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  1. 20 hours ago, Grandmadori said:

    April, I think I figured it out.  My first LO was from the weekend challenge given August 30.  I guess it was removed from this page because the challenge was  posted in August.  No worries...I'll make it up.

    Doris, I remember reading that post.   Maybe you mistakenly posted it in the August thread since it was the end of the month and this thread might not have been added yet?
    And, I often do what April said above - forget to click the “Submit Reply” button many times.   But, then normally you see it when you go to type in your next post.
    Who knows, as we say on SG - “Gremlins”!   :D

  2. 5 hours ago, ladyscrapalot said:

    I feel like I've neglected this month. It's still full on summer here, (wait didn't I say that early) mid to upper 90s. UGH! So ready for a little cooler weather.

    This quote inspired me to make another one.

    The Leaves

    Crazy!  We had 90º on Wednesday and Friday/today I woke up to 55º and it was cool all day.  Crazy two-day difference.

  3. This retreat is a lot of fun, but I especially like the get togethers!  I also really like how gorgeous the scenery is and it doesn’t ever get too cold.   
    I really enjoyed the hike as it wasn’t too long, but I saw a UNICORN in the distance, oh my!   😱    But, I had magical dreams last night, maybe that’s why?

    I’m working on a layout and will post it soon.

  4. 20 hours ago, April Showers said:

    I've added the Challenge Chase Tracker. Just getting back into the swing of things after a fun week with all the kids and grandkids. And, no, I didn't get enough photos, or even one photo of all 8 of them together. :monstercry:
    I really did double check the posts for those two missing first layouts.

    Awwwww..   Too bad about the photos, but it would be hard with all those little ones.   I guess there’s always PhotoShop.   :D

  5. 5 hours ago, ladyscrapalot said:

    Thanks for hosting the get together in your room Debby! That wine was really delicious with the smoked cheese the grill master served up! 

    I wasn't sure if I'd be able to do a food layout but I think I made it work! I wasn't sure if a "napkin" would count as a food item so I also found an item on the internet that went with my layout theme.

    That's How I Roll

    I forgot to say on your layout comment that I loved the addition of the pretty napkin!  :) 

  6. 1 hour ago, Boatlady said:

    Here us my Retreat #3. Have a great day everyone. I had to use that picture of us wearing the shirts from this years Demolition Derby that our son's shop was in the were the perfect color!!!

    I hope everyone saw the northern lights last night they were so beautiful. We are heading out for a night at anchor our last overnight away from the dock for this year. 😪  My communications will not be often. I hope you all are going to behave till I'm back with the next task.

    Have funny Debby!  
    I didn’t see any Northern Lights; I wish I had!   Not sure they were visible this much more South in NJ but it was also kind of cloudy.

    I’ve been peeking into the SG Retreat but haven’t been able to join in.   Now isn’t that silly?  I NEED a retreat!   :hit-head-with-hammer:
    I’ll see what tomorrow brings.   Hope everyone behaves until then!  :) 

  7. 4 hours ago, Grandmadori said:

    I went with swatch #2.  Last year when I was gathering up my fall décor to make way for Christmas I decided I should be shot if I tried to buy another pumpkin.  Here's the photo I took that day...now I've seen a really pretty little aqua colored ceramic pumpkin earlier today that so I may just have to get just one more.

    Heehee, your notes made me giggle as I am much the same!  But, what a great idea to take photos of your stash.  :) 
    The funniest I ever found was when my art teacher asked us to bring in a piece of saran wrap.  I told the woman who drives me I’d bring some for her.   When I went looking I found SOooooo many boxes of plastic wrap it wasn’t even funny! 😱   Well, actually it was....    I took a photo too, it was hilarious.    But, at least you can use your pumpkins for decorations WHAT do you do with so much plastic wrap????    :rofl:

  8. 5 hours ago, alsoarty said:

    It was so relaxing last night in the bar, work was done, and some giggles going on. HERE is my page with my title. I used the ripple effect on FRIENDS, and applied the stroke just as I learned in the class. And I also cured the & around the Sisters...


    Andrea, your link goes to a product page, not your layout!   Can you give a link, please, I’d like to see it.  :) 

  9. 1 hour ago, Jane in N.Z said:

    I hope I can include Soba or wholemeal noodles in this category :) 

    Speedy Salmon Stir-Fry

    I looked up both and Soba noodles are made from buckwheat and wholemeal must be what we call whole grain?   Whole wheat or something like that, so we have lots of those kinds of noodles here by me!