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  1. Yum! That corn looks delicious and what a lovely photo of you! I really like your masking and background, it all goes together so seamlessly and looks so well. Your cluster is really pretty, as is your page. I'm glad you have one for yourself with all you create for others!
  2. Oh, how awesome and how very cool to be able to cross the Mississippi River (I had to sing the song to spell that right!) on foot, I had no idea it was possible. Your photos are awesome and I like how you showed the sequence of events. Your journaling looks wonderful on the tree and I like the addition of the swirls to complete your page. Great layout!
  3. PS And, there we are even, next to each other on the Message Board!
  4. Oh, Jane we are kindred spirits in more ways than one and your boot is exactly like mine -- right foot, crutches (mine are underarm, though) and all! I love how you recreated your sad tale - using the scene of the crime as your background, it's beautiful. Shame to get hurt doing HEALTHY things, right? Your photos are great and so nice to see you. I like how you used the blender and the bokeh effect and your journaling is so descriptive. Hang in and happy feeling, my friend. xo
  5. What a sweet photo and page, Andrea - so full of love. I really like your background and embellishments, this is really lovely.
  6. Thanks Hilary! To be honest, if it weren't for the drugs, I don't know if I would've taken a pic and somehow I think I saw myself in the iPad screen, it's a bit fuzzy right now! The photo in the hospital my cousin took and emailed to my sister with the caption, "The foot's still there!" Hmmmm.. I should have included that on the page.
  7. Me Toooooooo on both counts Kelly and there's still plenty of time. I've actually put mine on hold until after ANniversary week is over.
  8. Awwwww... That is a sweet photo of you and your boys and I love how softly you've blended it into a beautiful background. I really like all the meaningful words you've scattered around and blended into your page, this is really so special Marie.
  9. What a lovely photo of you, Hilary and if you had to be in a dress for sure you picked a pretty one! What a beautiful setting to your pic and I love how you made yourself into a postcard. I really like the background you chose and your borders really give such a nice closure to it all. Your cluster is really gorgeous too!
  10. Ok, here's mine as promised: Selfie Fright (hope I don't scare anyone!)
  11. Ok, here goes, I hope this doesn't scare anyone. I had foot surgery on the 10th which brought awful pain until drugs knocked me out a day later. At one point I tried to sit in the living room with my iPad and saw reflected on the screen my hair sticking up all over and took a pic from the nose up! Can't believe now I was conscious enough to do it, it's a bit frightening. Luckily now things are looking up whew, but looking at this pic makes me both shiver and laugh to remember that moment..... PS my cousin took the surgery photo to send to my sister with the message "The foot's still there!". I was in no shape then to do it and the other pics were taken the two subsquent days when I came-to a bit more. For this layout I used: SNU SS DLT Art Mix Bonus BMU General Hospital Collection Biggie LLO So Emotional Collection Biggie SNU SS Styles: Shadow Me and my own photos
  12. Wonderful photos and page! I love how you used the strip and how you treated your photo, this is really beautiful!
  13. I knew this would be you Laraine before I even saw YOU! What a great shot you have of our beautiful Lady and you do know what state it's REALLY in, right? I'm glad your tour wasn't quite over yet because next you came to see me! I love your gorgeous blending and how you combined the pics and your journaling looks great in the lighter color.
  14. I'm glad it wasn't too diffucult or too easy, off to check more answers!
  15. I've got three sets of correct answers so far! Good luck everyone.