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  1. Your new bathroom an shower is really pretty, but for sure that’s an awful way to have to get it!  I really like how you used the one photo large and blended and framed the others.   Your journalng box is so interesting, but so sorry you had to go through this.   You did a great job with your tasks and thanks for joining the challenge.   

  2. This is so amazing and your photo is awesome, Debby!   Somehow I never realized that otters lived in Florida, they must be so cute to watch.   I like your masking and the bubbles all over the page and your title is really cool.   What a great page!  :) 

  3. Awwww....  these photos are so sweet and you can see the adoration and love in your great photos.  I really like  how you arranged the photos and the elegant papers you used.   Yout title is really lovely as is the charm.   You did a great job with your tasks;  thanks for coming to the chat and joining the challenge.  

  4. What an amazing structure that is and your photo is really awesome!   I reall like your masking and the pretty background you used.   Your title looks great along the pic and I like how you used your ribbon and tag.   You did a wonderful job with your tasks;  thanks for joining the challenge.  :) 

  5. You always make me smile Barbara and for sure now time (& memory actually for me) is even more elusive than usual!   Your photos are great and I giggles at your journaling.  I really like your background and the pretty patterns you used.  You did a wonderful job with your tasks;  thanks for coming to the chat and joining the challenge.  

  6. Baby Girl.jpg


    What a precious photos, Cindy - is that you?   That little girl is so sweet and reminds me of photos I have of myself as a little one.  I like your fancy framing and pretty clusters.

  7. Special indeed, how wonderful it is to have these precious photos.  I like how you’ve showed your parents through the years, they look so happy together.   I like the soft background you chose and how you used minimal embellishments to let your photos shine.  I enjoyed your journaling and reading about your parents, too!  Thanks for joining in the challents and coming to the chat, it was good to “see" you!  :) 

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