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    October 2019 Recipe Swap

    Haha, oh no no NOOoooooo..... I am actually scrapping photos from my Australia trip in 2016. Barely get one done a month.... And, it appears I finished that, but not another recipe card. I actually spent a long time this morning erasing the lines off of one of Syndee’s Free cards; but then couldn’t get the recipe to fit or (in reality) do much more than start, so........ No more from me. 🎃 😱
  2. MariJ

    The Power of Ribbons.jpg

    Linda, this is really amazing and so inspiring and as Diane said, makes a powerful impact. I really like the messages and photos you used and the song is perfect. Your layout is a great reminder and tribute to All involved and Breast Cancer Month. I was especially touched at your adding personal and special names, including Jody. As she’d say - xx.
  3. MariJ

    October - Australia Photo Book

    This is what happened after Jody picked me up from the airport - the rest of day 1. Journaling reads: "The ride to Jody’s from the Adelaide Airport was pretty with lots of water around; I couldn’t believe I was in Australia! Later we stopped at the Jeweler’s for the wedding rings and to get takeaway dinner. It was Thursday Game night so Jody’s sister Kylie came for dinner and to meet me and Jody tried on her wedding gown. I gave the boys their gifts from Paul and after eating we all played “Go Fish” before bed.” For this layout I used: SNU SS Styles: Shadow Me AASPN Watercolor Template Album SRO Getaway Paper AFT SS Styles Every Day Glitter Value Pack AFT SS Styles Watercolor Kraft Kwiniecki Down Under Collection ViVa Australiana and my own photos
  4. MariJ


    This is so awesome and creative, Debby and that is some cool bridge. I really like your sketch and photo together and your background and the circles look really great. I like the doily in the corner, too.
  5. MariJ

    Halloween 1982

    Oh, my gosh - what great costumes and photos and they both look hilarious! What treasures your photos are and I like your title and the scary pumpkin!
  6. MariJ


    Here’s my October page - October Australia Photo Book
  7. MariJ

    Year of the Dino and ghost

    Those two are so sweet and so is your photo! I like how you framed it and your cluster is so pretty.
  8. MariJ

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge

    This is so cool - I love how you put it together!
  9. MariJ


    That looks like an amazing place and the food looks so good. Your photos are awesome and I like your title - especially the mustache!
  10. MariJ


    Cool photos and page; I like your photos and blending and those eggrolls look yummy. Amazing to make so many of them!
  11. MariJ

    First Halloween

    What a sweet little lion and I like all the pumkins on yor page!
  12. MariJ

    October 2019 Recipe Swap

    Ok. Trying to finish Oct Project Life and then get another recipe done!
  13. MariJ

    In the Neighborhood

    Very cool - spooky and SOOOoooo creative! 👻
  14. When I was visiting my sister we went to her neighbor’s to let the dog out and I saw these pretty pansies growing up through the wood chips. For this layout I used: SNU SS DLO Templates: In Stitches SNU SS Styles: Shadow Me KVE SS Styles Starburst Pastels ASO SS Styles Glitter Glows AFT SS Styles Weathered Wood AFT SS Styles Every Day Glitter CWX In the Garden Collection EBA SS Styles ATC Glitter and my own photo
  15. MariJ

    Products Used in Templates

    They used to be listed for each layout, but now I’ve noticed too that sometimes they aren’t. It would be really helpful it they would be in case you wanted to buy!
  16. MariJ

    Scrapbooking funnies....

    These all made me smile and wow - good going finding so many!
  17. MariJ

    Products Used in Templates

    That’s a good reminder because me too - a few times I was trying to see what was in a marketing layout and it wasn’t listed so I couldn’t buy it! 😱
  18. MariJ

    Prompt 3

    Wow, this is so cool and it looks like an interesting place! I like how you used the Tear it Up Action and for sure - no fun waiting! 😱 At least you can scrap about it.
  19. MariJ

    Purple Tulip

    Oh this is lovely Marie and those purple tulips and your photo are gorgeous! I really like your blending and fraing and the texture you added is so pretty. Your title is so cool and I like how it stands out from the page. Thanks for joining in the Weekend Challenge.
  20. Did you know that in its beginnings ScrapGirls was called, “The Purple Place”? All of the site’s graphics, challenge texts, etc. were pretty purples! Being a purple-lover since I was a little girl, I miss those days but no worries, we can still scrap with purple now. Today’s Weekend Challenge is in honor of “The Purple Place” and is actually box #6 on the ScrapGirls’ Anniversary Bingo card. You can find the information about Anniversary Bingo HERE. Your challenge is to “use the color purple” on your layout. You can include a photo with purple in it, purple backgrounds or purple embellishments - the sky’s the limit as long as you use purple on your page. When your layout is completed, please post it in the Anniversary Gallery and leave a comment linking your page back here in this thread AND in the Anniversary Bingo thread so it will be counted there, too. Don’t forget to comment on other layouts, too. I can’t wait to see all the purple layouts! Here’s my layout: Purple Pansies
  21. MariJ

    This Season Feeding the Goats

    Awww.... Elliot is so cute and so are your photos and his laugh made me smile! I like how you both blended and framed your pics and I like the background you chose.
  22. MariJ

    Magic of Autumn

    Oh wow - this is stunning Andread. Your photo is gorgeous and the dark background really pops it even more.
  23. MariJ

    Almond Blueberry Bread

    Oh wow - this looks so delicous and since I love almonds and blueberries, I’m sure I’d love it! Your recipe looks so easy to make and your care is really pretty. I’m glad to be getting this card and it’s so nice to see you, Betty.
  24. A close friend’s dear Mom and Aunt gave this recipe to my Mom; it's their authentic Southern Spoon Bread recipe. Since it was dictated, I tried to keep the same words as my Mom’s recipe card. This is SO yummy, try it! It’s more like a custard/pudding than actual bread -- you really DO eat this bread with a spoon!, but it’s firm, too. I never put the butter on top! For this recipe card I used: BVA SS DLO Album: 4x6 Recipe Cards LLO Artful Autumn Value Pack SNU SS Styles Shadow Me
  25. MariJ

    Oct 2019 SG Recipe Swap: Bread - Spoon Bread

    Oh, it really IS Bea. I hadn’t made it in awhile but did last Thanksgiving and I just wanted to keep eating it! It’s SOOOOooo good. 😋