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  1. MariJ

    SS Challenge/Chat

    What great family photos, Conda and it looks like a wonderful time together! I like your word art and journalind and your blended background is really pretty!
  2. MariJ

    SS-Products Challenge

    This little guy has gotten SO big - he’s not a baby anymore and he’s cuter than ever! I love that big smile and your photos are awesome. Cool background too.
  3. MariJ

    DSD - Tools

    Ooohhh, this is pretty and your photos are awesome! Such pretty Lilies and that turle is cute! I like your background and titles, too.
  4. MariJ

    DSD - ScrapSimple

    This is so pretty and your photo and the rose is gorgeous. I like you title and all the work behind your background. You use those linen papers so well!
  5. MariJ

    Sleeping Sitting Up

    It’s so funny when little ones fall asleep sitting up or even in their dinner! I like the different colored strops and titles you used, it all looks great!
  6. MariJ

    Better Together

    What a cutie and love those smiles! I like your cluster and background and the way you cropped and framed your photo off-kilter.
  7. MariJ

    DSD_Tool Time Challenge

    Oh, this is lovely Jane and the action on your photo really looks sawesome. Such a pretty page!
  8. MariJ

    DSD_SS Chat and challenge

    Such a cute photo, it’s fun seeing your children as little ones! I like your blending and masking and the embelishments you used are great. I laughed at your title!
  9. MariJ

    DSD 2019 - Blending Challenge

    Your blending looks great and I Like how you used the different circles as frames.
  10. MariJ

    DSD_Inspiration chat

    Wow, that really looks so yummy and pretty, too! Your photos are awesome and I like how you used the triangles and different patterns and colors on your page.
  11. Happy Digital Scrapbook Day, ScrapGirls!  So sorry to miss the fun, I’m off to “Hoosier Hysteria”,  Indiana University’s  annual Men & Women’s opening practice and kick-off to their Basketball Seasons, an all day event!  🏀

    1. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      We'll miss you! 

    2. Smiles


      I remember Hoosier Hysteria!  Say hello to Bloomington for me!

    3. beatricemi


      I missed it too. I took 3 of my DGS(s) to Fall Fun day at our park. I think it's always the same day as DSD.

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  12. MariJ

    Font challenge

    So pretty Andrea!
  13. MariJ

    prompt #1

    So nice to have those writings even if the photos aren’t perfect. I like your scribbled background and the colored pencil embellishments and the little owl is so cute.
  14. MariJ

    prompt #10

    Great photo and I really like your background and blending - you are a master at that! I like how you used the arrow and tag and the string really adds movement to your page.
  15. MariJ

    Black ATC - andrea

    So creative, Andrea!
  16. MariJ

    Drool Factory

    So true about photos, but that sweet face is adorale in any case! I like all the colors you used on this happy page and your title looks awesome.
  17. MariJ

    Honeymoon in Hawaii

    CONGRATULATIONS! To your son and all, that’s a happy event! Your photo is beautiful and I really like your framing and gorgeous background. Your masking looks great!
  18. MariJ

    October recipe swap

    I like making bread and this sounds so easy and yummy. I like the colors you used here, they look really great.
  19. MariJ

    October ATC

    This is great, Jane and so graphic it needs no words!
  20. MariJ

    Morning Gymnastics

    This is so pretty! I like the different textures and patterns you used, they look great.
  21. MariJ


    That really looks amazing and I like the colors! I also really like the backgrounds and blending you used, it looks like paint too!
  22. MariJ


    He really is adorable and so is your page. I like the patterns you used so well and your photo is so sweet!
  23. MariJ

    prompt #2

    Gosh, that’s amazing, right on his knee! I like your blending and title - this is really an awesome page, Jane!
  24. MariJ

    prompt #4

    Wow, this is gorgeous Jane and for sure, years fly by. Beautiful photo and lovely blending and embellishments, this should be framed!
  25. MariJ


    Such a sweet photo and gorgeous page. I like the glittlered title and your extraction is awesome. And, now I am singing the song! 🎵