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  1. What a cool idea to scrap the 13th day of the month and your layout is so pretty Jane! I really like your gorgeous background blending and your cluster is really pretty.
  2. Hidden gems like this are wonderful and my goodness, this is stunning and so peaceful looking. Your photos are gorgeous and I really like your setup, Ngaire. For sure this looks like a travel magazine and makes me want to visit! I love how you placed your title and journaling, this is really stunning.
  3. What a sweet photo and page! I always thought 13 an unlucky number until my friend had twins on that day - totally turned it around. I really like how you used your photo in BW and the soft pinks and elegant pieces you surrounded it with. Now, I have to go check out that collection, you used it so beautifully I think I might have to buy it!
  4. For sure, somehow Grandma's recipes are never as easy to make as it looks! But, they sure hold so many sweet memories, right? I love your photos and how you show the process of baking them and your background is really pretty. I especially like your fancy title and journaling and how you placed them and the "Love in every bite", how true. Thanks for sharing your yummy page and story in the Tuesday Anniversary Gallery!
  5. Very cool photo and page, your insert made me smile.
  6. Thanks Pat and yes! I think they would! It's a lot of fun to choose the pieces and some people even make theirs from natural materials. I think your granddaughters would enjoy putting together a Fairy Garden with you and then visit/add/change when they come. It's addicting and really magical!
  7. Esmee is so sweet and growing so big. I like how you used the ad as inspiration, Tina!
  8. This is so pretty and your painting is beautiful! And, how clever to have 13 poppies in your painting and to scrap it! I like the texture and blending in your lovely background.
  9. What a cool way to remember sun safety and your ad is awesome, Laraine. I really like the cute figures you used and your layout is so bright and cheery. I remember being so impressed with Australia's sun safety, like always wearing hats and having covers over playgrounds.
  10. Wow, this is gorgeous and your photos are stunning! I like how you set this up with the soft pink pieces behind and the colors and shapes you used are awesome! This looks like a travel ad it is so beautiful.
  11. Here's mine - Fairy Garden Congratulations, Tina!
  12. I would have done this layout very differently, but not having my laptop for over a day made me rush to get it done! Journaling reads: "Last Spring I was in a funk from everything that went on the past few years so was looking for new activities. When a huge, pretty mushroom grew in my messy rock garden I took a photo to scrap and and looked up quotes about mushrooms and gardens. In the process I discovered "Fairy Gardens and was instantly intrigued. It started small, with two little houses, an underground door and a few fairy figures. I weeded and dug up a spot next to the steps leading into my house and carefully placed them around, adding interesting natural items I found when walking. One day a package arrived from my sister with a miniature dog, food bowl & shoe dog house! A miniature chicken coop, complete with tiny chickens and a bird house followed, items she has at her home. I next added a larger house, a few more fairy figures and planted lavender and some of my summer flowers. All summer I delighted in walking up the stairs and seeing my fairy garden and it was soothing to weed and care for the flowers. Next I added solar fairy lights right above my “village” which twinkle merrily at night, adding to the magic. It was peaceful and calming to see, create and tend to and one day in August a, overseas package arrived. In it I found two ladybugs from Darren as I’d told him about my fairy garden knowing Jody would have been fascinated, so on his work travels he looked for something to add. A bit later, two little turtles came from my sister who likes turtles... Currently dry, brown Autumn leaves are starting to fall in my fairy garden and the flowers have stopped growing. I’d like to leave it there forever, but know it will not survive the harsh winter and big volume of snow that falls there. It will be hard to take apart as it remains my current favorite view." For this layout I used: BMU SS Templates: Journalers KVE Bella Fiore Collection Mini and my own photo
  13. Love thos beignets but all of that food looks awfully delicious! Your photos are great and I really like how you arranged them and the bright cheery colors you used. Your background is really pretty and now I am hungry and looking for food! Thanks for sharing your yummy page and story in the Tuesday Anniversary Gallery!
  14. One of these photos of your girls is cuter than the other, they're adorable! I like how you arranged them and the backgrounds you used and how you numbered the days in the week.
  15. Wyatt is so cute! Love your title and journaling Andrea.