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    What a great idea for a black ATC! I remember loving that book as a little girl. I like how you put this together Debby and your photo is really lovely.
  2. MariJ

    Found the Gown

    I agree with Andrea! She looks like she would be beautiful in any dress but I’m glad she found the “One”. I like how you arranged your photos and the pretty background you chose.
  3. MariJ

    Baby Feet

    Awwww... That’s so true and your photo is so sweet too.
  4. MariJ


    Oh my goodness, this is so cute and your photos are really adorable! I really like your background and the pieces you used on this page.
  5. MariJ

    Baby is Everything

    Awwwwww... This is so sweet and your photos are precious. Lovely page.
  6. MariJ

    Baby Family Circle

    Sweet photo and page. I really like how you used the circles and the different patterns and papers you used.
  7. Can you see the writing on the wall? Well, actually it’s on your layout! Today’s Weekend Challenge is about handwriting and is actually box #1 on the ScrapGirls’ Anniversary Bingo card. You can find the information about Anniversary Bingo HERE. Your Challenge is to use handwriting on your layout; for example you can use a scanned letter or recipe card, child’s artwork or writing, a signature, diary page, etc. Be creative! When your layout is completed, please post it in the Anniversary Gallery and leave a post back here in this thread AND in the Anniversary Bingo thread so it will be counted there, too. I can’t wait to see what you create! *** Don’t forget to comment on other layouts, too. ScrapGirls’ 15th Anniversary Party starts next week with lots of fun and games, it’s so exciting! Hope to see everyone there. Here’s my layout: Juliet and Auntie Dee Tea
  8. MariJ

    Project 2019

    Beautiful photos and gorgeous blending Jane. This is really pretty! I like the font you used on your title.
  9. MariJ

    Project 2019

    Oh dear, that’s an awful experience to have a car broken into, I’m glad that nothing of value was taken! Lovely phoo of the bridge and I like how you used it large on your page.
  10. How cool to have a fairy version of the game and how nice that your Grandchildren love playing board games! Your photo is so sweet and I like all the purple you used on this page. Your flair looks great!
  11. MariJ

    Status Update??

    Oh! Sorry, silly me - of course! I’ll email April, maybe she has an idea - she’s good at this kind of thing!
  12. I loved your page then and still do now! Great layout Mikelle.
  13. MariJ

    September Challenge Chase

    Glad to see you back and for sure 3 is more than not 3! Hope to see more of your lovely pages when you can scrap!
  14. Beautiful photo and treatment and I like the texture you used. SO creative to use your journaling to list the contrasts in this city and it’s so interesting to read about it. Your blending and cluster is lovely.
  15. Oh my goodness, these Santa Claus letters are so precious Debby, how cool that you still have them! I love the “kiss kiss hug hug” - how funny little kids are! I like how you arranged them on your festive page and the Christmas embellishments you used. I’ll bet your kids and grandkids love these! Thanks for joining in the Weekend Challenge.
  16. My Goddaughter Juliet wrote this essay when she was 8 years old about the greatest gift she received. Auntie Dee was her great-aunt and my own Mom so it’s an especially sweet memory for me and I smile when I see those photos. Journaling reads” “Auntie Dee loved tea and was deliighted to give Juliet her first tea set. Right before she turned 2 they had a tea party together. Juliet wrote this when she was 8, not realizing that she and Auntie Dee already had a tea party!.” For this layout I used: SNU SS Styles: Shadow Me BMU SS DLO Templates: Grunge Block AMD Value Pack Afternoon Tea EHI Patisserie Collection AMD Celebration Time and my own photos
  17. MariJ

    Status Update??

    Also make sure you are signed into ScrapGirls! 😊
  18. MariJ

    Status Update??

    Hi Rose-Ann! Right at the top-right of the Forum you should see this - You would type in the “What’s on your mind?” Box. Click there and the type should come up! Let us know if that works, I’m on my way out but will check later.
  19. Anne Marie, this is gorgeous! Jasmine’s post card is precious and her note, handwriting and drawings are priceless. So amazing that she even wrote out your address and it was delivered! I like the background you chose and how you showed us the front and back of the postcard and of course, beautiful Jasmine herself. Your cluster is lovely and I really enjoyed your journaling. Thanks for joining in the Weekend Challenge.
  20. MariJ

    newsletter challenge

    How’d I miss this, it’s so cute and so is little Scout! I really like your title and background, especially the part with the bones!
  21. MariJ

    Newsletter 8Oct - Ken in his Folly

    Wow, Ken is so talented and his pavilion and the table and benches are awesome. Your photo is great and I like how you showed us Ken’s Folly being used! It all looks so peaceful and the papers you chose and blended so beautifully really add to this lovely page.
  22. MariJ

    prompt #25

    What a sweet photo of Scout and Shell, they sure get on so well! I like your masking and framing and the backgrounds you chose are really pretty and go so well on your page.
  23. MariJ

    Cindy Siggie 2019.jpg

    Pretty new Siggy, Cindy!
  24. Thank you Anne Marie. Juliet’s Mom took a photo of the letter back then and emailed it to me to see. I placed a copy on my layout, duplicated it and changed that copy to “darken” blend mode. I smile every time I see these photos of Juliet with my Mom.
  25. MariJ


    This is beautiful Geraldine and the black background really shows off that gorgeous flower. I like your quote, too!