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  1. MariJ

    Chicken Rice Soup

    This sounds easy enought to make and the evaporated milk addition must make it creamy! I like the colors and patterns you used on this card, it’s really pretty!
  2. For the Feb Challenge #3 Mood board: elegant and pink with the contrast of the black Eiffel Tower. This is my cousin who’s 10 and become a wonderful gymnast. More importantly she’s a beautifully kind little human being! My cousin, her Mom took these photos at a Gymnastics meet. For this layout I used: SNU SS Styles: Shadow Me VJS Black Ice Collection Biggie BMU Dynmaic Brush Set: Twinkling SBA SS Styles Glitter BMU SS Emb Temp Background Blender Masks AFT SS Styles Every Day Glitter BMU SS Paper Temp Edgers Biggie ABR Tender Moments Heart
  3. MariJ

    Zuppa Toscana Soup

    Pretty recipe card Andrea and I like that you included a photo. I’m not a meat eater but I know a lot of people who would like this soup!
  4. MariJ


    I love your layout and just bought these, Susie! It’s been hard starting my Australian photo book with Jody gone but I was trying today with no success. I decided maybe templates would help even though I don’t normally use them, but my book is 8.5x11 which is hard to find. A few hours later browsing new SG products I blinked - it was like these were put here just for me! Thank you, now maybe I’ll begin!
  5. MariJ

    Hugs and Kisses.jpg

    Such a cute photo and amazing that a little one took it! I like your background and the different patterns you used.
  6. MariJ

    Need a kit 1960s, help!

    Anne Marie, how wonderful - you found great ones! I think I was thinking of, what an awesome list!
  7. MariJ

    Need a kit 1960s, help!

    I’m not home so can’t look yet, but try Syndee’s store, I recall she had some SS retro 50/60’s type items?
  8. Thanks for all your help and advice, Carla!
  9. I’m going to a wedding!  My friend’s daughter who I’ve known forever is getting married in Israel.  They’ve been sending photos but I’m sitting with a cup of tea waiting for the live feed to begin -- 10 minutes and counting!  :) 

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    2. CRS


      So glad you got to see it all, even if the feed wasn't always great. I can't wait to see pics!!

    3. beatricemi


      How amazing. Adding my congrats. Happy you were able to participate!

    4. Mikelle


      That's the way to attend a wedding!  Although it would have been nice to go all the way to Israel!

  10. MariJ

    Alpha or Word Art/Quotes?

    That’s a great idea, debby because it’s true, whenever I want to use one, if it’s not in the collection I’m using there’s too many to go through!
  11. MariJ

    Alpha or Word Art/Quotes?

    The more I thought of it, while I rarely use alphas I DO like having them in collections and I’m disappointed when they’re not. I think the big problem with alphas for me is that they are so hard and time-consuming to use. I know I’d use them more if you could create a title with them in the same amount of time it takes to type it out and choose a font!
  12. MariJ


    Haha, what a great photo! I like how you used it in monotone and the background you chose, this is lovely.
  13. MariJ

    The Kiss says it all

    Pretty Andrea and your masking and framing is lovely
  14. MariJ

    Bare Feet

    I always thought it would be nice to be married on the beach, but if I had my say everyone including the bridal party would wear beach attire! I like yoru background and how you used the word art and Alice paper. Love the bare feet, too!
  15. MariJ

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge 19th February

    Oh we would have had loads of fun! Except I’m not sure I’d like a bird flying down near my head. But, maybe if I was used to it.......
  16. MariJ

    Winter's Kiss NL 2/18

    I love that quote and while we haven’t had it as bad as you, I’m so tired of winter now too. Your photo is awesome (I can’t ever bring myself to say snow is pretty!) and I Like your masking and background and your title is really pretty! BTW - your snow has made it east and we’re in the middle of it now.
  17. MariJ

    Monthly Challenge #2

    Great photos Debby and your extractions are wonderful. I like the color and pattern you used, they go so well with your pics.
  18. MariJ

    February Challenge Chase

    Feb Challenge #3 - Mood Board Alison Gymnastics
  19. MariJ

    February Monthly Challenges

    Challenge #3 - Mood Board. I used the mood and color of the board - elegant and pink along with the contrast of the black Eiffel Tower! Alison Gymnastics
  20. MariJ

    Never Ending Story - February Game

    he still didn’t have his Twinkie so he was not happy. He told me that he was trying to find....
  21. MariJ

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge 19th February

    Oh that brought back memories, I liked playing with paper dolls! My Mom loved paper dolls so bought them for us and she even showed us how to sorta make our own clothes for them!
  22. MariJ

    Alpha or Word Art/Quotes?

    I use a mix of all! I’m not a journaler at all so my title and words normally tell the story. Normally I’ll search for a quote and use a font or alpha for a title. If I find word art that works I’ll use that too - it depends on the page, how I’m feeling and what I find!
  23. When my cousins visited my sister they walked around Indiana University with the two dogs and all posed for a photo with the Hoagie Carmichael statue. Suddenly without warning Lyla leaned over and planted a huge kiss on Susan’s face! Luckily Nick (the best photographer AND tour guide!) was there to record it. My photo copies are very small piixel-wise; I’m trying to get a larger copy and will repost if I do! Photo Credit: Nick Bauer For this layout I used: SNU SS Styles: Shadow Me SNU SS Styles: Metal Edge Jewels AMD Spring is Coming BMU SS Paper Templates Edgers Biggie CTH Emb With Love AFT SS Styles: Every Day Glitter
  24. MariJ

    Newsletter 2/19/19 - Lasting Love

    What a special photo of your parents and you scrapped it so beautifully. I’ve had my eye on this collection for awhile and you’rve used it so well. I like the different layers you used, they look so pretty.
  25. MariJ

    Kiss Me Baby NL 2/19

    What a great story and memory and how wonderfully you scrapped it Betty. And your photos are awesome and how cool to have one of Ollie on your brother’s head, is that you next to him, what a treasure. I really like your title, too.