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  1. MariJ

    True Love

    Awwwwww... That's a gorgeous photo and they look so good together. Your layout is gorgeous and I like your background and how you divided it.
  2. Wow, you did a great job with papers and no embellishments. Your photo is awesome and so funny to have photo-coming giraffe!
  3. Oh funny, I also taught, Pre-K and Kindergarten which is why sometimes I fear I explain too much! I haven't heard of Pixelmator Pro, I'm not up on that kind of stuff. 😱 I love photography also. I used to take wonderful photos with an original High-School gift Minolta SLR with FILM, then great pics with a few Canon point and shoots. When the last one went a few years ago, I decided to use gift money and get a "better" camera and haven't been happy since. I finally got a smart phone almost a year ago and use that, but am not all all happy with the photos. I also have a MacBook Ai
  4. MariJ

    If I could fly

    So cool, Marie. Lovely job on this page.
  5. This is great, Bonnie and so wonderful to see you. Your daughter did an awesome job with the photos - a budding photographer like her Mom? I like the way you arranged them all and the background you chose.
  6. MariJ

    Hospital Page 16

    I am in continued awe that you not only thankfully survived this experience, but that you are scrapping it so well. Your journaling is amazing and I giggle now that your sense of humor has surfaced - so funny how you are able to write your feelings like "AIR", for one. I like how you also include technical info and photos. You are telling and scrapping your story so well.
  7. MariJ

    Hospital Cover

    I missed this somehow, it's a great cover for your book. I like your alpha and the colors you used.
  8. MariJ


    Great photos and information and I really like how you journaled on the letters. Your background blended so beautifully and I keep looking and looking and find more to like about this page.
  9. It sure looks cold and sure looks like they are having fun. Your photos are great and I like the natural background you used. You did an amazing job with the shapes and colors, this really looks good!
  10. September Monthly Challenge 4: Colors Lyla 3
  11. September Monthly Challenge 4: Colors Lyla 3 That's 4 for me.
  12. Lyla is 3! She still behaves like a puppy and gets into too many things! 😱 I used the summer colors of the September monthly challenge #4 for this page. For this layout I used: SNU SS Styles: Shadow Me LLO SS Album: 12x12 Puppy Love BMU B Sweet Collection Biggie AMD Celebration Collection and my own photo
  13. MariJ

    Sept #9-buttons

    I've always wanted to go to Mystic and almost did once. Your photos are lovely and I really like how you buttoned them onto the page. Your background shows off the photos so well and I really like your title, too.
  14. What a gorgeous shot and beautiful blending. I really like your masking and the bits of texture you used and your title is really great.
  15. MariJ


    What a great photo of your family with those Grands looking so old! I like how you framed and adorned it and the colors you used are so pretty.
  16. Oh my goodness, I'm laughing because I use the elliptical marquee tool all the time! Actually I use the rectangular marquee tool mostly which makes a rectangular selection, but the other option is the elliptical which makes an oval or round selection. Mine is up top left of the vertical tool bar in PSE. The rectangular marquee is the dotted square, you can see mine is selected. If I "Option/click" on the rectangular marquee tool on my Mac it switches to the oval which is the elliptical marquee tool. Or, you can click on "Tool Options" - see it at the bottom of my screen shot? T
  17. Hi again KTB, I'm working in PSE 2020. I don't use the elliptical tool but I'm sure we can figure it out, what I understand is you need to select the eye which you'd do with the elliptical tool. There are probably other ways to select also that would work. For desaturating, once you select the eye with the elliptical tool, go to the menu across the top of PSE (I never know the names for these things) and choose: Enhance>Adjust Color>Adjust Hue/saturation. Then you slide the saturation slider (middle one in my PSE) all the way to the left to desaturate the eye. There are other
  18. Very cool and your journaling is so interesting, how fun to grow up with this place nearby. Your photos are awesome and I really enjoyed reading about this.
  19. MariJ


    Interesting information and amazing photo. I like your blending and reading about this tree.
  20. MariJ


    So pretty Debby, your flowers are beautiful... And wishing you well, Susie.
  21. Haha, I hate when that happens! I hope it works, it's so funny, half of the time I can't remember my name 😱 but not only did I remember I had something about eyes but I found it, that's the real amazement! Yes, please let me know if it works; it's frustrating when there's a shiny eye. Good luck finding the pics!
  22. Your photos are adorable and so is Tris and he really does seem like a Nature Boy. I really like how you cropped in circles and numbered the pics and your journaling, I enjoyed reading through it. How sweet to make a note for other hikers!
  23. Wow, that's a great photo and Henry is brave. Your photo is lovely and I like your blending and how you emphasized Henry on the rocks. I also really like the stitching around the page and the wintry embellishments.
  24. MariJ

    AFT_september challenge

    What a great photo and you're scrapped it so beautifully. I really like your blended and splattered background and your embellishments and title look great.
  25. OOOOhhh, this is beautiful Hilary. Your photo is so serene and I love the bits of soft color and you you mimicked that in your background. Your background is so beautifully blended and your layout is so peaceful.
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