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    This is GREAT and very pretty, too. I love how you put this all together, Kelly - it’s awesome!
  2. MariJ

    Enjoy It All.jpg

    VERY cool fireworks and photos, this is great!
  3. MariJ


    Wow! I’m loving all your wedding layouts but this one is exceptional. Gorgeous bride and page! What a lovely and special book she will have.
  4. MariJ

    Wedding Unity Candle

    This is lovely and so elegant and touching. Your photo is gorgeous and I like how beautifully you framed it.
  5. MariJ


    It looks like such a fun time and your layout is so celebratory. I like the Patriotic look to your page. Happy 4th!
  6. MariJ


    Your photos are lovely and the bride is beautiful. I like how you arranged them like on a scrapbook page and your framing looks great.
  7. MariJ

    Monthly Challenge #1

    This is adorable and your photo made me smile! I really like the scene and background you created - this is so cool Jane.
  8. MariJ

    Hello fromSouth Carolina

    Welcome to ScrapGirls, Thelma, it’s nice to meet you. What a great idea to travel with digital scrapping, I hope to see your creations. We’re a friendly and helpful group so don’t hesitate to ask questions.
  9. MariJ


    This is so beautiful and I like your photo treatment and background blending, it’s lovely.
  10. MariJ


    Your garden is so pretty and your photos are wonderful. I like your background and your quote is lovely.
  11. MariJ

    purple heart

    Great card, Andrea and I like the purple hearts.
  12. This sounds good - the salad and the prawns and the dressing sounds yummy. Pretty card, Jane.
  13. MariJ

    6L Austalia Photo Book

    Continuing along my travels, here is the first page of Sydney>Adelaide. I know I will be redoing this, just can’t quite get it right. For this layout I used: SRO Get Away Paper ViVa Australiana BMU Travel Journal Biggie and mine and Jody’s photos
  14. MariJ

    Newsletter Challenge

    What a great photo and page and Tyler is looking so grown up! I like the paper you used and how you created your title.
  15. MariJ

    Project Life_June 2019 pg 4

    Pretty page, Jane and I liked looking through all your photos. I just this year discovered Monopoly Deal with the little school boy I spend time with. It’s a quick way to play the game!
  16. MariJ

    Project Life_June 2019 pg 3

    I’m so sorry you are having trying times, Jane but pleased you have friends and family around. Emilie is sitting so nicely for her first haircut and she and Emma are growing so big. I like how you used the patterned paper as your border, it looks great.
  17. MariJ

    July 2019 Recipe Swap

    Ohhhhh... I don’t envy that or miss the cold here now Jane. I was thinking that - no outside eating for you Down-Unders! We, however are in full summer and a heat-wave currently. Stay warm.
  18. MariJ

    6L Austalia Photo Book

    Thank you Jane! Yes, it was beautiful flying into Sydney, I loved all the water. But, it is about a 7 hour drive to Adelaide so Jody wasn’t there. This page shows me flying from Sydney>Adelaide where Callan, Jody and her friend Jodie were waiting. I was so excited on this flight thinking that Jody was on the other end. Yes, it is difficult making these pages; yesterday 7/2 was her birthday so I was remembering it all again.
  19. MariJ

    July 2019 Recipe Swap

    Oh fun topic, I am thinking about purple for ATC’s and outdoor eating for Recipe Swap. Hmmmmmmm..... Purple grilled potatoes? Purple cabbage salad? Any ideas???
  20. MariJ

    June 2019 Recipe Swap

    Conda, no rush ever; thank you for organizing and getting the cards to us each month! I saw I had the recipe link email but haven’t opened it yet. Thank you!
  21. MariJ

    July ATC_purple_#2

    Very cool Jane, I always liked mixing colors and was intrigued by it all as a child so I enjoyed this ATC. I always liked that collection by Valerie, too.
  22. MariJ

    love you piper is 1.jpg

    Piper is so cute and so is your photo. I like your background and embellishments.
  23. MariJ

    Project Life Week 22, 2019

    Ohhhh.. Becky I am so sorry to hear this news of your Mom. How sad, but a blessing that she is able to participate in her life decisions. It is a hard time and I know more time has passed since then. I hope it has gone as ‘easily’ for all as can be expected. Thinking of you...
  24. MariJ

    July ATC - Purple

    I really like that quote - as much as I like purple. Your blending and background is lovely.
  25. MariJ


    Oh my goodness, I am enjoying the photos of these two cuties and it’s like they are movie stars in their own pages! Your photo (& Merry & William) are adorable and I really like your patriotic page. Happy Birthday to both of them!