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  1. 🎄 Now that Bingo is over, the next December game is Pick-A-Gift. There will be two rounds of this game. Round 1 will run from today (Tuesday, December 10th) through Friday, December 13th. Winners will be announced on 12/14. Round 2 will start on Saturday, December 14th and run through Monday, December 16th. Winners will be announced on 12/17. Each board is hiding several $2, $3 and one lucky $20 spot and prize. The Rules: To play, call out a number here in the thread, only 1 number per member per game, please. Each number can only be used 1 time. GOOD LUCK and start picking! Look for the board in the next post!
  2. MariJ

    Pick-A-Gift: December Game

    Hi Anne Marie - #3 was already chosen, so you can pick another. It’s my favorite number and your first pick was my Mom’s favorite!
  3. MariJ

    December ATC Swap

    Thanks, Debby! This time it was Anne-Marie, she always finds the best videos, but she’s right, it didn’t work with my PSE.
  4. MariJ

    PL 2019 Week 13

    Great page documenting a busy week! It’s probably hard to believe now you’re all moved and settled in. Amazing amount of bath toys, wowie. I like how happy and full of fun your pages and family are.
  5. MariJ

    PL 2019 Week 12

    What a beautiful page in so many ways! Your photos and family are gorgeous and it is so hard o believe that your girls are looking so grown up. The bluebell field is lovely, I sure like all the purple!
  6. Check out the Pick-A-Gift thread HERE!

  7. MariJ

    Project Life, Week 42, 2019

    Me too, enjoy reading about your weeks! And, I too know how hard it is to watch someone slipping away, but in some ways it’s an honor, too. Ivy makes me laugh and so happy your hand is coming along. Hopefully right now it’s “all better!”.
  8. MariJ

    Pick-A-Gift: December Game

    There are still 10 spaces left unpicked! SOOOooooooo............ Until tomorrow’s winner reveal, each MEMBER can pick another number!!! Only one extra pick per MEMBER please to the first who respond! 🎄
  9. MariJ

    Happy Season.jpg

    What a cute photo and adorable expressino! Your framing and the pretty wreath are so creative and I like how this looks on the wooden background.
  10. MariJ

    Winter Sledding Memories

    What a great photo to have! I like your blended background, it looks like a painting!
  11. MariJ


    Oh, he is so adorable and I love the hat and happy smile! I like your blended background and the icicles and your title is really cool!
  12. Don’t forget you have until Friday to play Pick-A-Gift and maybe win a prize!  🎄

  13. MariJ

    #10_Joy is.....

    Oh my goodness, that is such a precious photo and you can see how those two are best buddies! I like your masking and blending and your background is really awesome. This page made me smile!
  14. MariJ

    Shine layout

    This is so pretty Andrea and I really like how your page shines and sparkles! Your photo is lovely and I really like the pieces you used behind it. Your cluster is awesome, too! Thanks for joining in the Tuesday Challenge. 🎄
  15. MariJ

    Merry Christmas

    OOOHhhh, this is so pretty! I love how elegand and sparrkly your page is and your photo is really lovely. I especially like your framing and the background you used. Thanks for joining in the Tuesday Challenge. 🎄
  16. MariJ

    Tues 12-10 NL Challenge - Sparkle

    I smiled when I read your journaling remember how you’ve always been so drawn to sparkle and pretty things! Your layout is too and the tree and your photo is beautiful! I like the colors you used and your background is lovely. Thanks for joining in the Tuesday Challenge. 🎄
  17. MariJ

    Tuesday Challenge 12/10/19

    Christmas 🎄 is all about lots of sparkle and shine and that’s today’s challenge. Maybe it’s the pretty shiny Holiday wrapping paper or tinsel and lights on the tree or the excitement in a child’s eyes. However you view it, let’s see your version of sparkly and shiny on your layout. When you are finished, please post your page in the Tuesday Challenge Gallery. I can’t wait to see it all lit up! Don’t forget to come back and post a link to your page here in this thread and remember to leave comments on other layouts, too. Here’s my LAYOUT: Lights for Mom
  18. MariJ

    Tuesday Challenge 12/10/19

    I’m loving all the glitter and sparkling in the Gallery!
  19. MariJ

    Tuesday Challenge 12/10/19

    Me too, Jane. I just love lights, somehow they brighten up even the dreariest of days.
  20. MariJ

    Newsletter challenge_sparkle

    OOOOooooHh, Jane, this is gorgeous! Your photo is stunning and I like all the glitter and sparkle on your page, it’s so festive and happy! I also really like how you framed your photo, it looks like we are peeking into a warm and wonderful scene. Thanks for joining in the Tuesday Challenge. 🎄
  21. MariJ

    9/12/19 Weekend Wildcard - Magical

    How cool and what pretty lights! Your photos are awesome, considering it was nightime and I like the background you chose.
  22. MariJ

    Cookie Exchange - 2019

    I sent in another one! Each year I like to do one from my Mom’s recipe box, in her own handwriting. Since it was a little hard to read, I also enclosed a copy with the recipe typed.
  23. MariJ

    10/12/19 - Glitter Christmas

    This is gorgeous Laraine and your photo and ornament is lovely. I like your masking and the fancy glittered paper you used and your title is so shiny and pretty! So good to see you posting and thanks for joining in the Tuesday Challenge. 🎄
  24. MariJ

    Alexi Decorating Her Tree

    Oh, my Alexi has grown up so much since I last saw her here and she’s beautiful! I like your photo and masking and your background is really pretty.
  25. MariJ

    Favorite Christmas Movie

    I really like your blended background and you used pattern so effectively. Great page, Andrea!