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  1. Oh my so glad that Ken was ok, that is a worry for sure after all you've been through. Your page is so pretty and I love the Poppies; we use them too for fallen soldiers in WWII. Great page Anne Marie.
  2. Wow, your Grandson has really gotten so much older and he's so sweet! I enjoyed reading about your week and looking through your photos. Your crocheted creatiions are really beautiful and I like how you used crocheted embellishments, too.
  3. Pretty page and great journaling Anne Marie, I enjoyed reading about your week. YUmmmmm... I had a taste of "slice" when I was in Australia, it was really good. Your flower is beautiful.
  4. Very interesting page and photos, very cool! I like how you used a light background and your OOB work in the circle is great.
  5. I know, me too! I had to keep reading to be sure I was understanding what I thought was correctly! Hopefully so... I like seeing your sunflower again, Jean - I always know it's you when I spot it!
  6. Hi Jean From my Art Class I understand monochrome to be "one color" so from the intructions it looks like your photo and background must be black, white or gray along with one color of your choice. The one color can not be used as a main color, but only as an accent. So, it looks like you can add accent color on your paper, photo, or with embellishments but the main colors used on your page must be black, white and gray. Sorta like doing a black and white layout - and adding a few touches of color! (Now, why didn't i say it that way in the first place?)
  7. Finally! April 1 April 2 Now I need to do the layout pages and I'm finished until May rolls along all too soon!
  8. Not sure why April taken so long, but I’ve been working on it for the last few weeks with PSE open. Finally decided to give them up and call them finished! Now, I just need to get the layout pages done…. And, then it will be May! Journaling reads: “Neva is 2! My card made it to FB… Crocuses blooming… Mets Opening Day — “Play ball!”… Dinners with D&K… TIA yuck… Rachel & Jesse home… Weather warmer but still COLD… Trying to walk more… Back to Henry; cupping ouch!… Hybrid ATC puzzle piece… Remembering 2016 Australia days & wedding; sad… More nosebleeds… PT 2x week; shoulder slowly better & better… Bad Kessler bill + Dr T’s 14 months late… Apple iPod classes… Birthday Chia!… Dr Ducey is happy! Surgical report shows tear was 90%, whoa. With all he did, no wonder I was miserable so long… Cry leaving office remembering my hopeless beginning there… Pesach decorations & Seder… Fixing Rachel’s jacket… Driving more… Susan staying… 85º!… New neighbor baby James… Lori & shoulder questions… New contacts fitting… Karen here, Zach & Brian to Judi’s… Kessler bill $ -100%, tears of relief… 5th Street house… Easter lunch at the shore, Long Branch ocean & Highlands beach… Ro’s up; family house gone :(… 86º day!… Walking trails with Susan… Henry: “Liver likes being at ocean” & more cupping, ouch!… Stretching & Strengthening. Winding down PT… Matzah pizza yum!… Birds, birds & more birds… Watercolor starts… Susan & toilet fiasco, water all over!… Free NP Day@Edison & lunch with Terry & MPAC HMS Pinafore… New toilet!… Trying to grow grass… Really missing Jody; lots going on & sad, funk days… Marian Manor :(… Alison is 24!… Listen to Children Meeting, finally made it! :)… Free Pretzel day & a card for May… 6 months Post Surgery!… Last day Kessler shirt, pretzels & candy. Graduation, tears & a new TShirt! On to Home Program… Sandra’s chocolates… Mom’s ballerinas & vases… 86º day & shorts!… D&K’s dinner & ice cream!…” For this layout I used: SRO Value Pack Daily Life 8.5 x 11 AFT Brush Set Mingled Months SNU Stories We Tell ABL Feathered Friends Paper ABR I Call Her Mom Bow and my own photos
  9. Page 2 for April, whew... For this layout I used: SRO Value Pack Daily Life 8.5 x 11 AFT Brush Set Mingled Months ABL Feathered Friends Paper and my own photos
  10. MariJ


    Great journaling and what a treasure your photo is, Hilary! I enjoyed reading about who is in the pic and I like your title and ending line. Your page is so pretty and you used the colors so well.
  11. MariJ

    So beautiful

    This is so beautiful! I love what you did here and the texture you used on your page.
  12. Beautifully colorful photos and great journaling Becky, I do enjoy reading about your weeks! Love seeing the baby robins and you and Dusty in your headbands! I like the colors you used - your page is so pretty!
  13. So sorry, Dianne - I meant to come back to this thread to reread and ask you more what you meant, but I'm sure glad you got it figured out. Yay you!
  14. MariJ

    May Recipe Swap 2017

    That was the best salad I ever had! I took photos and wrote down everything he put in so I could make a recipe card.
  15. Your photos are amazing, Jo! Wow, so very cool. I like your captions, too.
  16. This is SO COOL, Jo and your (Dave's!) photos are amazing! So smart of that Momma to build her nest right in the middle of your wreath, it's like she's on display. I like how you showed us the wreath, nest, Momma, eggs and newborn babies.
  17. MariJ


    Great photo and layout Carol and sure wish that Robin would bring Spring!
  18. MariJ


    This is so pretty, Gayle! I love the elegant feel to your card and the fancy lace you framed your message with.
  19. MariJ

    May Swap Crop

    Love your photos, Diane! After the weekend calms down I'd best get started on them.
  20. Made me giggle, Marie - thanks!
  21. MariJ


    Gorgeous work, Marie and now you have a pretty calendar for this month. I love your photo and title and the background on the dated side is lovely.
  22. MariJ

    Slow Scrap Week2

    Gorgeous photos of the Gardens, Jean and I love the one of the window - so cool! Your journaling is so fully of memories, how nice you have them and new plants to remember by. I love your beautifully blended background and how you set this all up. The flower embellishment is perfect on this pretty page.
  23. Yay! Good for Hudson and glad you are back and workable for now. And, Happy Mother's Day to you, Jean.
  24. MariJ

    Kids' Zone - Left

    Your layouts always make me smile, Sue and this one is no exception. I love how everyone gets in the fun and how happy your pages are. I really like the bright colors you used and your journaling is great.
  25. MariJ

    Kids' Zone - right

    Love this and being able to see it close up! Those smiles are so precious and I can for sure see their Dads' in those little ones' faces.
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