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  1. Seems like forever ago I posted this challenge, we're now almost up to the Weekend One!
  2. YAY!  We're back!  I checked 5 minutes ago and we were still down but now I got on!   I needed to use my DISPLAY name (MariJ) to sign in, not my old user name.

    1. ladyscrapalot


      I was able to sign in as usual. It looks so clean and modern!! Welcome Back Scrap Girls!!

  3. You're really doing great, Anne Marie. I can't believe you are even close to caught up with all your life has brought in the past month. So glad Ken is doing well and wow - even planting trees, can't keep a good man down, right? So sorry you didn't feel well, thought. Your photos are great and WOW that parrot is amazing, the only place I'd see that around here is in a pet store. . Your cookies look so yummy, sure wish I were there for a taste and a cuppa and visit with you.
  4. I'm glad you did two pages, Ngaire so we could see all the photos! Love seeing the three girls knitting, what a cool thing and they all look so focused. So neat to be able to fly in the plane, wow - sure wish I were there for a ride. That hedge looks more like a huge tree for sure. I loved looking through your great pics and seeing all the happiness on the page and in your week.
  5. Sure does sound like a very busy week with lots of fun and happiness! I enjoyed reading your journaling, your April sounds like my family's March with birthday after birthday! Amber is looking really big and Jazi's "7" cake is beautiful.
  6. This sounds really good and I love asparagus! The sauce sounds better than a too-rich (for me!) Hollandaise too. Your card is so pretty Barbara, I like how bright and cheery it is.
  7. This card is really pretty! I like your blending and the salsa cluster at the bottom and the edging looks great.
  8. Such a pretty card Betty and the recipe sounds great, even though chilis and I don't play well together.
  9. WOW! You go girl, that's great! Good luck everyone....
  10. I could use your Scarlett O'Hara speech for my motivational quote! Betty I love your sense of humor - you make me laugh when I need it, thank you!
  11. Beautiful photo and masking/framing and I love the quote you used. Gorgeous work Marie.
  12. Wonderful family photo and I like your treatment and soft background and blending, it's gorgeous.
  13. Such a happy and cheerful page! Your photos are so precious and I love the bright airy feel to your page. You did a great job finding elements for a beautiful Springy Easter page!
  14. He's sweet for sure and now must be all grown up! I love what you did here and have this collection and can't wait to use it - it's beautiful!
  15. Gorgeous photo and interesting journaling, I never heard of these rock! Your background is incredible and I love how you used this collection.