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  1. Cindy Rohrbough has "Feeling Thankful Collection" and Word Art
  2. MariJ

    July Recipe Swap 2016

    I'm still looking through my Mom's recipe box but right now I am falling asleep, ZZZZzzzzzzzzz.....
  3. MariJ

    The eternity...

    Beautiful blending and page. I like how soft it is.
  4. Your strawberry painting is awesome and your page is so pretty.
  5. Wow, that food looks yummy for sure and I like how you showed us the menu. Great photos and super extractions.
  6. How pretty and for sure this collection looks made for your page! Your photos and extractions are wonderful and I like how creatively you used the brochure in your page.
  7. MariJ

    Handsome boy

    He sure is handsome and your photo and framing look great! Beautiful blending and wonderful use of this collection.
  8. MariJ

    Little men

    Such a sweet photo and I love how you put your background together and the colors you used, looks great!
  9. MariJ

    July 26 NL Challenge

    Oh she looks so sweet and so proud of herself! I love how her red/white & blue tie dyed shirt matches with your patriotic background, which is full of fun and celebration. It looks like a great time and event! Great page.
  10. MariJ

    July 25th Winners

    Congratulations to this week's Weekly Winners! Weekly Layout Winner: Through the Window by Ande43 Weekly Challenge Winner: NEWs july 19 by barbaraj To claim your prize send an email to prizes@scrapgirls.com Want a chance to win Scrap Girls’ Weekly Layout Contest? Simply post your digital or paper layouts that use Scrap Girls products in our online Gallery; if we choose yours, you’ll win a prize! To be considered, don’t forget to list the Scrap Girls products that you used in your layout.
  11. MariJ

    July Slow Scrap3 Beautiful Sadie Mae

    What a beautiful girl she is and your photos and framing are great, Betty! I really like your background and your word art and descriptions are super.
  12. MariJ

    July 23 Weekend Challenge

    Very cool and very tropical! I love your bird photos and your background looks great behind, them. Of course, it's always nice to see Florida Granny on there too.
  13. MariJ


    Are those your little guys/Grands? They're so cute and so big and the photos are adorable and their smiles so precious, Laraine! I really like all the blues you used and especially the xoxo.
  14. My cousin's little guy waits for summer when he's allowed to grow a Mohawk. He's a honey. . For this layout I used: SNU DLO Templates Shape it Up CRO Sea Life's Beauty Word Art BMU Menagerie Colledtion Biggie TYO Zoo Time Paper AFT Assorted Decorative Edges and my own photos
  15. MariJ


    Wow this is gorgeous and I love your photo and most especially your photo treatment. Great use of white space and embellishments this is beautiful!
  16. MariJ

    July Recipe Swap 2016

    Here's another - Sweet-Sour Chicken
  17. MariJ


    Awwww... Such a sweet photo and they all are growing so big! You must smile each time you see this.
  18. MariJ

    Rain Wear -- Slow Scrap #3

    Oh, poor Carol but I love your new raincoat and your page is great! Very pretty framing and I love all the rain-related embellishments you used.
  19. MariJ

    slow scrap_week 3

    SO cool Jane - I saw those birds in Australia and have photos of them sitting in the trees, too! Seemed I was the only one excited but I was. Your background is beautiful and I like how you added the greenery. Very creative how you placed your journaling and your colors are lovely.
  20. MariJ

    Slow Scrap LO3

    It all looks beautiful and yummy too Marie! I like how soft your page is and your brushwork looks great. Your framing and background is really pretty.
  21. MariJ

    Manhattan NY

    Such beautiful shots of NYC - you portrayed it so well and I like the perspective on the Freedom Tower. I like how you arranged your photos and your background and colors used look awesome.
  22. MariJ

    AnnBK Creamy Tuscan Garlic Chicken

    Sounds yummy and easy and your card is so pretty.
  23. MariJ


    Wow, well that is for sure a gorgeous timeline page. I love seeing your beautiful mountains and your photos are stunning.
  24. MariJ

    ST Slow Scrap Layout 3 Web

    This is so sweet Belle and Nikki as always is adorable. I loved your journaling and story, how cute! I really like all the pink you used and how cool to have Nikki's name designed just for her!
  25. MariJ

    July Slow Scrap 2016 LO3

    Oh this is gorgeous Laraine and one place I wish I'd been able to visit in Australia - even if I did fly over it. Your photos are beautiful and brought me back to the stunning Australian water all over. I love your blending and framing and your background is really pretty.