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  1. This is great Jean and for sure you did a wonderful job chronicling this crazy weather we've had! Your photo are so descriptive and so is your journaling and I like the background you chose.
  2. Sweet photo and page, Rebekkah is adorable!
  3. So pretty Barbara, your photo is great and I really like your framing and the scene you created here.
  4. Haha, that was exactly what I thought of when I typed "sour". wine
  5. sour
  6. Crooked photos bug me too and I am forever moving it a tiny bit this way... Then that way... Then this way.... Grrr...... I'll bet you straighten paintings/photos on the wall, too Ngaire? I do that all the time......
  7. Wonderful photos and touching page, Jane. I love your background and the papers you chose and your journaling is very touching.
  8. I love your photos and how you used the paper blocks so creatively, this is lovely Marie.
  9. Such pretty photos and page, Carol and that orchid is exquisite.
  10. What a fun week and page! I enjoyed reading about it and looking throught your wonderful photos. I really like the background color you used, it looks great!
  11. Oh this is so precious Hilary and your photos are so sweet. They look awesome in BW and I like the dainty paper you used and the way you framied the layout. This made me smile.
  12. This is so beautiful Debby and your photos are gorgeous! I love how you arranged them on your page and the pieces you used around and behind them. Really awesome work!
  13. Sweet photos and page, I love your title and framing!
  14. This is so pretty Marie! So nice to see the sun is shining someplace and your beautiful photos really give me a sense of a wonderful summer day. I like how you arranged everything on your page and the soft background you used. Really so lovely.
  15. XOX

    Sweet photo and very pretty page.