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  1. 8 hours ago, Mikelle said:

    This is a great story, and I love the card, especially for their 5 year anniversary.  But, it's such a great story, have you made a layout journaling it yet?!!  😉  I know how you love to journal!  😂

    Haha, you are SO right and I laughed outloud when I read this!:rofl:  I can’t remember if I scrapped this on it’s own;  I know I talked about it a lot and it was in a few layouts, but I probably only wrote in my notes with no real journaling.... As per my usual...  Sigh....  :D


  2. 7 hours ago, docsheila1 said:

    These girls are never thrilled about being dressed!  It only occurs 2x a year, Christmas and their birthday -- I think that's why the vet loves her cards so!!!  Thank you!

    Haha, my sister has a few dogs and takes the same type of Christmas and birthday photos - with the same kind of not-very-delighted faces!  So, I especially enjoyed yours!