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    I love how you put this together and your photos are awesome. I actually have those templates; you used them so well.
  2. Pretty new Siggie, I like your cluster.
  3. MariJ


    Oh my goodness, Jane - this is awesome! Your photo is stunning and your masking/framing is perfect and your background is amazing. You are a Master at backgrounds and blending and this one is beyond gorgeous and is just right for your layout. WOW.
  4. MariJ


    What a great page showing your change in adventures and I loved seeing your new wheels. Your photos and blending is awesome and I like your title and the grungy feel to your page. Best of luck and safe travels.
  5. Another from my Mom’s recipe box: Mom’s Cream Cheese Pound Cake
  6. This is really good; I recall my Mom used about a cup of floured blueberries in this cake. The handwriting is hers from her recipe box. For this recipe I used: CR Whats Cookin SNU SS Styles Shadow Me BMU Shabby Bakery - Blueberry
  7. MariJ

    Mama's Oven Meatballs

    This looks so easy to make and looks like it would be a favorite for meatball lovers. Your card is so bright and I like how you included a photo. Take care, Becky.
  8. From my Mom’s recipe box, but actually Grandma Saxe’s recipe. Mom Saxe’s Nut Cake
  9. Another from my Mom’s recipe box; it’s actually Grandma Saxe’s recipe and I remember this was very good. This is my Mom’s actual card and typing I blended into the background; the staple is real, although I’m not sure why it’s there. For this recipe card I used: LLO Homebody Collection SNU SS Styles: Shadow Me
  10. Go Becky! I hope you do well - good luck.
  11. My August Project Life layout for my Corona Virus 2020 Album Covid Crochet
  12. My August Project Life layout for my Corona Virus 2020 Album Covid Crochet
  13. Sorry to repost, had to fix error. I’ve been working on this layout all month and not happy with the colors and photos, but right now it’s the best I can do. Journaling reads: “When NJ went into quarantine in March I was mostly inside and looking for things to do. So, I pulled out a few crochet baby blankets that I had started and finished them. I began a round one but then decided to make a rainbow blanket for a soon-to-be-born rainbow baby. When the blanket was finished I packaged it in a big ziplock but wasn’t able to go to the Post Office because of the Pandemic. Finally in May I stuffed it into the PO birthday box Judi had sent, paid for it online and my postman picked it up. Baby Margot was born in early April but with the virus now raging in Indiana no one was allowed to see her. Judi finally got to meet her in late July when she was almost 4 months old and sent me this photo. Margot looks delighted with her blanket and unknowingly her outfit even matched! Now to finish the next blanket...” For this layout I used: LLO Homebody Value Pack SNU SS Styles Shadow Me KVE SS Styles Starburst Pastel K Pertiet Spring Fields and my own photos Font is Chunky Monkey
  14. Wow, that’s an awesome photo and your page is so pretty. I like the soft background you chose and your framing and the embellishments you added are so creative
  15. That’s a great saying and I like that little bee.
  16. MariJ

    Pine Valley Hike

    So sweet to see your Grands and as always I can’t believe how grown up they’ve become. I like how you place the photos over your gorgeous photo of Pine Valley and your backbround and photo treatment is lovely; I’m wondering what technique you used.
  17. Debby this is so cool and well done. I love Peter Pan and you created a wonderful ATC from the story.
  18. You’re welcome. I seem to recall something along those lines but either it was retired or the designer left ScrapGirls. It would be a great collection but just thinking of those rides makes me shiver, I’m sure not adventurous when it comes to amusement park rides. 🤢 😱
  19. MariJ

    We are here!

    Beautiful photos and page, Marie! I like your glamorous background and you cluster is really pretty.
  20. Me too, thought for sure we had one, but can’t find anything - I’ve even looked in Designers I thought might have it but no luck. So, maybe it was retired. I don’t think this Carnival one iis what you are looking for; it’s kind of kiddish and not for thrill rides. I’m still looking..
  21. MariJ

    Married to Best Friend

    Such a sweet photo and page. I really like the colors you used and how they complement your pic. Your background is really beautiful.
  22. MariJ

    August Proj Life

    Beautiful photos and page. I like the soft feel to your layout.
  23. Yo are so cute and your photos are so sweet. I like all the pink yo used on this page.
  24. Such a gorgeous page. Your photo is beautiful and your background is amazing. I like the little pops of blue and yellow you used.
  25. Scout is so cute an so intent on looking for you. I like you masking and framing and your background is lovely.
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