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    That’s a gorgeous sunset and I love the backgrounds and colors you used which compliment it so well! Your photo is beautiful and I enjoyed your journaling. I really like your scalloped borders, they reminded me of waves.
  2. MariJ


    Wonderful photo and journaling and I like the gold touches to your page. Your title looks great, too!
  3. MariJ


    Haha, made me laugh Debby and that’s SO true - I agree! I like how you put this torgether.
  4. MariJ


    Great iea and your cards are wonderful. I like the art doll/you you are using and the soft feel to your page.
  5. MariJ

    Project Life 2020 Week 2 - Happiness Is

    I love your title and your page looks great! I really like the colors you used and your photos are awesome, especially Ken and his new tool - he sure does look happy. I enjoyed your journaling and your cluster looks good too.
  6. MariJ

    Project Life, Week51, 2019

    It looks like a festive and fun-filled week and as always you documented it so beautifully. I really like the sting of lights across the top and your photos are wonderful. That’s a great one of you and Dave and after seeing your daughter through the years when I first looked at the pic I could see the strong resemblance to her Dad! Your slippers are a riot and sure do look like Ivy; the real one looks so celebratory and happy in her Christmas outfit! I’ve so enjoyed reading about your weeks this year and you do a lovely job with your pages. Thanks for including the journaling in your notes, with my little screen I often have a hard time reading it on layouts. You finished, yay! Happy New Year, Becky! 🎉
  7. MariJ

    Newsletter Challenge

    Wow that’s a gorgeous sunset and photos and I really like the background your chose. That must have been stunning to see.
  8. MariJ

    Cabin View PL20-3

    That does sound quite treacherous, but the view must have been magnificent. I really like the creative way you scrapped your title and the wooden background you used.
  9. MariJ


    This is gorgeous Debby, your page glows! Your photo is stunning and I love the background and pieces you used and your word art is awesome. The way you used the filmstrip is so creative and looks beautiful. You really outdid yourself on this one!
  10. MariJ

    goosie Slow cooker Ham and Bean Soup

    Pretty recipe card; I like thefestive border and that cute little snowman! Your recipe sounds good, too!
  11. MariJ

    goosie Slow cooker Ham and Bean Soup Instructions

    Pretty recipe card; I like the border and that cute little snowman!
  12. MariJ

    WWJan11_Ken's Goals

    Oh, my goodness, you and Ken will have a beautiful backyard and already there’s a good start! I like your photo and can’t wait to see the pond finished. You layout is awesome and I really like the colors and pieces you used.
  13. MariJ

    11/1/20 - Title challenge

    So sad to say goodbye; but look at those grown up good-looking guys! Your photo is wonderful and I like the simplistic feel to your page, yet you put a lot of cool pieces on it. I especially like your sky-colored background with the word are in the middle - it looks great! Your title is awesome too.
  14. MariJ


    How in the world, indeed, it sounds like you are in for a wonderful year and off to a great start! I enjoyed your journaling and like the soft feel to your page. And, it’s so nice seeing you, too!
  15. MariJ

    PL 2019 Week 19

    They sure are cuties pies and with each of your layours I marvel at how grown up they look now! Your photos are awesome and did a wonderflu job of chronicling this week. I enjoyed looking through this!
  16. MariJ

    Chicken Rice Bowl

    I always think of my Mom when I hear pressure cooker but hers wasn’t electric! Your recipe sounds easy and I like that it includes beans. Your card is really pretty and I like the border and especially the title font you used. Very cool to have included the chinese “delicious”, too! So good to see you, Betty.
  17. MariJ

    January 2020 Monthly Challenges

    January Monthly Challenge #2 - Christmas Merry Mouse
  18. MariJ

    January 2020 Challenge Chase

    January Monthly Challenge #2 Christmas Merry Mouse That’s four for me now!
  19. MariJ

    01-11_title Challenge

    Another adorable face and she is getting so big now too! I like the colors you used to match with her shirt and the cluster behind looks great. That face made me smile!
  20. MariJ

    Cozy Christmas PJ's

    Your PJ’s are so festive and your photo is wonderful! I like your framing nad the background your chose, it’s all so pretty!
  21. MariJ

    Weekend challenge

    Jane this is gorgeous - so many beautiful parts of this layout to like! Your ornament and photo is so pretty and I like how you masked and framed it. I also reallylike your background and how you blended your tree and the ornament into it and added some twinkles - it looks so pretty! Your title is so festive and Christmasy too! I love this page!
  22. MariJ

    Winter Woodland

    Such a pretty page and the animals are so cute! I like your background and the pops of lavendar look really good.
  23. MariJ


    What a happy page and your photos are awesome. I’m so glad you have photos of you popping the confetti and it coming down, how exciting that must have been! Your page is so pretty and I like all the pink and confetti-type background. You’re off to a wonderful start to a book for that sweet baby Granddaughter. 👶
  24. MariJ

    January 2020 Recipe Swap

    Here’s one from me! Best Slow Cooker Macaroni and Cheese
  25. MariJ

    Jan 2020 Recipe-A

    So pretty and great recipe, Andrea! I like that you included a photo, too.