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  1. Thanks Marlene, that does help! I'll normally substitute fonts I have but you're right, that was such a pretty one I wanted to get it. I mostly use DaFont because others told me that it was reputable. I have an article from Digital Scrapper (not sure I can leave a link, but probably since it's not products?) that lists the "Top 5 Font Sites" you can safely visit. They were DaFont, 1001 Free Fonts, Fontspace, Fontsquirrel and Fontbundles (which has a Free Font section that I think Lynne mentioned on the SG Forum recently). So, since Digital Scrapper recommended them I thought it was saf
  2. Thanks for the great template, Marlene. @Figment I'm working on a layout and tried to download the Windsong font from Marlene's link, DaFont and 1001 Fonts. Both give me this error when trying to install on my Mac. Does anyone know if this is ok to do? And has anyone found Boulders Beach Serif font that Marlene uses at a reliable place, I can't seem to! 😱 Also, often I have the choice to install .ttf and/or .otf. Which should I use or install, I have no idea of the difference. Thank you!
  3. Jane, this is so "cool" and what a fabulous job you did scrapping your idea! So many parts to like to this layout, your background and brushed palm trees, sand at the bottom, the scribbles adding hot energy, the popsicles in the middle and the colorful arrows that draw us into your scene. We're having dangerously below freezing weather today, your hot scene warms me up!. PS I really like your font with the white on the edges and I'm wondering what it is or if it's all word art?
  4. OOOOhhhh, that sure does look cold! 5º is not fun and alll that ice makes me shiver, especially knowing we're headed to those temps tonight. I like the icey background and all the blue you used and your word art says it all..
  5. MariJ

    Kung Hei Fat Choy

    This is wonderful Linda and your photos are so yummy looking and colorful. My niece has shown me photos of the New Years feast of her parents in China - truly amazing and so much variety and food! I like the red and gold on your page and the tiger is blended so well. I enjoyed your interesting journaling. Let's hope for next year. Kung hei fat chow - Happy new Year.
  6. MariJ


    Oh man.. Good question, great layout. You created "chaos" so well and so graphically. I like the colors and textures and shapes you used, this is great.
  7. That's a great photo and your sketch and photo treatment is awesome. I really like your blended background and the papers you chose, now I am off to check out that collection.
  8. Hope you are feeling better and better April! @April Showers 😊
  9. This is amazing and I enjoyed your journaling. Your photos and the building are beautiful, it really looks like it should be in Europe someplace, not Minnesota! SO interesting that it houses skating and hockey programs now. I like your masking and the fancy pieces on the edges, wonderful job on this.
  10. MariJ


    Reed is adorable and I really like your photo and treatment, it looks great. He sure is an outdoor little guy!
  11. This is great Debbie and Reed sure has some exciting adventures. Your photos are great and I like how you blended one and framed the other. It looks so cold there.
  12. MariJ

    Template Challenge web.jpg

    Belle, tis is gorgeous! Your photos are so beautiful and I really like how you softly blended one into the background, it looks lovely. I also really like the colors you used in your backroad and your sweet little cluster.
  13. Oh gosh - it's so true. Who knew that masks would become a daily part of our lives? For sure that would have sound ludicrous and sometimes now I can't believe we are living this way! Your photos are great and I really like your title and beautifully blended background. And your shadow work is outstanding and so cool!
  14. Jane, your house looks and sounds wonderful and is really coming along nicely. Your photos are great and it does look like your view is beautiful. Your background is blended so beautifully and I really like your embellishments and how you used the arrow to draw us in.
  15. This really is gorgeous and your photos are outstanding and actually glow! I really like your beautifully blended background and the information your shared. Your OOB work is great too. Wow...
  16. MariJ

    Winter snow.

    This is so cool and really looks so icy and cold. Your photo is great and I really like your clusters and background.
  17. MariJ

    Grandmas Diary

    What a wonderful item to have, your Grandma's diary! Your photos are awesome and made me smile as there are photos of my great-aunts in swim attire much the same. I really like how you scrapped this as a journal page and the pretty background you used behind it. Really lovely work... @CindyB PS how did you get the vintage feel to your scrapbook page with the photos? It really looks great.
  18. Yes! Good looking - it's a scuba snowman with a tube around his middle! I had him bigger so he was easier to see but when I showed my friend she said he looked like the Michelin man. 🤣 So I made him a more appropriate size...
  19. This page looks so Florida and so do your photos. I like how you used the larger photo as background and how you framed the photos differently.
  20. That's a cute photo but they look awfully cold! I like your icy background and the swirls behind your framing. My dad always said that saying about cold noses.
  21. MariJ

    Dear Oma and Papa

    I think that's so true, in many cases kids adjust much easier and better than we adults. Even in masking I watch my little two-year-old neighbor in school - never an issue, it's the norm. Great photos and I like how you put this together.
  22. MariJ


    So cool Amy and your photos of Erinn and her dogs are great, I love their hats! I like how you arranged your photos and how your title and word art is diagonal - it looks so good.
  23. It's no secret how much I dislike the cold. So when my Godson Chris & Sisi sent me photos from warm St Thomas, I combined NJ snow pics with the warm beach ones. St Thomas Snow
  24. Tuesday 1/18/22 Challenge: Cold St Thomas Snow That's six for me, whew. With time to spare.... 🦾
  25. My Godson Chris & Sisi are in St Thomas missing all the snow and cold. She sent me this gorgeous photo of the beach. Since I so dislike cold I blended NJ snow photos (top and bottom of page) with the warm beach scene and added some whimsical snow figures. For this layout I used: GWH Snowed In Paper BMU SS Background Blenders SNU SS Styles: Shadow Me SG Dec 2009 Collection SDE A Time for Love Overlay AMC SS Styles Snow & Ice/Retired DDS Merry Christmas Embellishments/Retired RSC Digital Stickers Snowmen 2 /Retired JHI Mudstained Snow Spcl/Retired Sisi's & my ow
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