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  1. Such a pretty page, Anne Marie and so light and airy. I enjoyed your journaling and that is a gorgeous rose bud.
  2. Sounds like a fun trip and your photos are great.
  3. Jane, this is awesome and such a pretty page! Your photos are wonderful and I love all the different ways you used to tell your story. Your background is lovely and I like the papers you used and your different ways of journaling are fabulous. Your story is so interesting and thanks for sharing it in the Tuesday Challenge.
  4. Great photos and page of an exciting event.
  5. Such a sweet photo and adorable little girl. Can't believe how I can see her Dad in her! Lovely work Sue.
  6. Sorry this is such a headache for you Carla trying to coordinate and thanks for your patience! I'm fine waiting too....
  7. those gummy bears are so cute!
  8. What an interesting and cool looking place and your layout is awesome!
  9. What a cool page and I love that lil' guy and the proud smile on his face as he holds his prize! You got some great photos and action shots, wow very cool! I really like your arrangement and the colors and collection you used, so perfect for your page. Wonderful journaling to tell your story and I really like your title, too. Awesome layout and so interesting to read your story and thanks for joining in the Tuesday Challenge.
  10. On my PSE 13 - right on top of the trash can is 3 horizonal lines with an arrow to the left. Once I activate the layer I want to duplicate, if I click on the arrow "duplicate" is one of the options.
  11. Ah... So that can't be it - good guess, I had but better to know that's not it! I guess your first answer "gremlins" is the real one...
  12. Ahhhh... See, that's what I guessed or suspected. Good to know that was it Andrea! Who knew???
  13. Oh, thanks Anne=Marie for writing this out. I knew there were other ways but I couldn't remember and I especially wanted to know the shortcut command, this is great!
  14. Your photos are great Carol. I've ridden across this bridge in the past few years and seen its progress and it really is so cool to see the new bridge being built right beside the old one. I like your background and the embellishments you used.
  15. Oh... My... Goodness!!! Being a huge chicken myself Lauren and her roller coaster conquests are quite impressive! Your photos are awesome and I love the happy smiles on both girls' faces, just looking at those roller coasters makes me a bit nauseous. Your journaling is so descriptive and I like the background and colors you chose for this page. I enjoyed reading your story and thanks for joining the Tuesday Challenge!