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  1. Crooked photos bug me too and I am forever moving it a tiny bit this way... Then that way... Then this way.... Grrr...... I'll bet you straighten paintings/photos on the wall, too Ngaire? I do that all the time......
  2. Wonderful photos and touching page, Jane. I love your background and the papers you chose and your journaling is very touching.
  3. I love your photos and how you used the paper blocks so creatively, this is lovely Marie.
  4. Such pretty photos and page, Carol and that orchid is exquisite.
  5. What a fun week and page! I enjoyed reading about it and looking throught your wonderful photos. I really like the background color you used, it looks great!
  6. Oh this is so precious Hilary and your photos are so sweet. They look awesome in BW and I like the dainty paper you used and the way you framied the layout. This made me smile.
  7. This is so beautiful Debby and your photos are gorgeous! I love how you arranged them on your page and the pieces you used around and behind them. Really awesome work!
  8. Sweet photos and page, I love your title and framing!
  9. This is so pretty Marie! So nice to see the sun is shining someplace and your beautiful photos really give me a sense of a wonderful summer day. I like how you arranged everything on your page and the soft background you used. Really so lovely.
  10. XOX

    Sweet photo and very pretty page.
  11. Diane, this is really gorgeous! I love how you both blended and framed photos and your blending and the papers you chose are really outstanding. Your cluster is really pretty and I especially like how you balanced the diagonal corner with your word art!
  12. Jane this is lovely and such a touching layout of you and your Mum. I really like your special photo and framing and the way you used mono and color, this is so beautiful.
  13. This is so beautiful and dainty and elegant and I love your photos in sepia. I really like your background and how yoy put it together, too.
  14. Oh, I know it's probably not possible with the new Forum, but I really wish ScrapGirls had classes again. When I first joined I took almost everyone that was offered and I learned so much! I still refer to the handouts I received and of course, the techniques I learned. I'm going to think more on this, but that was what popped in my head.
  15. Looks like a busy work and you took great photos and wrote wonderful journaling to document it. Your page is so pretty and I like the colors and embellishments you used. And, I'm wondering what Anzac biscuits are, although I know your "biscuits" are our "cookies!