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  1. Thank you Conda for always taking care of these for us each month!
  2. So much scrapping last month I thought I was all scrapped-out. 😱. But, please add me in, April! 🤣
  3. I love kale have had kale salad in restaurants (remember those days?) so I'm very glad to have a recipe for it. Yours sounds so yummy and your card is so pretty. I like that you included a photo and I really like how you set up your card with the photo so large.
  4. I have! 😊 One was put in at the Town pool a few years ago and there is one by the shore where my cousins are and 6 months ago one was put in arund my corner! My cousin also gifted her sister one that now is in front of her house. They are exiting and such a wonderful idea but I had no idea there was an app or website for Little Free Libraries! Your layout is awesome and I really like your sketch and photos and how you journaled on a library card, how cool. What a great page Kelly!
  5. @Florida granny and whoever wonders - I got mine at Bed, Bath and Beyond, with a 20% coupon it's only $8. I've also seen others sold the have a handle to turn which I think is a little more expensive, but mine works fine. Veggetti
  6. These are SO good! For this recipe card I used: SNU SS Styles: Shadow Me SNU SS Styles Sanded Edges ABR Home Cooking Collection my own and internet photos
  7. Great challenge ideas, Bea! 😊
  8. I say it every month but Laura's templates make doing the photo-a-day so easy and I am always easily up to date! They haven't grown old for me! 😊 For this layout I used: LLO SS Templates: Wordy Months LLO So Emotional Collection Biggie SNU SS Styles: Shadow Me SNU Summer Boy Collection ABR Yours Truly Collection ACA SS Filigree Special Paper ABR Batter Up Collection Biggie GWH Fairy Garden Collection ABR A Million Little Things and my own photos
  9. What a beautiful page showing the places you are visiting and your photos are awesome. It's so nice to see both of your smiling faces, too! I like how you used a box for journaling, your page looks great!
  10. MariJ

    Project Life-May.jpg

    Great photos, it looks like a busy month. Funny, I thought I saw this page also, maybe the gremlins got it?! 🤣 I like how you use a box for the journaling.
  11. OOOh, so pretty! I've seen these from the air, but not very well on the ground, but your photo is really beautiful. I like the pieces you used on either side and your cluster is lovely. I'm enjoying your travels!
  12. This sounds REALLY good and so easy to make. I really like how you put this card together, it looks great. I'll be glad to have this recipe!
  13. Great photo and looks like cool thing to see. I really like your blending and how successfully you've used patterned paper. Your title looks really good, too.
  14. MariJ


    Such a great way to display these homes and your photos are lovely. I like the bright colors you used and the little row of houses are darling. I like the sliver sun, too!
  15. Thank you, Angie! @angleigh And, Congratulations to all! 😊
  16. Mexican Tuna Salad with Avocado
  17. A light meatless summer meal! I don't add the jalapeños. 😱 For this recipe card I used: KVE SS Styles: Starburst White SNU SS Styles: Shadow Me COL Viva Mexico Collection
  18. I missed this one and it's a classic! You used Laura's club so beautifully and your photo is great. I like how you organized the page and the title is great. Add me to the "wish to travel coast-to-coast" club too!
  19. MariJ

    BINGO 21

    Awesome photo of the baby birds and I like how you used two pics on the page. Wonderful background and I also really like the stitching along the bottom.
  20. Wow, that's a gorgeous cake with the lotus flower on top. I like your pretty background and the big Happy Birthday title and the balloons give a celebratory feel to your page.
  21. Oh this is so special and how wonderful to have this photo of your Grandma celebrating her birthday, being 90 in the 90's wasn't as common as it is now! Your photo treatment gives her an elegant feel and I really like how you framed it and the dainty embellishments you used. Your background and blending is so soft and pretty and I enjoyed your journaling of this happy memory.
  22. MariJ

    Coach Dad

    This looks really cool and I like how you put all these pieces together so successfully. I also really like how the colors you used pick up the teams' green helmets.
  23. Cute photo and page, I like how he's holding the remote!
  24. MariJ

    Sunshine in my heart

    What a cutie and look so big, I can't believe Roslynd is three already! Sweet photo and page, Andrea.
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