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  1. MariJ

    Mystic Seahorses

    great photos, that dolphin looks like it’s smiling. I like how you put this together.
  2. Another gorgeous photo and page and your blending is lovely with the perfect paper behind it. I really like how you used the inked circles with a style, too.
  3. Thank you Jane for explaining, it’s really gorgeous. Im working in PSE 13, have 20 ready to put on but haven’t been able to do it yet. I just checked, I have “Line Drawing” and “Black & White” in the Photo Effects category. I’d like to try this out, thank you.
  4. MariJ


    Oh how cute. Your photos are so sweet and I like the colors you used on this page.
  5. I love what you did with the frames and masking and your photo is specatcular.
  6. Great idea, Susie. I have your templates, so am happy to see examples of them in use.
  7. MariJ

    PL 2020 Week 14 Part 2

    Great photos and journaling of this unique time. Lots of walking going on here, too and I found myself relating to your activities that I do too. Your drawing is amazing, you’re really good.
  8. Jane this is breathtaking - such gorgeous work here. I love what you did with your photo and your blending as always is beautiful with the perfect papers behind. I like your cluster too. PS I’m wondering how you made your watercolor?
  9. I had to give up my Bamboo Fun because it didn’t work with my computer. But, I never learned how to use the settings or buttons, I wish I had.
  10. This sounds so good and I like seeing your Grandma and reading about her too.
  11. Never tired of seeing sweet Lucy - I am so happy each time I spot her and one of your pages.
  12. You could also just put your extraction on a paper background from any collection and add embellishments, etc. I don’t know where you would get realistic backgrounds, but you could always take your own photo (say like of a playground for example) and use that full sized (or not) as your background. Sometimes there are background papers that are part of a collection that look like the generic backgrounds you might be looking for.
  13. Oh so sweet to see so many photos of beautiful Lucy she is really so adorable. I like seeing your knitted projects and the little Swedish girls and so cute to see David with Sport and Lucy together.
  14. MariJ

    August recipe swap

    My Mom loved bread pudding and it sounds like she would have liked this recipe. I like the colors you used and I smiled because I know sultanas are our “raisins” from being with Jody.
  15. I love his song and your ATC is really beautiful. I like the vintage feel to this and the way you put it together. You are so great at these, Kelly.
  16. MariJ


    This is so beautiful. Your photo and masking os really pretty and I like the papers you used.
  17. MariJ


    That photo of your Grandmother is a treasure and I like all the pieces you added on this page.
  18. MariJ

    Geocache 2

    Your photos are really great and I like how you arranged them. Cool to journal on the pad!
  19. MariJ


    I love your title, it’s so cool and your photos are awesome.
  20. This is such a soft and pretty card and your recipe sounds easy and good. Funny thing is, while I was looking through my Mom’s recipe box last night for something to scrap I found quite a few she had from your Mom.
  21. Sweet photo and page and simple is sometimes best! We all start out that way but you look like you are ahead of the game already. Glad to see you posting in the gallery.
  22. What a little sweetie and you look like you’ve been scrapping for years. Thanks for sharing your page, it’s adorable.
  23. So cute and I like how you used the photo twice. Your background and blending is really pretty and your title is so cool.
  24. I remember that song and commercial. Your ATC is so colorful and pretty.
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