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  1. Oh, dear so sorry for your son Jane. Thinking of me and hoping that he heals quickly and well. Oh my that is a lot of injury.
  2. It sounds lovely, such a peaceful and quiet day with family. I like the format you are using and the light background really shows off your photo. And, I like how what you are scrapping and showing might be seen as “mundane” but it’s really an important and warm part of life.
  3. It’s such a sweet photo and I love how everyone is dressed alike. I’m sorry you can’t pick out your Mom, it’s amazing as we grow older to be the “elders” and have no one to ask the questions of. I really like your background and the soft, pretty colors you used on this treasure of a page.
  4. What a perfect photo for this wonderful collection! I really like your pretty framing and the dreamy feel to this page. Your OOB work looks wonderful and your cluster is really beautiful.
  5. I love the warm colors you used and your background is blended so beautifully with the music score showing lightly, too! Great photos and page Joyce.
  6. Oh, I THINK I see a value pack I was hoping for!
  7. I knew you’d been to Norway and even met little Emilie! It looks like such a beautiful country. I haven’t seen Niagra Falls, either but I have walked to school in the snow.
  8. salted (what they did to our roads right now since it is snowing)
  9. Harrison (not far from here, near the Ports in NJ.)
  10. Harriet
  11. OOps I think we posted about the same time! If you look above, you’ll see - mystery solved! Thanks for all your trying and thinking, Anne Marie.
  12. I found out why! It suddendly occured to me that I am using mostly Syndee’s SS Styles: Shadow Me for shadows because there are so many more wonderful options and in two different shades (even though I do know I can change the shade myself). So I dropped an old layout into PSE and changed the shadow angle (using Shadow Me) on an embellishment, as I did I could see ALL the angles change to the exact same one. Then I went back and tried with PSE’s Drop Shadows and I was able to change the shadow angles independently. Syndee must have them set up to be the same angle on a layout since that’s what we’d normally want. I’m not sure if Lou Ann is using this same style of Syndee’s, but that’s why mine behaved that way Whew, puzzle is solved, thanks Anne Marie!
  13. No, I can add different sized shadows to different elements. It’s only when I go in and click on the FX on one layer and change the ANGLE of that shadow -- that all of the shadow angles on the page change to that same angle. I can put different shadows on differrent embellishments with no problem.
  14. I use PSE 13 exclusively, I used to use PSE 6 but didn’t try changing shadow angles then. It really hadn’t presented a problem since I normally (actually always so far!) want the shadows going in the same direction. Actually, I sort of thought it was PSE being “smart” and making sure my shadows matched! I just opened PSE and am going to see if I can find anything out.