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  1. In the United States the Thanksgiving Holiday is approaching.  Today’s challenge is a 1-word one: ”Thankful”.  What are you thankful for?

    When you are finished, please post your layouts in the Tuesday Challenge Gallery. 
    I can’t wait to see what you create.

    Don’t forget to come back and post a link to your page here in this thread and remember to leave comments on other layouts.   

    Here’s my layout:  Thanksgiving Card

  2. Not totally birthday but I’ve used Celebration Time.
    I love B. Sweet and have used it a lot.   
    And - Cakes Embellishments.
    Happy Birthday Collection Biggie
    A La Mode Collection Biggie

    Also there’s - 
    Cupcake Surprise

    You probably found most of these, but they are the ones I have.  I didn’t include ones I found in the Boutique searching “birthday”.  
    You’re right - a lot of the birthday collections I have are retired.    
    I’m always looking for a general, not-fussy birthday collection but haven’t found it yet either. :) 

  3. Hi,
    The layouts that count for the Challenge Chase must be one of these 4 Monthly Challenges and/or a Tuesday or Weekend Challenge layout for a total of 6 layouts for the month.
    They should be posted in the Monthly Challenge Gallery that Valerie linked above in order to count for Challenge Chase.. 

  4. 5 hours ago, A-M said:

    I have created my title using two different alphas and I hope it was okay to add a word using a font. I will need to catch up on the last step at a later time as tomorrow we head off to spend a night with the daughter and family to celebrate 2 Birthdays happening today. ( oldest and youngest grandchildren

    SG_Nov_2SlowScrap_Two Cousins Birthdays-5.jpg

    Have fun with those Sweeties and Happy Birthday to them Anne Marie!

  5. 1 hour ago, ValerieT said:

    I just want to say this is meant to be a bit silly and fun. So long as you keep to the spirit of the game then that's fine. 

    E.g. rotating a snowman so he's on his feet is fine (or one or two embellishments that look odd), rotating all your embellishments is not.

    Thanks Valerie!   The point is to be scrapping and have fun!  :) 

  6. 24 minutes ago, A-M said:

    I hope it was okay to turn three of my embellishments as well as the photos. The heart and gift both looked a little odd lying on their sides and also the little snowman needed to be standing upright.

    SG_Nov_2SlowScrap_Two Cousins Birthdays-4.jpg

    I wondered about that too, Anne Marie!  So far my embellishments look a bit odd but ok.   But, I might end up turning them later.  :) 
    Maybe Valerie will 
    clarify?   But, of course there’s no Scrapping Police here!   :rofl:

  7. 11 hours ago, Florida granny said:

    Um... speak for yourself, Debby. I reserve the right to throw alphas or embellishments or anything else at Marilyn if I feel the need. :D Or maybe my whole finished page if it's too crazy! Or if I'm laughing too hard.


    1 hour ago, Boatlady said:

    I hear you laughing but that is the great thing about digital scrapping we can erase, move, add or alter all kinds of things...Easy Peasy. I look forward to the crazy changes!


    You two are making me laugh outloud!  Don’t worry Diane, I might have to throw things at myself depending on how the week goes and don’t forget I have insider information!   I just laughed so hard at this whole dialogue!
    And, don’t worry - I’m a good ducker.    :D 

    Meanwhile, I’ve had a crazy day and still haven’t had time to look for a template...  Sigh..    

  8. 3 hours ago, Celestine said:

    I am going to use Syndee Rogers' Blended Masks Vol 2. I very rarely use these as designed in specific layers, so this will be fun. (Sorry, didn't know how to make a URL image small when I inserted it as "other media.")


    Hi!   If you want to make an image smaller, click “edit” on your post, then double click on the image itself.  An “Image”  box should come up and you can change the size numbers according to how big you want the pic.   You only have to change the width, the rest automatically adjusts.   
    For your photo here in my post, I picked 200, but you can try and see what size you like.   I’m fairly certain that when you are creating the original post, you can double-click and do the same to make it smaller.

    Let me know if that doesn’t make sense!  :)