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  1. Three years ago today Jody died.  Darren and the boys are well and the boys are growing into young men, “Jody would be proud of”.  Aidan graduated from High School in December and Callan is now 16 ½.  Amazing how time flies.  Darren is touched when I say how Jody is still remembered on ScrapGirls and even recognizes the names when I show him.  She touched so many and is sorely missed... 💕


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    2. A-M


      Thankyou Marilyn for sharing how Darren and boys are doing. It is so nice that they keep in touch with you.

    3. SodScrap


      Thank you for sharing Marilyn!  Jody is missed for certain!

    4. mimes1


      Please give my best to Jody's family. I think of her often.

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