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  1. What cool photos and find, that is amazing. I like the colors you used and how you used the sketch.
  2. What a fun page and great photo. I like how you added the splashes and the colors you used. This little guy kind of looks like your older Grandson in this photo.
  3. MariJ


    Wow, that’s a neat photo and your pages is so cool, Debby.
  4. Your sister’s quilts are lovely and she must have been a talented seamstress. I like the way you can see the different patterns in your photo and how your background looks like a quilt block. Your brushwork and cluster are exquisite.
  5. Oh that’s funny, but I get it. More and new would be good.
  6. Wow, what cool photos and mantions and I like how you added in brochures and tickets. Your background is awesome and I Like your cluster, too.
  7. What a great page and photo, how sweet! Lucy sure does look like she’s taking that story in. I really like your background and word art in this adorable layout.
  8. MariJ


    On my goodness, I remember seeing big guys like this when in Wyoming. I especially remember them walking all over the hot spots in Yellowstone and wondering how they didn’t get burned when it was said we would? Grea page and thanks for the memories.
  9. Oh my goodness, this is adorable, Jane! Your extractoin is wonderful and I really like the scene you set here showing all the wonderful “places” you can go and experiences you can have through books and reading. This should be an ad for reading for sure. Wonderful, wonderful.
  10. Awwww.... I do remember you talking and scrapping about Cookie, wasn’t (s)he the one who liked ice cream? Sweet photo and I like the colors you used and especially the hearts.
  11. Oh, how cool is that to have a hat made of Daddy’s shirt and a Grandma who can do it. Swwt photo and page, Debby.
  12. MariJ

    Window Detail

    Those windows are lovely and so is your photo and its great perspective. Your extraction is great and I like the colors you used here, they really show off your subject so well and your page is beautifully balanced.
  13. Sure is a good depiction of the times for us all; no traveling at all or indoor places here. I like the way you set up this page and your cluster is so pretty.
  14. Such a special photo and you’ve scrapped it so beautifully. I like the soft colors you used and your blending and the coloring is lovely.
  15. Beautiful Geraldine. Your photos and garden is gorgeous, it looks so bright and sunny in September when everything here is getting brown and dying. Lovely page.
  16. MariJ


    Such a pretty photo and bird and I like how you used it stretched across the page. And, I love how you used this collection, I have it and always forget that I do! Brandy at her best...
  17. MariJ


    Lots going on for sure I see you and Buddy and Brooke in a car driving? And, Lauren at college and birthdays and masks and your beautiflu nature photos. I like the colors you used on this page, they’re so soft and pretty.
  18. MariJ


    Hope your trip goes well. Good to see your new camper and I like how you put this together.
  19. @Laura Look what new product I just saw by Laura Louie - Photo Frenzy. This is September, she has them for each month and in value packs of 4 months. During the last sale I bought her Wordy Months Value Pack. They’re so cool, I wish I’d noticed them at the beginning of the year. I forgot all about these previously. I just looked at Laura’s Store under the template category. She actually has a lot of multi-photo templates.
  20. I love shadow photos and yours is so cool. I really like how you framed and masked it and your background and embellishments are perfect for this page.
  21. How gorgeous is this? I am awed at how in each photo these two look so happy and so beautiful! Your page is lovely and I like what you did with texture and embossing.
  22. Gorgeous photo and woman Andrea; I’ve been wondering who this is as she resembles you from your photos. You did an outstanding job scrapping this, your pge is gorgeous.
  23. MariJ

    Food Photo

    Oh, that’s so funny but so true about food being the biggest $, but rarely are there photos! You have a good one though and I like the look on both their faces’ and how you put this page together.
  24. I sure agree about Halloween - technically it’s still summer and I was seeing Halloween and Autumn decorations the first week of September! Your photos and page, Andrea.
  25. MariJ

    SEPT - Fruit

    I dislike strawberries but wow, you made them look yummy in your beautiful photo. I like your blended background, it’s lovely.
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