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  1. I’m not sure about reloading elements and I work on a Mac but the first thing I thought of is - is your operating system up to date?   Sometimes an old OS can’t handle the newer versions of programs.  

    Others should know more than me about this though!
    Good luck with your learning and hope you post your creations so we can see.  :) 

  2. 5 hours ago, Mikelle said:
    18th July
    Add five more embellishments to your layout.
    I picked out my photo, but I haven't done the frame yet!  We got a new puppy and kitten - I'm sleep deprived!  😂

    Mikelle you are a brave woman - new house, new job and a puppy and kitten???   😱
    But, I’ll bet your girls are so excited.   And, that’s what it’s all about, right?    Poor Mama, though......   :sleeping: 💤 💤

  3. Hi Deb,
    When I first upgraded to Mojave I had a LOT of trouble with my PSE13 - constant spinning wheel.   I started saving my project every 5 minutes just to be sure!
    I haven’t done anything but somehow now it’s better and I don’t have that problem - not sure why!
    I’m curious as to 2019 also, I thought about getting it but now can hold off.
    Oops, sorry I don’t think I answered your question.  

  4. 18 hours ago, Mikelle said:

    I really need to get back to my PL layouts.  Our move has provided lots of scrapping fodder, but so much chaos that I don't have time!

    I miss seeing your weeks!  It will be fun to catch up, well for me at least.  :)   Hope all is going well in your new adventure.  

  5. 6 hours ago, docsheila1 said:

    sorry, i keep putting mine on the wrong page!  too many computers:(

    I think you’re good!   If your layout is the style layout for the July Monthly Challenges, you’re right - you should post a link here and also one in the July Challenge Chase thread..   Whew, confusing!

  6. 4 hours ago, A-M said:

    Do you know the trick to make journaling on a busy background stand out more?..... add a layer below the journaling .. pick a dominant color from the background paper - choose a soft brush with about 30% opacity and brush on the new blank layer below the journaling until you can see the text stand out more. Do not add too much brushing or it will affect the look of the background paper.   Hopefully my instructions here make sense if you have not done this before.

    I didn’t know this trick, Anne Marie.   See, we can all learn from this thread!  :)

  7. So funny, I loved this page when I saw it and still do!   I didn’t notice any “clunkiness” but we often are our own best critics, so now you say it I understand what you mean....  Even though I still like it as is!  :)

    My first thought was what if you left the journaling as is but removed the frame, embellishments, etc?  Not sure how that would work or look but I’m envisioning it appearing to be written right on the background.   You might have to darken underneath the light type (which I really like!) but it appears now that you’ve lightened it a bit right there so you’d just need to make it as dark as the rest of the background?
    I’d also slant it a little pulling the top left corner down so it would sort of balance the opposite slant of your photos 
    below.   And maybe move it a little more towards center.

    Someone else will probably come along with more ideas;  I’m not sure how this one would work or I’ve explaining my thoughts well.
    I’m interested to see what others think!

  8. 🌻 Today’s challenge is all about flowers and that is your challenge - to scrap a layout about flowers.  You can use photos or not and show flowers in nature, your garden or even a bouquet that was sent to you.   As an added challenge see if you can use a quote about flowers on your page.

    Please post your completed layout in the Weekend Challenge Gallery.  I can’t wait to see it become a garden of flowers.  And don’t forget to check out other pages and LSL!  :)

    Here's my layout:

  9. 47 minutes ago, Grandmadori said:

    Why is my picture so large?   How do I get it smaller to fit in better with everyone else's?   Help, please?

    Hi Doris,
    When you are uploading if you double click on the photo a box should come up where you can resize it.  You can try different numbers until you are ok with the size you have.
    Right now you can click on “edit” in your post, then double-click on the photo and follow the same instructions as above.

    That should work but let us know if you need more help or if I’m confusing!  🤪