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    Disney Tradition

    What gorgeous and special ornaments they are and your photos are wonderful. I like how your layout almost glows with the Christmas spirit!
  2. Sounds like a wonderful plan - I love it! Great journaling and I Like the simplicity of your page, too - it's so pretty! I hope you are feeling ok now, so sorry you've had surgery. 💜
  3. What sweet photos and memories you have scrapped and I enjoyed your journaling. I like your framing and background, this is such a special page.
  4. I went to Canaby street once and it actually was January 1974 so I guess there was no vehicle traffic. Your photos are wonderful, I think it was "dull" and not celebrating anything then. You are doing such a wonderful job with the template and I like the collection you chose, I'm currently using it to scrap a cookie recipe!
  5. I know it's winter in Washington, but wow does that look cold! I love how you placed your photos around the edge with the beautiful blue sky in the middle. Great photos and I like the pops of red around your page. So nice to see you two too!
  6. Ok, finishing with: 58008. Good night! 😴💤
  7. OOOOH, nice! SO funny when I saw your page's thumbnail on the MB right now I wondered where we are going next! You find the best photos and you are doing an awesome job with that template.
  8. OOOh, that is a gorgeous tree, Disney sure knows how to do it right! Your photo is great and your framing and masking is wonderful. I like your title and the beads running across the page, too.
  9. Oh my goodness, what could be sweeter than Nana and Lucy decoration a gingerbread house! Your photos and Lucy are adorable and I love her reindeer ears. I like your title and background and your gingerbread house looks so pretty!
  10. You're welcome! I usually have trouble too, but for some reason this one went ok the first time! 🤷‍♀️
  11. Yay! Carla, that's great! 😊 @CRS
  12. Oh, I'm so confused, I thought this said it was at the end of Cozy Christmas? Too many activities to keep track of, thanks for the reminder, I'll go check before I fall asleep!
  13. I forgot to say I sent mine in and even got confirmation! Now, to get another one done......
  14. It looks great next to your blinkies!
  15. Oh my goodness what a tiny little kitty, so lucky that it was found by Janelle, that's awesome. Your photos are great and I enjoyed your journaling. I like the name they chose, too!
  16. Diesel is such a handsome guy, it sure is hard work to be good and handsome too. Great photos and I really like your blended green background and the strips of paper you added.
  17. Your new Siggie is so peaceful and pretty, Jane and I like how you always include the NZ map in some way.
  18. Pretty photo and page, I like your photo and treatment and the golden feel to this page - she sure is a gold! Your framing is os pretty.
  19. You are on a roll for sure, another beautiful page! Your snowman is really lovely, so cool that you painted it yourself! I really like how you have used this collection, now I'm looking at it! I like the golden feel to your page.
  20. Oh, this makes me feel so cold and dread winter even more! Nonetheless your layout is really beautiful and I like your background and the trees. I can't say I like "snow"flakes but they are so pretty!
  21. Oh Barbara, I just laughed outlaid, this is awesome! Your photo and head is placed so perfectly of course it is you! I really like your Christmas outfit and how you are dancing with Santa. The trees are so pretty and festive!
  22. What a cute new Siggie, Laura! I like how your name curves around the top and the camper is so you!
  23. MariJ


    Oh, what a cool pate and photo! Your layout has such a nostalgic feel to it and your photo treatment is awesome. I really like how you used BW and the scribbles and embellishments are perfect for this page, I like the old camera!
  24. That's exactly what happens! If no one starts a steal, everyone else is hesitant to and then it's really not as much fun. Even if you lose the best present. It's happened to me! 😱
  25. Awwwww... Conda! It's funny at Christmas either we have people cutthroat or those that try to hide their gifts. 😆 We once played in my painting class and everyone was so polite and not stealing gifts that it was not even fun! Someone has to start the stealing or it isn't any fun, right? Maybe we should be the stealers - gear up! 😗
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