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  1. Love broccoli salad and always wanted to make it. I'd nix the bacon but love mozzarella! Your card is so pretty, Conda.
  2. So sorry to hear this, Joyce. Hope you are healing and feeling better soon.
  3. Well, payback is fair play, Diane - your ATC had me laughing outloud even from the thumbnail on the MB! It's great!!!
  4. Ok, here's the rest... VJS Precious Moments Value Pack - also sold separately. DDS 926 Spring Mix DDS 927 Spring Mix DDS 928 Spring Mix
  5. I was hoping you'd see those, Dianne!
  6. Oh my gosh, Diane! This is so cool and I could read it from the tiny thumbnail on the MB and it made me laugh outloud! What a clever quote to have on a water bottle and how creative of you to use it on a water-themed ATC. I love how cheerful your layout is, it feels like a happy party. I especially like your bright Mexican theme with the big sombrero and the special touches you added like the lemon in the water bottle. Great ATC!
  7. I'll be back to post more in a bit.
  8. DRB VIntage Roses Collection DDS Yesterday's Whispers Value Pack DRB SS Paper Templates Layered Mosaics Set 2
  9. Lots of new products this week. SNU Brush Set Whimsey Girls LLO SS Paper Templates Piecemakers 1 LLO SS Paper Templates Piecemakers 2 AFT embellishment Templates Lively Frames
  10. That's so funny to think of you terrified, Angie when we see you now! But, I for sure remember the same. Diane was the one who got me started so I had to keep asking her.
  11. Lemon
  12. dark (funny Kelly!)
  13. Hi Valerie, glad you found us and welcome to ScrapGirls! Feel free to ask any questions, we are a kind and helpful group.
  14. Connection (I love that song. "Oz was my next quick word-thought!)
  15. colorful