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  1. My Auntie Sue made these all the time and this is a photo of her actual typed recipe card, apparently from a “Joyce Johnson". These muffins are yummy but the best part is you mix them, then leave them in the refrigerator so you can make a few at a time whenever you want them. Saves lots of time in the morning, too! For this recipe card I used: CR Whats Cookin Collection
  2. MariJ

    April Challenge Chase

    Tuesday Challenge 4/15 Easter Bonnets That’s 6 for me!
  3. MariJ


    Such a creative and beautiful page and I like how your tulips pop in their frames and the blending + framing is so creative.
  4. MariJ


    What a great photo and framing and I like your quote, it’s awesome! Your background is so elegant and the thin border really finishes off the page.
  5. MariJ

    April 2019 Recipe Swap

    Here’s another from me. Auntie Sue’s Bran Muffins are yummy but the best part is you mix them, then store in the refrigerator and make then when you want, even a few at a time, saving lots of time in the morning. Auntie Sue’s Bran Muffins
  6. MariJ


    Imissed this and it’s so pretty - even rainy and dreary! I like your masking and background, it all really does look tripical.
  7. MariJ

    Large Letter

    Your garden is so pretty! I like your photo and how you cropped it diagonally and the little gnome is so cute.
  8. MariJ


    Such a pretty ATC Debby; it feels like sitting in a warm Florida under the stars.
  9. MariJ

    Sunday Morning Perfection

    What a beautiful page in so many ways! I enjoyed your special story and the meaning to this poem and I really like the soft feel to your page, it’s gorgeous!
  10. MariJ

    The Wild, The Free

    This really lovely Barbara. I like your photo and treatment and your blending and background is really pretty. Your poem is perfect for this page!
  11. MariJ

    Happy Easter

    What a sweet photo and those faces are adorable, they look so proud snuggling their bunnies! I like how you’ve given them center stage and the papge you used behind them and your cluster and bunnies on diagonal corners look great. Happy Easter to you, Barbara and thanks for joining in the Tuesday Challenge.
  12. Today’s ScrapGirls’ Newsletter is all about Easter so today's challenge is to create an Easter-themed page. 🐰 You can take this idea in any direction and if you don’t celebrate Easter might think about a Spring page or one about rebirth or renewal. 🌷 Please post your completed layout in the Tuesday Challenge Gallery for all of us to see and leave a link to your page back here in this thread. And, don’t forget to check the Gallery and comment on other layouts! Here’s my layout: Easter Bonnets
  13. MariJ

    Weekend Challenge-Coverpage-Cruise

    Fun page and great photo and word art. I like your background and the big Cuba sign, how cool!
  14. MariJ


    Lovely, Debby and seems like a great ship and time! I like your background and embellishments.
  15. Me and my little sister. I can’t believe those hats, big dresses and flower pins! I even have a purse and white gloves! Neither one of us looks too thrilled with it all, though. For this layout I used: SNU SS Styles: Shadow Me BMU SS DLO Templates Grunge Block 2 AFT Easter Memories Collection Mini BMU SS Paper Templates: Edgers Biggie FLO Easter Delight Collection
  16. MariJ

    AFT_Green Challenge

    This is so pretty Jane and I like how the page unfolds into your scene. Your background is so pretty and I really like the elegant border.
  17. MariJ

    Summer Adventures Out East

    This is SO cool Sue; what a great idea to showcase multiple summer vacations in one page! Your photos are awesome and I really like how you documented each place and even added personal memories. I really like your backgrounds and borders and your embellishment and journaling boxes look great - I like your title too!
  18. MariJ


    This is so cool! I love how you showed us your favorite book and your journaling is wonderful.
  19. MariJ


    What a sweet photo of all those little honeys in one photo and smiling so happily. I love your blending and background - this made me smle.
  20. MariJ


    Oh my goodness Bonnie, this brought tears to my eyes seeing Bradley’s happy face and reading your notes and remembering when we were all waiting to hear he was yours for good! Thank you for the update and progress on his growth - and your layout is beautiful. I love your background amd masking and I’d never know the photo wasn’t "just right” as your page and Bradley surely are!
  21. MariJ

    From 3 to 23 in a Jiffy

    Such sweet photos and I love how you showed us this little guy at three and then all grown up! I really like your background and your title and blending is awesome!
  22. Thanks for posting these, Carla!
  23. MariJ

    Egg Knock Tradition

    Wow, that’s an amazing game and fun Easter tradition! Your photos are awesome and it sure looks like everyone is having a wonderful time. I like the bunnies around your page. Thanks for joining the Tuesday Challenge.
  24. MariJ


    I love the looks on your Grandchildrens’ faces as they see you at the airport, it’s exciting to fly alone for the first time! Great page, Debby!
  25. MariJ


    I love what you did with your photo - it’s so creative and your page is really pretty.