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  1. Wow, this is gorgeous Belle! I love how you used the lighthouse photo full-sized and your beautiful cluster/background along the edge is so creative and pretty. I especially like your inspiring quote and your title and it's placement is really awesome. PS I think you link same as before, but the "link" icon looks a bit different. It's the 5th from left. But, I was also able to find your page by clicking on what you included in your thread post.
  2. See? Told you you had a chance! Good luck everyone!!!!
  3. Well, that's not TOO far behind and at least you're still plugging along! I got a startle this morning seeing Dianne's April page posted when I just finished March -- oops, the month really IS almost finished. Part of how I've been able to keep up is using Susie's Templates AND your tip about writing the journaling as it happens. I'm not always totally current, but between that and checking my calendar and photos I can put it all together!
  4. Awesome photos and it's fun seeing all the happy smiles on your page and in your month! Your title is really pretty and I like how you put this all together. And, now you've reminded me... APRIL? I just finished March!
  5. Awesome and heartfelt journaling Dianne and it felt like you were telling me a story. I enjoyed looking through your wonderful photos and your page is really pretty, I like the colors and patterns you used.
  6. Oh, Ngaire - your pages are like happy stories and are a wonderful feel-good start to my day. Your photos are awesome an who could resist those beautiful smiling faces and for sure all of your love shines through on your pages. I loved reading about your week together and your page is so pretty. What a wonderful book you will have at the end of the year and I can picture those Grands looking through it with excitement remembering your times together.
  7. Oh, Ngaire I love reading about your weeks and looking through your photos filled with happy faces. I think I'd quite like living in your family! Your journaling is awesome and your photos are fabulous but your family and their obvious love for each other takes the cake. (as I'd say to Jody, "Do you say that?.")
  8. For sure, I think it's more than done, Kelly - it's a Masterpiece! I LOVE what you did with a panorama pic - for sure I've never thought of scrapping one, but you've done it brilliantly. I relaly like your photo treatments and blending and you've added just the right and perfect embellishments, it's lovely!
  9. So fun to see your girls so diligently planting and involved in caring for Mother Earth so sweetly. I love your photos and like how you arranged them and the soft colors you used are really so pretty and Spring-like. Your embellishment cluster is so pretty and the green strip really brings out your photos even more.
  10. So nice to see your "baby" graduating and wow, her sense of accomplishments is mind-boggling and impressive for sure. Your photo (& Jaclyn) is wonderful and I like how you framed and masked it OOB. I also really like your softly blended background and the textures and colors you used to match the Graduate. Your embellishment cluster is so pretty and so is the single rose you added. Really beautiful page and thanks for joining the challenge.
  11. Gorgeous roses Geraldine and for sure you should be proud of them and your garden as your flower photos are always so beautiful! I love how you used the photo down your page and the torn paper too. I also really like the delicate lace down the other side and your blending is so pretty. Great page and thanks for joining the challenge.
  12. Beautiful smile and your photos are so warm and full of family fun and love. I really like how you alternate journaling and photo boxes and for sure I can relate to your title, except I'd say "SOME sun please?".
  13. This is wonderful Jane and thank you for typing out your journaling so I could read it! YAY you for riding that bike; I've ridden with others (& once got a nasty pipe burn to prove it!) and there sure is an awesome sense of freedom as your riding through the wind and elements. Your photos are great and I loved seeing YOU and the shadow one is really cool. Beautifully blended background and I really like the colors and energy you added to your page. Great job on the layout AND your fear! Thanks for joining the challenge.
  14. Love seeing your page and month. Nice to see the girls and Buddy too!
  15. You never know, Diane -- look what happened to Betty last game!