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  1. I loved your beautiful and creative page and was interested in its contents so I'm happy to read here about it all.
  2. MariJ

    so BRAVE

    Wow, look at Belle flying in the air and all over the world, how cool. I enjoyed your journaling and like how you emphasized some words by changing your font. Your background and colors are so pretty and your photos are great. I still can't believe your girls are this old, time sure does fly.
  3. I my goodness, those eggs are simply adorable; I'm wondering what makes the face? The cake is so pretty and I like your soft background and the different ways you emphasized your text. Congratulations to the parents-to-be!
  4. This is so cool and so mysterious! I love how you highlighted some of the blended words and your background and cluster is great!
  5. This is so beautiful Kelly. Your poem is so touching and really so heartfelt and I love how you scrapped it. Your blending is wonderful and soft and I like how you divided your page and the pieces you used. You are SO good at these layouts...
  6. Here's my Weekend Challenge 1/16/21 I had fun animating the word art. Oculus & Tree That's 5 for me.
  7. @Celestine what a great idea for a challenge and it made me think! I was having trouble but finally after numerous tries, starts and ideas got my page together. It was fun animating the words but I was worried if it would work... and it works! Oculus & Tree
  8. This was a great challenge. I changed two of my pieces. I used a “dry brush” artistic filter on the yellow paper which mostly shows on bottom right which gave it a bit of texture. Then I found an online tutorial to animate the “Peace, Joy & Love” word art. Since it was a SS piece I applied glitter to the words, then animated them. It was fun animating the words, I hope that counts as "new"! Sisi my goddaughter shared these photos from New York City, Christmas 2020. The Rockefeller Center 2020 Tree photo is almost eerie as normally it’s hard to get a pic without tons of people standing in
  9. I remember when you were in New York at the most awful and uncertain time of the pandemic. I'm sure glad you felt appreciated and it's nice to see all the ways you were shown gratitude for coming to help. Your photos are awesome and I like your blended background and minimal embellishments which let your photos shine. Your journaling is awesome and I like how you emphasized some words!
  10. That's a beautiful photo and I love how you scrapped it in soft beiges and browns. The lace behind your photo really adds and elegant touch and your embellishments are so pretty but don't overwhelm your page.
  11. MariJ


    Cute photo and he looks happy to be there and smiling for the camera! I like your title and the embellishments at the bottom which remind me of fountains!
  12. @scrapgarden Lynne, when I clicked on your links they both went to the same page. I found the page with your journaling on the Forum, but wanted you to know the links above are duplicates.
  13. That sounds like a bit of excitement, unusual these days. Your photos as always are lovely and I like how you used this template. Great shot of the helicopter training, too!
  14. MariJ


    I so love the beautiful scenery where you walk and enjoy your photos! This page is lovely and I Like the background you chose, it really enhances the pics and doesn't detract from them at all.
  15. MariJ

    Christmas Cake

    @Celestine - No seriously, I was not just being nice. I really think your cake looks beautiful, not amateur at all!
  16. MariJ

    Christmas Cake

    This is beautiful looking, I hope it tasted as good as it looks! Your photo is lovely and I really like the elegant feel to your page. Your background is so pretty and really lets that tasty cake shine. Your cluster is beautiful and your title so creative.
  17. @scrapgarden 😊 @Celestine @Florida granny Thanks. And, truly it's even more cheerful, bright and beautiful in person, the photo doesn't do it justice. Although it's really the thought that gives it most of its joy.
  18. Your page is so pretty with your beautiful photos of your walking routes. It's nice to have that peacefulness in the middle of such awfulness; these times certainly are trying. I couldn't believe this morning that you said the river was down 5 feet, so amazingly it was pretty high. Here too, in NJ there is green around, even though we go below 32º each night and days are only in the 40's; so strange. Your eagle and photo is awesome, that's exciting. I really like your background and title, too.
  19. MariJ

    PL 2020 Week 53

    What a hopeful and celebratory page full of family. I enjoyed looking through your photos and reading your journaling and can’t believe how old your “little” one looks now!
  20. Jan 2021 Monthly Challenge 4 - White Snowmen That's 4 for me.
  21. “White” made me think of snow and snowmen. Journaling reads: “A special gift from Daniels and Sharon brightened this very different Christmas and still is making me smile!” Daniel and Sharon have made a tradition of decorating the little tiny gingerbread houses with me. This year with the pandemic we were unable to get together, but one day they sent a message to check my steps for a gift. When I opened it Christmas Eve I was enthralled, but even more so once I plugged it in. It is so bright and cheery with magical silver snow-glitter sparkling all over, it’s beautiful! More beautiful
  22. Oh wow, how did I miss this - it's a perfect companion page to your Ghost Tree one. Your photos are awesome and I like the grey colors you used. Your blending is awesome and I like the OOB frames you used.
  23. MariJ

    AFTDesigns_January Challenge

    What a sweet photo and page and such an interesting book - Animals for Kiwi Babies. I'd imagine they are quite different from the animals in our books. I really like all the different embellishments you tucked around the page.
  24. It's always a good day when there's a Lucy-layout or photo or two! She is really precious and I like what you did with all the pieces around her, it's so pretty.
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