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  1. Good luck Angie! Interested to see how it works out for you!
  2. This is such a bright and pretty page and I like the cute embellishments you used! Your lollipops are so cute, i'm surprised they didn't sell well and Ken's work as always is amazing. Beautiful shot of the river and wow, that frog is awesome. For sure I don't see anything so shiny and colorful around here, I can tell you are near some rain forest.
  3. I forgot about this format you used last year, Anne Marie. It really looks great as a journaling book. I enjoyed your journaling and it sounds like a lovely and relaxing Holiday. Your photos are beautiful, I love how you caught the night shot so well.
  4. I've been to Tarpon Springs and the sponge docks too - it's such a cool place! I love your photos, that bike is amazing. And I really like your beautifully blended background - it's so pretty! Your masking of the photos is awesome too.
  5. Your background is so pretty Aggie and the colors you used go so well with your great photo! I really like the fancy work on the photo frame - I think I like everything about this page!
  6. Wow, that really is an awesome shot and your journaling is so interesting, Andrea! I really like how you used the big "A" in your title for your name and Forum name and the colors you used are really pretty. I especially like your background and you you put it together, it's really lovely. You are so creative and talented! Thanks for joining in the challenge.
  7. What lovely photos of your Grandmother April and this could be a Weekend Challenge layout with the big "A"! Your photos are treasures and in the left one I think I see resemblances to you and your girls? I love how you blended your background and arranged your pics, this is really beautiful.
  8. This all makes total sense and like Carla I like having embellishments already colored, whew.... And I understand now that it's easier to recolor colored objects than grayscale ones and I'd imagine it's also easier to keep the texture in the item that way too? But, what puzzles me is then why have SS - why wouldn't everything just be regular items that can be recolored like anything else can now? I'm not trying to be funny, I just don't understand it all and I don't know if I'm missing something! When it comes to layout templates where I clip things to pieces I have to say that I never buy colored ones because it totally throws me off when I'm trying to pick my own colors! When it's grayscale I can see my choices and possibilities easier. I guess I get easily confused. All that said, I understand now about recoloring being easy with color vs. grayscale. And, I'll be happy to see a tutorial, thank you!
  9. Very helpful - all of this!
  10. That would be helpful. I'm totally useless with SS but have been totally befuddled seeing SS in color, as to me then it wasn't SS since the definition of it to me was grayscale!
  11. I am really loving all the creative "takes" on the challenge and beautiful layouts.
  12. Me too - one of the last FB holdouts! And I htink once we start "diluting" the Forum into different places, it's harder to keep up and everything in one place. I love the chatter and visiting our own "homey" Forum.
  13. How cool to see a piece of your Dad's stamp collection and this one is very interesting! I love how you used it in your ATC Diane. Very creative and so well done.
  14. Oh I LOVE what you did here, Debby! Cool photo and wonderful masking and blending, it's really awesome how you put this together so seamlessly! I really like your big "B" and how it stands out on the beach - it looks fabulous! I especially like how the "B" bevels out and the rest of the letters in. I love "back" photos so like what you did with the little pic and your embellishments are so cute. Thanks for joining the challenge!
  15. Amazing! Some pretty cool looking stuff, there, very intriguing. 👏 And, oh my goodness Angie, you are worse than me! I always take a nap at Acupuncture at 9am and say wow, pretty bad when I'm napping at 9am. He says - well, when you're up at 5am it's the middle of the day!