leaves.
  19. MariJ


    Lana looks so beautiful and your photo is gorgeous! I like your background and the elegant flowers, too.
  20. MariJ

    Project 2019_ front cover

    What a great cover you made for your book, your son is going to love it! I really like the way you used the arrows and dots - they sure do depict so well all the traveling around.
  21. MariJ

    December to Remember Week 1

    I love your bird photos and these are SO cool! I really like your painted background and beautiful embellishments and that Santa bird and heart on top are adorable. Really lovely page.
  22. MariJ

    Feeding Jimmie

    Reed is so BIG now! I love your photos and creative framing and how you used the arrow. And, wow - that’s a pretty tame turtle!
  23. MariJ

    #24_Tis the season

    Wow, your photo is awesome and I love your seamless background blending and the paper you chose. The bokeh effect and sunrays are really striking!
  24. MariJ

    Feeding Elmo

    He is so sweet and your photos are adorable! I like how you arranged your pics and the border around your page, but that little guy sure steals the show!
  25. This is my Mom’s Pumpkin Cheese Pie, a Holiday favorite. There’s cheesecake on the bottom, pumpkin on top and it’s so yummy! I love this card because it’s my Auntie Sue’s typing and my Mom’s (Dee) recipe. I took a photo of the card and blended it into my background. For this recipe card I used: SNU SS Styles Shadow Me VJS Autumnal Equinox & Solids