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    Great photo and page, I remember when you showed us they got married. I like your word art and background and especially your framing!
  2. MariJ

    Smoky Mountains Rainbows

    This is SO beautiful! Your photo is great and your blending is lovely. The rainbow is gorgeous and your whole page is so soft and pretty!
  3. This is page one to “Hoosier Hysteria” - my PL 2020 book about my visit to my sister’s in Indiana. Journaling explains Hoosier Hysteria on page 2 HERE. It was a fun day! For this layout I used: SNU SS DLO Templates: Fade Out SNU SS Styles: Shadow Me CAP Travelogue Indiana Collection ASO SS Styles Glitter Glows KVE SS Styles: Starburst White and my own photos
  4. Today it is three years since Jody died and I’ve tried to create a layout for her on this date and her birthday. I started this one awhile ago but couldn’t get it to be what I envisioned so I went back to it now... This is Callan and I walking on Moonta Beach, a few days after the wedding. I didn’t know Jody took this photo until we exchanged our pics. The memories remain so special, yet terribly sad and I am so thankful I went to Austraila. PS: For those of you that remember, it was this beach and not long after this moment that I fractured my foot on one of those rocks. 😱 For this layout I used: BMU SS DLO Template: Grunge Block 5 FLO Hello August Collection Biggie BMU SS Styles: Engrave and Emboss (used on frame, etc to make clear) KVE SS Styles Starburst Pastel ASO SS Styles: Weathered Wood ASO SS Styles Every Day Glitters BMU SS Paper Templates: Edgers Biggie and Jody’s Photo
  5. MariJ

    Project Life 2020 Week 3 - My favourite...

    It sounds like a good week and I enjoyed your journaling. Your photos are awesome and it’s so nice to see your family and Grands, it still amazes me to see everyone in summer attire near Christmas! The beach is really pretty and I like that photo of the sea urchin, how cool! I reallylike the colors you used on this page - it all looks so pretty together and your cluster is perfect, too while not overwhelming your wonderful layout.
  6. MariJ


    Oh, that must have been so special! Not only the amazing honor of 50 years together, but to celebrate at WDW? Magic! Your photos are awesome and I enjoyed your journaling. I like your pink background and the petals coming down the page. But, your title says it all!
  7. MariJ

    January - Page 2

    Great photos and journaling and I’m happy to see your bird photos again, stash or not! I like the clean feel to your layout, it looks wonderful.
  8. MariJ

    A Celebration

    Yay Barbara! This is great and I like how artistic your page looks, it’s so colorful and fun too.
  9. MariJ


    That’s an event desrving of a special celebration and it looks like you had one. Your photo is awesome and I really like your soft masking and background.
  10. MariJ

    Enjoy Life

    Another little one growing up so big! I like all the pink on your page and how soft it all is.
  11. MariJ


    I so enjoy your journaling, it always feels like you are telling me a story! Your words are so descriptive I felt I was in your back porch, feeling its peacefulness. Your photos are great and I like the strips you added on the top. I liked learning a bit about you, too!
  12. MariJ

    Cosette's 3rd Birthday

    Cosette is that big now, wow! Sweet photo and page.
  13. MariJ

    Jan ATC 2 - Vintage

    This is SO cool, Diane! I really like your photos and message - and your beautifully blended background and word art is really lovely! This is a great ATC!
  14. Welcome 2020! It’s January and a new year and decade begins, amazing! After a fun December to Remember, ScrapGirls is back to our Monthly Challenges and Challenge Chase. Here are the January Monthly Challenges which can be completed at any time during the month. Please remember to post your layouts in the Monthly Challenge Gallery and then add a link to each page in this thread so that we can leave some love. You can use your January Monthly Challenge Layouts for the January Challenge Chase so be sure to also post a link in that thread so you are eligible for the monthly coupon. You can check out the January Challenge Chase info HERE. Don’t forget to leave comments on other members' pages. Have fun! Challenge #1: Leave Some Love I don’t know about you, but I enjoy reading other members' comments on my pages and I like writing comments on theirs. For this challenge you must leave at least one comment per day on a layout and post a link to it here in this thread. You don’t have to leave one comment each day and can do more than one each day as long as you have 31 by the end of the month. At the end of this month you should have 31 comments, but it’s ok if you have more! *** Please leave ALL of your links in one post (see my example here in the next post). For instance after you leave your first link for each subsequent one you should “edit” that post so that all of your links are in ONE post. That will make it easier to track and ensure that you are credited for this challenge at the end of the month. When you finish this challenge, don’t forget to post in the January Challenge Chase thread! Challenge #2: Scrap Your Holiday For this challenge you will have a chance to scrap a Christmas/Holiday page, preferably a current one. If you don’t have one you can create a photoless page where journaling tells the story or an Art Journaling page but be sure your layout is about a Christmas or Holiday event, not a general one. Challenge #3: Tribute For this challenge you will be creating a tribute page. Tell us about someone you admire; show us in photos and tell us why you chose them. You can also do a photoless page and let your journaling tell your story. Challenge #4: Word Challenge For this challenge you will be using the word “light” for your inspiration. You can interpret and scrap “light” in any way you desire. Show us your version of “light” on your layout. I’ll be posting my layouts as I complete them and leave links in this thread too!
  15. MariJ


    This is SO cool Kelly, not hard to read at all and SO creative! I like how it speaks right from you and how beautifully you scrapped it. This is really a wonderful ATC.
  16. This is page 2 to “Hoosier Hysteria” in my Indiana book for Project Life 2020. Journaling reads: “Skeeter took me to Indiana University’s Hoosier Hysteria 2019 and as she was a former women’s player we got the star treatment! The morning was spent in the IU practice facility watching the women’s basketball team go through their drills and practice, the first time under NCAA rules they are allowed to formally work out together. The players worked hard and were polite and appreciative, even shaking my hand and thanking us for coming! Skeet asked Bendu to take us on a locker room tour, an amazing place with all the amenities, quite different from when Skeet played. When practice ended we went home for a bit and returned later for the rest of the activities. Because we had special wristbands we were allowed to walk through the brand new tunnel connecting the practice facility to Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall for the main events. Our seats were great and it was awesome watching the women’s and men’s coaches being announced to “pyrotechnics and floor projections"! They each addressed the crowd and then players were introduced, walking through a blackened doorway amidst fireworks and tossing t-shirts to the crowd. A fire bell interrupted but the crowd was told to remain, their Indiana glow sticks lighting up the Hall filled with energy. IU great Calbert Cheany was honored and a men and women's three-point and slam-dunk competition and skills challenge followed. The men’s team scrimmaged with Cream beating Crimson and men and women players stayed in the Hall to sign autographs. The women sponsored a buffet dinner back at the practice facility and I met Terri Moren the women’s coach and some players, including Miss Indiana Basketball 2019. Hoosier Hysteria spurred my interest in IU women’s basketball and I followed them through the season on the Big 10 Network.” For this layout I used: SNU SS DLO Templates: Life in Pictures CAP Travelogue Indiana Collection SNU SS Styles: Shadow Me KVE SS Styles: Starburst White SNU SS DLO Templates: Fade Out and my own Photos
  17. MariJ

    Project Life 2020 Prompts

    I’ve been working on these all month and finally finished! This is my January contributions to PL 2020. Page 1 and Page 2 to the Hoosier Hysteria part of my PL book about my visit to my sister’s in Indiana.
  18. MariJ


    Great photos, Conda - it must have been a beautiful sight to see! I like your tltile and the way you set up this page, it’s so festive.
  19. MariJ

    January #3 Challenge - Tribute

    So nice to learn about your Mother and your journaling is so heartfelt and interesting, Anne Marie. Your photo is awesome and I liked being able to see your Mom in a happy place. I really like how you used this collection and the way you put this together, it’s really a wonderful page with a lot of meaning and detail.
  20. MariJ

    Tales of Beatrix Potter.jpg

    Oh this is so cool, I love Beatrix Potter and your photos are so interesting. Your blending is awesome and I reallylike your framing and title, too. This is great, Laraine.
  21. MariJ

    Sunrise at the Pond House

    Wow, that sunrise and your photo looks like a painting, it’s gorgeous! I like how you made your title into a sunrise and your cluster is so pretty. I like the textures on your page, too.
  22. My sister gave me my favorite Christmas Gift this year! Check out the intricate work and detail on these mice; the camera lens is a button and if you turn it around there’s an LCD viewfinder with a little mouse in it! Their creator, Monique Cagle is so talented; you can read her Mice stories on her “Sleepy Cat Studio” Facebook page. Journaling reads: “Christmas morning I investigated a noise at the front door and found a wrapped box bouncing around. I went to show Judi who said, “Well, you should look in your stocking." Apparently, we’d had the same idea in exchanging our gifts! It all started in Indiana in October when I was finally able to visit ”Sleepy Cat Studio". Monique Cagle is an enormously talented artist who creates in multiple media, including hand sewing the most adorably exquisite little mice, each with their own story. I bought Judi “Lynda”, a Hippie guitar-playing mouse complete with tote bag, fringed vest and headband. Judi commissioned a mouse for me saying I liked purple, taking photos, summertime heat and flip-flops. Christmas morning we unwrapped our mice together and I gasped in delight to find “MerryLyn” (Merry for short) looking up at me! She is dressed in purple and lavender shorts, tank top and hat, with the most amazing little flip-flops. Her camera and a tote bag with a slice of cheese sticking out, hangs from her neck. I was enthralled and immediately the mice became Sisters and toured the area. You can see some of the sights they saw while together! " For this layout I used: GWH Joyful Colleciton Biggie MPE SS DLOT Modern Rustic SNU SS Styles Shadow Me ASO SS Styles Glitter Glows BMU SS Paper Edgers Biggie TMI Vintage Family Reunion Mask and my own photos
  23. MariJ


    I can read it now on my iPad! Amazing to find that jewelry; I understand your torn feelings. Your burrito bowl looks good and I like seeing your Yoga you. 😊
  24. MariJ


    This is such a pretty page, Kelly and I like the delicate papers you used. I am looking through your photos and wondering about the explanation because I can’t read on my little laptop screen when my contacts are in! I’m going to take them out in a bit and then come back to read. I really like your cluster, it’s so pretty!
  25. MariJ

    PL 2019 Week 20

    Great photos and journaling, it’s amazing to see how your girls look so much younger then, not that long ago! I like the backgrounds and colors you chose and love that mermaid blanket, what a cool Dad! You’re doing an amazing job of finishing one year of PL and beginning another, but it will sure be worth it for your girls to have these memories documented.