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    This sounds so yummy and your card looks pretty.
  2. MariJ

    jPA_KittyTribute JanChall3

    Wonderful tribute to your friend. Your blending is so soft and pretty and I like how you blended a photo and framed the others.
  3. MariJ


    I loved this in the Newsletter and glad to see it here! I enjoued your photos and journaling and laughed at all the different items in your laundry!
  4. MariJ


    What a great page of an everyday event! Your photos are awesome and I enjoyed your journaling and description of what Ken is doing. I really like your background and how beautifully you blended different papers, it looks wonderful.
  5. MariJ


    I like your background and your journaling is awesome. Great job putting this together!
  6. Welcome 2020! It’s January and a new year and decade begins, amazing! After a fun December to Remember, ScrapGirls is back to our Monthly Challenges and Challenge Chase. Here are the January Monthly Challenges which can be completed at any time during the month. Please remember to post your layouts in the Monthly Challenge Gallery and then add a link to each page in this thread so that we can leave some love. You can use your January Monthly Challenge Layouts for the January Challenge Chase so be sure to also post a link in that thread so you are eligible for the monthly coupon. You can check out the January Challenge Chase info HERE. Don’t forget to leave comments on other members' pages. Have fun! Challenge #1: Leave Some Love I don’t know about you, but I enjoy reading other members' comments on my pages and I like writing comments on theirs. For this challenge you must leave at least one comment per day on a layout and post a link to it here in this thread. You don’t have to leave one comment each day and can do more than one each day as long as you have 31 by the end of the month. At the end of this month you should have 31 comments, but it’s ok if you have more! *** Please leave ALL of your links in one post (see my example here in the next post). For instance after you leave your first link for each subsequent one you should “edit” that post so that all of your links are in ONE post. That will make it easier to track and ensure that you are credited for this challenge at the end of the month. When you finish this challenge, don’t forget to post in the January Challenge Chase thread! Challenge #2: Scrap Your Holiday For this challenge you will have a chance to scrap a Christmas/Holiday page, preferably a current one. If you don’t have one you can create a photoless page where journaling tells the story or an Art Journaling page but be sure your layout is about a Christmas or Holiday event, not a general one. Challenge #3: Tribute For this challenge you will be creating a tribute page. Tell us about someone you admire; show us in photos and tell us why you chose them. You can also do a photoless page and let your journaling tell your story. Challenge #4: Word Challenge For this challenge you will be using the word “light” for your inspiration. You can interpret and scrap “light” in any way you desire. Show us your version of “light” on your layout. I’ll be posting my layouts as I complete them and leave links in this thread too!
  7. MariJ

    I love laundry

    This is so cute, Andrea! I like your photos and the background you chose and your embellishments across the bottom are adorable. I always say I don’t mind laundry too much because the machines do most of the work!
  8. MariJ

    Morning Coffee

    I don’t like or drink coffee, but you make it look appealing! I like how you added yoru photos under the heart and the embellishments you chose. Your background is lovely, too.
  9. MariJ

    Just an ordinary day

    I liked this in the NL Marie, so I’m happy to see it close-up here! I really liked seeing the place where you work and the people you work with. You did an awesome job with your photos and placements. And, I like the hose in the background. This collection looks like it was made for your page and you used it so well.
  10. MariJ

    Instant Pot Country Style Ribs

    Heehee, I giggled at your notes and your card is really lovely! This sounds so easy and makes me want an Instant Pot! I like the font you used here.
  11. MariJ


    Such a creative and lovely page and the colors are striking.
  12. MariJ

    Project 2020_Januay pg1&2

    Wonderful photos Jane - such a mixture of gorgeous nature and special people! I enjoyred your journaling and love the soft colors and simple embellishments you used across the two pages. This is really lovely.
  13. MariJ

    Hooray for Dollywood

    What a pretty page and great photo and I reall like your creative framing and masking, it looks awesome! I like your title, too!
  14. MariJ

    Jan Proj Life 3

    This sounds so cool and it’s exciting you were able to view it. Your photos are awesome and I enjoyed your journalng and notes. Your page is so pretty, too!
  15. For this recipe card I used: SNU SS Styles: Shadow Me CR What’s Cookin Collection
  16. Sorry, Lynne I don’t know. But, funny you should ask about Organizer. I’ve never used it in PSE and I’ve often wondered if there were a way to take it off the computer to save space and how I would do that if I could? Hopefully someone will come along with an answer for you. (And, me too!)
  17. MariJ

    So Sweet (Kittens).jpg

    What an adorable Kitty and your photos are great! I like the way you framed them and the pretty embellishments you used. Your blending is really pretty too!
  18. MariJ

    Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal

    Ohhhhh... Yum! You knew I’d love this one, didn’t you fellow pumpkin-lover? I really like the sound of this, I want it right now except I don’t have a pressure cooker. 😱 I think I might try it as overnight oats, anything with pumpkin has to be good, right? Your card is so pretty, too!
  19. MariJ

    JJ Bo

    Look at how big Bo is now and your photos (& Bo) are adorable! I really like your blended background and the papers you chose and your title is really cool.
  20. MariJ

    Week 3 (Jan 20).jpg

    This is so cool and I like your creative take to this week! Your photos (& doors!) are so interesting and you did a wonderful job of fitting them onto your two pages with fun borders! I really like the colors you used and your title looks great. too.
  21. MariJ

    Nuage growing

    Nuage is so beautiful and your photo is lovely. I can’t believe she’s 8 years old and my birthday is in March, too! I like the background and pieces you used, this is really pretty.
  22. MariJ

    PL 2020 Oct 19 IN Book Hoosier Hysteria 2

    Thanks Kelly! And I’m so happy you noticed my blended crowd - I wasn’t sure it would show that way and anyone would!
  23. This is page 2 to “Hoosier Hysteria” in my Indiana book for Project Life 2020. Journaling reads: “Skeeter took me to Indiana University’s Hoosier Hysteria 2019 and as she was a former women’s player we got the star treatment! The morning was spent in the IU practice facility watching the women’s basketball team go through their drills and practice, the first time under NCAA rules they are allowed to formally work out together. The players worked hard and were polite and appreciative, even shaking my hand and thanking us for coming! Skeet asked Bendu to take us on a locker room tour, an amazing place with all the amenities, quite different from when Skeet played. When practice ended we went home for a bit and returned later for the rest of the activities. Because we had special wristbands we were allowed to walk through the brand new tunnel connecting the practice facility to Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall for the main events. Our seats were great and it was awesome watching the women’s and men’s coaches being announced to “pyrotechnics and floor projections"! They each addressed the crowd and then players were introduced, walking through a blackened doorway amidst fireworks and tossing t-shirts to the crowd. A fire bell interrupted but the crowd was told to remain, their Indiana glow sticks lighting up the Hall filled with energy. IU great Calbert Cheany was honored and a men and women's three-point and slam-dunk competition and skills challenge followed. The men’s team scrimmaged with Cream beating Crimson and men and women players stayed in the Hall to sign autographs. The women sponsored a buffet dinner back at the practice facility and I met Terri Moren the women’s coach and some players, including Miss Indiana Basketball 2019. Hoosier Hysteria spurred my interest in IU women’s basketball and I followed them through the season on the Big 10 Network.” For this layout I used: SNU SS DLO Templates: Life in Pictures CAP Travelogue Indiana Collection SNU SS Styles: Shadow Me KVE SS Styles: Starburst White SNU SS DLO Templates: Fade Out and my own Photos
  24. MariJ


    Wow 24 - that’s a mementous occasion. And, how wonderful to have your Cookie’s pawprint, that’s so special. I really like your format and the papers you used here, this looks great!
  25. This is page one to “Hoosier Hysteria” - my PL 2020 book about my visit to my sister’s in Indiana. Journaling explains Hoosier Hysteria on page 2 HERE. It was a fun day! For this layout I used: SNU SS DLO Templates: Fade Out SNU SS Styles: Shadow Me CAP Travelogue Indiana Collection ASO SS Styles Glitter Glows KVE SS Styles: Starburst White and my own photos